Friday, January 29, 2016

Is a "First Look" Good for You and Your Groom?

A "first look" in wedding terms is that moment when the groom sees the bride in her wedding dress for the first time before they say their vows.  This used to only happen when the bride began walking down the aisle.  Today, having that first look is most often done before the wedding guests even arrive.  Our South Florida bridal salon hears many couples that are unsure if they should give this a try or stick with old tradition.  Angelus Bridal & Formals has come up with a few pros and cons for you to argue each side of this choice.   

CON:  It's against tradition.

An old wedding superstition says that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony.  If you are the type of couple that want to stick strictly to tradition, then a first look may not be right for you.  It may be because you have a parent or grandparent that insist on tradition and you don't want to hurt their feelings. 

PRO:  It's a new day and age.

The main reason for a bride and groom not seeing each other before saying "I do" was because of arranged marriages years ago.  No one wanted the couple to get cold feet before the wedding if they didn't like the look of each other.  In this day and age, couples know each other very well before getting married, and the first look is starting to be considered a new tradition.    

CON:  You have to get ready much earlier. 

The first look happens well before the wedding's start time so that you can still walk down the aisle as scheduled.  This means that you will have to be camera-ready hours before the actual ceremony begins.  

PRO:  Photos are done earlier.

Once you have laid eyes on each other, you can go ahead and take all of those other wedding photos that need to be done.  Without a first look, these will have to wait until after the ceremony and may slow down the reception's start time.  If you have planned a cocktail hour to keep guests entertained before your reception, getting photos out of the way early allows you to enjoy that hour along with your wedding guests. 

CON:  You may have to pay vendors overtime.

Photographers generally put a time limit on their services.  If you have them show up 3 hours before the ceremony, they may not be hired to stay long enough to capture the reception without being paid overtime. 

PRO:  You won't need your photographer as late into the evening. 

Let's face it, once the cake cutting and bouquet tossing are done, the rest of the reception photos all start to look alike.  Lots of shots of your friends dancing.  If you schedule anything that you want photographed towards the beginning of the reception, your photographer can be dismissed well before the end of your night.  Your friends are sure to be taking enough candid shots of the reception to cover the dancing part.

PRO:  You can share the special moment alone with your fiance.

Well, the photographer will have to be there, but that's beside the point.  Seeing the person that you will be marrying can be a private moment between the two of you rather than a show for everyone you've invited.  It turns into a special time to appreciate each other in private.      

PRO:  You get some amazing couple photos.

The photographer will be able to capture the raw emotion of your reactions, which is usually followed by an embrace or kiss that you will be thrilled to have a picture of later.  If you wait to see each other as you are walking into the ceremony, your reactions will be from across the room from each other.

PRO:  You can avoid showing pre-ceremony nerves.

Nerves before a wedding are simply a fact.  Even when you are absolutely positive that this marriage is exactly what you want, the anticipation gets to everyone.  Getting that out of the way before the wedding gives you time to be together and relax before the big show (ceremony) begins.  You'll be calm, cool, and collected by the time your guests see you.  

According to our points, the pros outweigh the cons.  Don't take our word for it though. Deciding whether or not to have a first look with each other in your Pompano Beach wedding fashions is a very personal decision.  Whatever choice you make as a couple is the right choice.  Whatever you end up deciding, Angelus Bridal & Formals knows that at the end of the day, you will be happily married and everything will be wonderful.    

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Brides Beware - Tips for Spotting Counterfeit Dresses

A very important item that factors into wedding planning is your budget.  Sometimes it is difficult to decide how much you should spend on each aspect of your wedding, and a wise bride is always on the lookout for a good deal.  One area that Angelus Bridal & Formals can advise you on is the importance of quality over a low price, especially when it comes to choosing your wedding gown.  

There are many unsavory people in the world that have no problem taking advantage of the excitement you are experiencing about getting married.  It can all be a bit overwhelming at times.  Counterfeit wedding dresses showing up on the market has become a big problem. Angelus Bridal & Formals is South Florida's most trusted bridal salon, and when you shop in our Pompano Beach wedding gown store you know that you are trying on real brand-name dresses from notable design houses.  

If you choose to look anywhere else because you heard about some really incredible prices that simply can't be beat, there are a few warning signs that you need to keep an eye out for.  This is especially true when you are shopping online and cannot physically check out the store and merchandise before purchasing.  Remember these red flags to save yourself from being fooled by a counterfeit dress.  

A deal that seems to good to be true.

We all know that amazing feeling when you find an incredible bargain, but that feeling doesn't last long if the item that was purchased falls apart immediately.  The rule of thumb is, if a designer wedding dress is discounted 50% or more, chances are it could be a knock-off.  The low prices are only possible because the craftsmanship and materials are of inferior quality.

A long string of unsatisfied customers.

Reviews can tell you a lot about a business and its products.  Nobody can please everybody 100% of the time, but if nearly every review that you read about a company is from an extremely unhappy customer, you should not shop with them.  Make sure that you are searching for reviews posted on a site that the company would not be able to plant false reviews on or hide the bad ones.  Wedding Wire and the Knot specialize in reviews for wedding vendors, and they make sure that they come directly from a customer. 

The store is not listed on the designer's website.

If a store or website is selling you a designer gown, then you should be able to find their name listed on the designer's website as an authorized dealer.  Contact the designer and double-check the facts if you have any questions at all.  If they have never heard of the company that is trying to sell you one of their dresses, then you will know that it is counterfeit.  

You cannot get answers to your questions.

If a retailer never answers their phone or emails, and if you cannot find important information like the return policy and guarantees, these are people that do not deserve your business.  Most of the time the reason that they will not contact you with answers is because they are trying to hide something.  

Some women might think that having a gown from the actual designer is not important, as long as it looks like the designer gown.  Here are a few scenarios that you are very likely to encounter if you choose to buy a counterfeit wedding dress. 

The dress you get looks nothing like the one you ordered.

There have been numerous cases of counterfeit dresses showing up made with incorrect materials, being the wrong color, and in some cases they weren't even the same style that was ordered.  

It falls apart when you put it on.

Counterfeit dresses do not use the high-quality materials that designer wedding gowns are made out of.  This is a big reason that they cost so much less.  These fake gowns may end up falling apart before you even get down the aisle.

The dress size is way off.

You shouldn't be surprised if a dress needs a small adjustment or two when it is ordered, but when you buy from retailers that are selling inferior product and are unresponsive to fixing problems, the dress that shows up for you may be so far off in size that it costs more to fix it than it did to buy it. 

The bottom line is, if a deal seems way too good to be true, then unfortunately, it probably is.  This is your warning to dig deeper, do some research, and find out if you really can trust the store that is offering you this unbelievable deal.  

You don't have to worry about any of that when you shop at our South Florida bridal gown store.  We offer only high-quality name brands that you can trust, and you will find Angelus Bridal & Formals listed on the designer's websites as an authorized dealer.  We offer the most fashionable attire at the lowest prices possible.  You won't need to go looking anywhere else after you visit our trusted wedding dress store in Pompano Beach.    


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Friday, January 15, 2016

7 Tips to Find the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

Finding the perfect bridesmaid dress in South Florida is a very important task on your wedding to-do list.  After all, those dresses will be standing up front with you while you are saying I do, and they will be prominent in most of your wedding photos.  Plus, they will be worn by some of the most special people in your life.  Angelus Bridal & Formals has a few tips to help you find bridesmaid dresses for your girls that all of you will love.  

1. Determine the style.

You will want your bridesmaid's dresses to fit into the general style and feel of your wedding, whether it be romantic, eclectic, rustic, etc...  Use your own wedding dress as inspiration.  Styles that are similar to what you have chosen to wear always look nice standing alongside you at the altar.     

2. Be mindful of the season.

If you are having on outdoor wedding in the middle of July, don't put your bridesmaids in a heavy material.  Same idea, don't pick short, thin dresses for a winter wedding unless you are getting married in a tropical climate.  The time of year that you are getting married in should be a major factor in the styles that you choose from.  The time of day is important too.  Afternoon weddings are generally less formal than evening weddings.  

3. Remember comfort.

Your wedding day is going to be a long one.  Everyone will want to be in something that isn't painful or annoying an hour into the festivities.  There are numerous bridesmaid gowns available that are both stunning and easy to wear.

4 Don't break the bank.

Keep in mind that the cost of the bridesmaid dress is not the only expense that your girls will have.  There will also be shoes, jewelry, wedding gifts, and possibly alterations and hotel stays, just to name a few.  These women are a part of your special day because they care deeply for you, just as you do for them.  Be mindful of the price for them so that no one has to be put in an uncomfortable situation because of finances.    

5. Start shopping early.

The dresses will have to be ordered once you decide on them, and it is very likely that they will need an alteration here or there.  The earlier you begin shopping, the less chance you'll have of the dresses not being ready in time for the wedding.  

6. Trust your girls' opinions.

These are some of the most important people in your life, otherwise, you wouldn't have asked them to be in your wedding.  Most likely, they are all different sizes and shapes, and bridesmaid dresses are not "one size fits all."  Work together to find gowns that are flattering on everyone.  If you are having a difficult time doing that, consider different dresses for each girl in a matching color or complimentary shades.  Choose a few options that you love before your girls go shopping with you and narrow down their choices with your picks.   

7. Ask yourself one important question... 

Would you want to wear that dress?  If it's not something that you would want to put on, then don't make your bridesmaids do it.  Put yourself in their shoes, literally.  If they have problems with a dress that you like, try it on yourself.  You may see their point of view a little better.  

Bottom line, be a good friend.  Work together as a team with your bridesmaids to find a look that you all can love.  Begin your search at the best bridesmaid dress store in South Florida where we will take special care with each and every one of you.  

As a bonus, if you buy your wedding dress at Angelus Bridal & Formals on your first visit to our store, each of your bridesmaids will get $30 off of her dress when she is ready to buy it. With the amazing bridal fashions that we have for you, everyone will look their very best in all of those wedding photos that you will be enjoying for years to come.         

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

20 Tips For a Smoother Wedding Experience

Over the years, our South Florida wedding dress store has met many brides and grooms. They have had some wonderful tips and tricks for getting through the wedding planning experience easily.  A few learned these things through mistakes that were made.  Angelus Bridal & Formals would like to share a few of these wedding hacks with you so that you don't run into the same problems.  


  • Keep pen & paper, or your digital version of those, handy at all times.  You never know when inspiration may strike.  
  • Open a wedding email account.  Give this address out for all wedding-related correspondence.  That way, it's all in one place and won't get mixed up with your everyday emails.  You can also close the account after the wedding and skip marketing emails you no longer need.
  • Use a wet sponge or glue stick to seal invitation envelopes.  You will avoid paper cuts and that disgusting glue taste. 
  • Write your thank you notes as soon as gifts arrive so that you don't have as many to write after the wedding.  Also, place a sticker with the giver's name on each gift until you write the thank you in case the card gets misplaced.  
  • At least once a week, do something with your spouse that allows no wedding talk at all.  This will keep you both connected and fresh for future planning. 


  • First and foremost, make an appointment to try on wedding gowns.  This will guarantee that you aren't waiting around for a dressing room behind a line of other women.  You get the undivided attention of a consultant when you have an appointment.   
  • It's fun to stand in front of the big mirror and admire those wedding gowns that you are trying on, but don't forget to move around in them too.  Walk, sit, dance, and whatever else you will be doing on the big day.  Looking good is important, but being comfortable is too.  
  • Wear your wedding day shoes around the house before the wedding.  You will want them to be broken in before you wear them all day at the big event.  Have a comfortable backup pair ready too, just in case.
  • Stash a piece of white chalk in your emergency kit.  It can hide stains on a white dress.
  • Get your engagement ring professionally cleaned before the ceremony.  It will sparkle and shine in all of your wedding photos.


  • EAT!  Too many brides and grooms get busy getting ready and forget to eat, which leads to a tired, hungry couple halfway through the day.  Keep it light, but get something in your stomach for the energy you need.  It's wise to keep a few snacks handy too, for a quick pick-me-up until dinner is served.
  • Drinking straws are the perfect way for a bride and her bridesmaids to stay hydrated without smudging that gorgeous lipstick.
  • Ladies, wear a robe or button-up shirt while getting your hair and makeup done.  You won't have to worry about pulling a shirt over your head and messing up your look.
  • Appoint someone, like the maid of honor and best man, to be in charge of the bride & groom's phones for the day.  You will be busy enjoying the experience.  They can field any calls you may receive and be in charge of the selfies.  
  • Do not pick up your own bouquet directly out of the vase.  It will be wet and drip all over your dress.  Have someone else pick it up, dry it off, and hand it to you.


    • Give the DJ a list of songs to definitely play and another list of songs that should never be heard at any point during the night. 
    • If a speech goes too long or gets embarrassing, cue the DJ to cut the microphone.  
    • Ask the caterer to set aside a plate for the two of you.  Occasionally, couples get busy enjoying the reception and greeting guests, and they miss out on the best food.  Setting some aside assures that you get to eat what you paid for. 
    • Prepare a quiet, out-of-the-way spot for the two of you to sneak away to during the reception.  A few minutes alone during all of the excitement is a wonderful and special treat.
    • Put someone that you trust in charge of taking the wedding gifts and cards to a safe place after everyone arrives at the reception. You never know who may wander through the area besides your guests.  

    Hopefully you can use some or all of these tips to make your own wedding run as seamlessly as possible.  All of us here at the best bridal salon in Pompano Beach are partial to the fashion tips, but we can attest to the fact that all of the ideas above will be very helpful to every bride and groom.  The bridal consultants at Angelus Bridal & Formals love using our experience and knowledge to help make every couple's journey as easy as possible. 

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