Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ways to Say Thank You to Your Wedding Party

Weddings are all about the bride and groom, but your wedding party is there to help you make it happen.  Standing up at the altar at the ceremony, going dress shopping with you, planning pre-wedding parties, decorating the reception the night before...  The entire planning process would be a lot harder without them in your corner.  You will want them to know how much you appreciate all of that help.  Angelus Bridal & Formals has a few ideas for showing them how grateful you are.  

Practical Items

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will probably be spending a lot of their own money to participate in your wedding; buying their attire, paying for a hotel room, throwing parties, etc...  A thank you gift of something practical that they will be using for the wedding will be appreciated.  Purchasing an item for them that they would have had to buy for themselves is a nice way to relieve some of their financial obligations. 

    • A makeup bag filled with the lipstick, nail polish, and other items needed for the wedding day. 
    • Jewelry to go with the bridesmaid dresses.
    • Matching robes to wear while you get ready.
    • Personalized tote bags to hold their "getting-ready gear."

      • Monogrammed or themed cuff links.
      • A Dopp kit.  
      • A watch (to make sure they show up on time!) 


    Fun Items

    It doesn't have to be something that they will use for the wedding day.  You may prefer to thank them with something fun that they might not buy for themselves.  Gifts full of memories are wonderful too, and sentimental.  The more personal the reason behind the item, the more special it will be.      
    • A nice bottle of their favorite libation. 
    • Painted toasting glasses.  
    • A monogrammed flask. 
    • A frame with a wedding pic of you and your girls/guys.
    • A photo album of your friendship.  

    Your wedding party agreed to join you on this very special day for the same reason that you asked them - you are very important to each other.  The way that you thank them should be special.  Thinking about how you met or your favorite things to do together will give you great inspiration.  

    Your favorite bridal salon in South Florida has seen a lot of wedding planning and met a lot of different people.  When you visit our Pompano Beach wedding dress store, tell us about your wedding party.  We may have a few more great thank you gift ideas specifically for your friends.    

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    Wednesday, November 18, 2015

    Brilliant Support - the Flattering Me Bra

    Over the years, our South Florida wedding dress store heard bride after bride complain about the longline strapless bras that were available to them.  Angelus Bridal & Formal's owner, Coco Abadi, strives to make each and every one of his customers happy, so he came up with a solution for this problem - the Flattering Me Bra.  

    Our lovely brides-to-be would be thrilled about finding their dream dress, but the undergarments available to them were not what they needed.  It's difficult to stay excited about your gorgeous wedding gown when the only bra that you can find makes you miserable.  We heard complaints about other bras that did not offer enough support and were uncomfortable.  Many longline bras at the time could be seen through gowns and took away any cleavage.    

    With that in mind, Coco came to the rescue!  He says, "I spent months developing a long line strapless bra that would satisfy my customers.  When I finally did it, it was so exciting to be able to offer it to everyone."

    There is no other long line strapless bra on the market that offers women the comfort and support that they need, along with the cleavage that they desire.  It contours the bodice, and is excellent for gowns with low backs.  Push-up pads come along with the cups that can be removed, offering a customizable amount of cleavage.  

    "I tried so many longline bras to wear under my wedding dress. I can be anywhere between a 48DD to a 52D. I tried bras from Carnival, Dominique, and Goddess but none matched the fit and control of the Flattering Me bra. I ended up getting a 50D. It came with clear straps that work well with my v-neck dress.There is some SERIOUS padding the comes with this bra which would be good to wear for a sexy date night out, but not for church, so I simply removed them to fit with my wedding dress. I will probably get the same bra in Black to wear for another occasion."
    -Kapehe, Amazon review

    The design is smooth and does not show through most gowns.  You can also get it in four different colors:  black, ivory, nude, and white.  It is also available in a variety of sizes to cater to every woman.  You can get a Flattering Me Bra in sizes from "32A" to "52F" in both "Standard" and "Petite."  The petite customer is often neglected, so offering the bra in this size took care of yet another fashion problem.  It is the first and only of its kind available for petite customers.    

    "I needed a corset for my strapless wedding dress that I could use for future events (so an all white corset with frills was out of the question). I was surprised by the comfort and sleekness of the corset--and the firmness of the materials! I didn't want something flimsy and I was happy to find out that this is one of the best corsets I own now because of the quality of the product as well as the long-term wear investment. Great buy!"
    -Alexandra Edgeworth, Amazon review

    This isn't just limited for use by brides.  It is also perfect for bridesmaids and most other special occasion dresses.  The Flattering Me Bra is the world's best longline strapless bra offering real support, natural cleavage, and incredible comfort. 

    Coco Abadi

    Visit our South Florida Bridal Salon soon and see what we are talking about.  The Flattering Me Bra may be exactly what you have been looking for.  Angelus Bridal & Formals is very excited to be able to offer this to our customers, and we are very proud of our creative Coco.  He provided a dream come true in longline strapless bras.  Now women everywhere can truly feel as amazing as they look.         

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    Thursday, November 12, 2015

    A Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Simple & Can Save the Day

    Everyone wants their wedding day to go perfectly.  At the end of the day, as long as you are married to the person you love, then it did.  As far as everything else, well, unexpected things are bound to happen.  If you take a little bit of time ahead of your wedding day to prepare, those unwelcome surprises can be fixed and out of your way easily.  

    Angelus Bridal & Formals has heard a lot of stories about wedding day problems popping up. A great way to head these off before they become gigantic trouble is to put together a wedding day emergency kit.  Many of the items that you will want to include in this kit are things that you already have around the house.  Gathering them together can end up saving the day.
    • White cotton towels or cloths:  great for dabbing spills on a white dress
    • Baby Powder:  can help remove some dress stains & keep them from spreading
    • White chalk:  can work like baby powder or occasionally cover a small stain
    • Stain Removal Pen or Wipes
    • Cotton balls & cotton swabs:  also great for dabbing stains on a white dress
    • Tape:  Double-sided, masking, or duct tape - these are a quick fix to a broken hem if there is no time left to sew it. 
    • Super glue: same reason as the tape and can hold a loose button on. 
    • Small sewing kit:  make sure you have thread in your dress color, the bridesmaids' dress colors, and the guys' suits.  
    • Safety Pins: for fashion emergencies and also good to have in case boutonniere pins are missing
    • Lighter:  both for candles and it can fix a fraying hem.
    • Lint brush
    • Extra earring backs
    • Nail clippers & file
    • Facial blotting paper
    • Mirror:  for makeup checks in case the room you are in right before walking down the aisle doesn't have a mirror
    • Kleenex
    • Moist towelettes
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Bobby pins:  for every hair color in your wedding party
    • Clear nail polish:  perfect for stopping runs in hosiery, fixing chipped nails, and even buttons that are about to fall off.  
    • Nail polish that matches your manicure:  just in case a touch-up is needed.  

    • Hand lotion:  put this on before you walk down the aisle to help the ring slide on easily.
    • Sun block & bug spray:  if the ceremony is outdoors
    • Feminine hygiene products:  in case you or one of the girls needs them.
    • First aid kit
    • Basic medicines:  pain reliever, allergy medicine, antacid...
    • Gum & mints
    • Bottled water
    • Snacks:  In all of the hustle, you may not have time for a real meal.  Have granola bars or something similar handy for a quick bite. 
    • Straws:  keeps your lipstick from smearing when you drink!
    • Chargers
    • Extra batteries
    • Pens and paper

    You may not end up using anything in your wedding day emergency kit.  On the other hand, one single item in it may be the key to a happy day.  Better safe than sorry!  It only takes a little bit of time to get these things together and make sure that any "suprises" on your special day don't ruin it.  

    Take it from your favorite bridal salon in Pompano Beach, you will not regret the small amount of time it takes to put this together.  Your bridesmaids will probably be happy to help you do it.  We hope this information is helpful to you and your wedding party.  Angelus Bridal & Formals wants to help you make your wedding day as perfect as possible.       

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    Thursday, November 5, 2015

    Choose the Perfect Bridal Headpiece

    After a bride falls in love with her dream wedding dress, it's the moments after when we begin accessorizing it that really makes everything seem real to her.  The accessories that you choose to go along with your wedding gown bring out it's special style and your unique individuality.  Bridal headpieces are an important place to start.  

    The best bridal salon in Pompano Beach has a lot of experience finding the perfect accessories to make a fiancee finally feel like a bride.  Here is a little more information from Angelus Bridal & Formals about the types of bridal headpieces that you may choose to complete your wedding look. 


    This is the perfect headpiece for the woman that has always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding.  Nothing makes a girl feel more like a princess than a sparkly tiara.  


    For keeping loose strands of hair away from you face, but with a glamorous flair, a shimmery headband is perfect.  

    Combs, Barrettes, & Clips

    A very subtle burst of bling can be added with one of these choices. They look wonderful accenting a long, flowing hairstyle, and also expertly tucked into a beautiful updo.  


    This is a light, decorative headpiece that can be made up of feathers, flowers, fabric, beads, and the like.  Often, brides will choose to add a birdcage veil to their fascinator to finish the look.     


    A large, beautiful flower is a simple and elegant way to accent any hairstyle.  You can also choose several smaller blooms, or even a crown of flowers if that fits well with your dress style and personality. Real flowers are lovely, but many nicer fabric versions appear real and won't wilt during a long day of wedding festivities.  

    Choosing the headpiece

    The first step is finding the right dress.  It's much easier to match the perfect bridal headpiece to your gown than trying to find the right gown to match a headpiece that you like.  Embellishments on the gown can guide you to a headpiece that seems to be made just for your dress. 

    Keep in mind how you will want to wear your hair on the wedding day.  An updo may call for a much different headpiece than if you wear your hair down.  Most importantly, while style is a key factor in what you choose, comfort should be high on your priority list.  A wedding can be a very long day, and if you pick out something that isn't completely comfortable, you will regret it by the end of the evening.  

    If you would like to add a veil to a headpiece, the talented consultants in our Pompano Beach bridal salon will be happy to guide you.  Pairing a veil to a headpiece adds an air of romance, and it can easily be removed for the reception if you believe it will get in your way.  

    When you arrive for your appointment at Angelus Bridal & Formals, we will spend all of the time that you need helping you find the perfect accessories after you find your dream dress. You can trust us to make the entire process easy and enjoyable.  After your shopping trip, you will have a well-put-together bridal look that is completely yours.  

    South Florida's Most Trusted

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