Friday, May 20, 2016

6 Popular 2016 Wedding Trends We Love

Every year brings along with it trends that many brides gravitate toward. Angelus Bridal & Formals loves seeing how much things change, yet still stay very similar. Some trends come and go, only to come back again, while others are timeless. 

Our South Florida bridal gown store sees many amazing trends in wedding fashions and decor. Not all of them are for everyone, but they are definitely great inspiration when you are deciding on your own personal wedding style. 

Wedding Dresses with V-necks and Low Backs

Showing a bit of extra skin seems to be very popular this season. Some brides choose to wear a deep V-neck in the front, while others lean toward wedding dresses with very low backs, or backs with elegant cutouts. A stunning look straight off the runway.  

Drone Photographs

The point of view that can be achieved in your wedding photos by having a drone record footage is amazing. It's perfect for getting pictures of everyone in your wedding, including guests, all in one shot. Drones are great for capturing a video of the wedding processional. Some of our favorite pictures have the bride on the ground with the skirt of her bridal gown elegantly flared out around her. 

Floral Patterns

Beautiful blooms are showing up on more than the table decor and bouquets. Bridesmaid dresses adorned with floral patterns bring a beautiful burst of lively color to a wedding party. 

Naked Cakes & Dessert Bars

We have seen wedding cakes with a lack of frosting for a couple of years now, but it's still a popular option for many couples. These "naked" cakes either have no icing at all or just a very small amount, opting for fruit as decoration and a touch of sweetness. Others choose to offer a buffet of a variety of different desserts, making it hard to pick only one. 

Metallics & Shimmer

Metallic colors are popping up on everything from invitations to table covers to icing to fashion! Brides seem to be leaning toward more neutral shades with a shiny accent in silver, gold, or rose gold. Glitter and sequins also make for a shimmery effect. 

Classic Cocktails

It is still fun to have a signature cocktail created specifically for your wedding, giving it a special themed name. Lately we are also seeing many receptions and cocktail hours pulling out the classics: Old Fashioned, Moscow Mules, and Manhattans. 

You will find fabulous fashions at our Bridal Salon in Pompano Beach that fit perfectly into the latest trends. We also have a store full of gorgeous gowns at Angelus Bridal & Formals in every size, shape, style, and color so that there is sure to be something for every woman. Find your favorites and start a brand new trend of your own. 

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