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7 Tasks to Tackle When You Agree to Be a Bridesmaid

We usually use our blog to speak directly to the bride, but this one is all about the bridesmaids. It is full of things that can be done to help the bride both before and during the wedding. Please share these tips from Angelus Bridal & Formals with all of your bridesmaids.    

Purchase a Bridesmaid Dress

One of the first things to be done is to find and purchase something stunning to wear. Our South Florida bridal boutique carries a large variety of the most fashionable bridesmaid dresses from many amazing designers. You will want to begin budgeting for the dress and accessories as soon as you say yes to being a bridesmaid. 

Most of the bridesmaid gowns that you see on our website can be found in stock in our Pompano Beach wedding dress store, so you will be able to try on lots of different styles when you come in. We feature fabulous fashions from Allure Bridals, Bella Bridesmaids by Venus Bridal, Bill Levkoff, and Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner. 

We also have an extra-special bonus available every day. If the bride buys a wedding dress on her first visit to Angelus Bridal & Formals, each bridesmaid dress will be given a $30 discount. (Discount applies to gowns priced $159.95 or more. If the price is less than that, a 10% discount will be offered.)    

Be the Bride's Personal Assistant

Wedding planning involves lots and lots of decisions and errands, which can be both time-consuming and stressful. Let the bride know that you are available to assist her when she needs it. Run errands, help with DIY projects, give input on her dress (if she asks for it), and generally offer to be there when it all gets to be too much for her to handle alone. 

Offer Emotional Support

You are a bridesmaid because you are a very close friend or family member, and the bride loves and trusts you. One of your most important jobs will be simply to listen. Whether the bride is gushing about wedding details, complaining about the things that aren't going right, or de-stressing with an emotional crying session, you simply smile, nod, and offer comfort. This is a once in a lifetime event with a roller coaster of emotions attached. Give her the support she needs to get through it.   

Plan Pre-Wedding Parties 

A bridal shower and the bachelorette party are both events that are not planned by the bride or groom, so the bridesmaids take these tasks over. She can give you a guest list, but the theme, activities, and all the other decisions are up to you guys. 

Attend Wedding Related Events

As a member of the wedding party, if your schedule allows, you are expected to attend any wedding related events before the big day. This includes engagement parties, multiple showers, and bridal luncheons. Please note, even if you attend every bridal shower, only one gift is expected. You will need to make time to attend the wedding rehearsal too, so that there are no surprises on the wedding day.

Take Care of the Bride

You have been providing support during the planning process, but on the big day, your job's not over yet. You will be there to help the bride get ready before the ceremony. Make sure she eats and stays hydrated throughout the day, keep track of her cell phone and other items, help to bustle her dress, and even assist her when she needs to use the restroom. (That's a difficult task to tackle alone in a full skirt!) You do the worrying and thinking for the bride and just let her enjoy the day.   

Play Co-Host 

You have the inside scoop, so you can help to make sure guests know when they should be someplace and where to go. Be ready to give a toast to the happy couple if asked. Also, it is your job, along with the groomsmen, to make sure everyone gets out on that dance floor and keeps the party going all night long.  

There are lots of things that you can do to help the bride enjoy this very special time in her life. When you are helping someone that you care deeply for, it's not work, but a pleasure and an honor to help in any way. 

That's how we feel about the women that shop at our Pompano Beach wedding gown store. We care deeply about each and every one of you. When you come into Angelus Bridal & Formals, we will take the time to put you in a dress that makes you look and feel like the magnificent woman you are.  

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