Wednesday, October 4, 2017

5 Factors That Influence Your Wedding Dress Choice

There is an enormous variety of beautiful bridal gowns to pick from when you shop at our South Florida wedding dress store. At times the choices can seem overwhelming. To narrow down the decision, Angelus Bridal has listed 5 factors that will influence your wedding fashion choice in today's blog. Take these into consideration when you begin your dream dress search. 

What catches your eye? 
Flipping through bridal magazines or looking through Pinterest boards is a wonderful way to discover what your wedding day fashion style is. Don't overthink it, just browse. Take notice of the dresses that make you stop for more than a couple of seconds. Once you compare a few of those, it's very likely that you will notice similar elements of each. This will give you a great idea of where to start when you begin trying gowns on.  

Everyone wants to look gorgeous on their wedding day, but if you pick a dress that looks great but isn't comfortable to wear all day long, you're very likely to regret it. That discomfort is sure to show on your face in many of the wedding photographs. After you find a bridal gown that may be "the one," make sure that you move around in it, sit in it, and possibly even dance a little while you're wearing it. As the Audrey Hepburn quote states, "...happy girls are the prettiest girls." If you feel good in what you are wearing, you will look your best. 

Time of Year and Venue
Part of that comfort factor needs to involve the weather expected for the time of year you will be getting married, and possibly the place that you will say your "I do's." Ball gowns are often difficult to maneuver on the sand at a beach wedding, and a thin, strapless bridal gown may not be very comfortable to wear when the temperatures are cold. Knowing when and where the wedding will happen can help you to choose the best wedding dress.    

Personal Style
Don't sacrifice your own personal style to match an "idea" of the perfect bride that someone may have put into your head. If you like to wear plenty of sparkle and bling, then you'll want to shop for a bridal gown with lots of that rather than a simple dress without a lot of added details. On the other hand, if you love showing off big pieces of jewelry, you may want to pick out a simpler gown to wear with that jewelry. For brides that think some shade of white or ivory isn't their thing, look for a wedding dress with some color. The key is to stay true to your own personal style and let Angelus Bridal help you find the perfect bridal gown to match it!   

Body Shape
While you should come in to your shopping appointment with an idea of what you like, keep yourself open to suggestions. Our talented consultants have lots of experience in finding fashions to bring out a particular bride's best features. A dress you loved in a picture may not look the same to you once you try it on, and there's a good chance something that doesn't exactly impress you on the hanger may look amazing on you. Trust us and you just may find your dream wedding dress in a section you never would have thought to look. 

All of the suggestions listed above will help you narrow down the multitude of choices available to you at our bridal salon in Pompano Beach. The wedding dresses you will find at Angelus Bridal & Formals are exquisite, but they need you in them to make them special!

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