Tuesday, November 21, 2017

5 Ways To Show Your Bridesmaids How Thankful You Are... With Fashion!

Since you're already thinking about all of the things in life you are thankful for with Thanksgiving coming up this week, Angelus Bridal & Formals has turned our attention toward ways you can show thanks to your wonderful wedding party. Since fashion is one of our very favorite things, our Pompano Beach bridal boutique has come up with a few fashionable ways for you to tell them "Thank you!"  

Your ladies are already picking up the tab for their beautiful bridesmaid dresses. If you have room in your wedding budget, offer to buy the shoes for them. Every woman loves a gorgeous new pair of shoes, and if you are wanting your bridesmaids to wear matching pairs, gifting them is an easy way to make that happen. 

Necessary Accessories
The jewelry that you want them to wear on your special day is another wonderful fashion gift that you can thank your bridesmaids with. It's also something that they will be able to cherish and wear again, thinking of your friendship every time that they do. You can buy entire sets or just one lovely piece, and if it can be personalized, that will make it even sweeter. Another idea is an exquisite matching hair accessory that each bridesmaid can incorporate into her wedding day hairstyle.  

Fun Accessories
Instead of gifting them with something they will wear at the ceremony, you could possibly pick out fun accessories that are meant more for the reception. Things that are a little more whimsical and fit for the party portion of the evening. For example, pocket shoes that they can dance in to rest their weary feet, then roll back up, throw in a purse, and use again at the next dance party. If your wedding will be taking place in a venue or during a time of year when the girls might get a little cold in their special occasion dresses, a nice shawl, sweater, or jacket that compliments her gown is a wonderful idea.  

There are lots of different types of bags that have lots of different types of uses. Large tote bags would be perfect for your bridal party to get everything that they need to the wedding, and then keep it together so that it gets back home with them again too. Small handbags that match the bridesmaid dresses is another nice gift that allows them to keep the things they'll need throughout the day close without having to carry something that clashes with their look. A makeup bag full of goodies is also a wonderful item to make up for your ladies.  

If you know each of your bridesmaids' favorite perfumes, you could get them bottles of those. On the other hand, you could also pick out a special signature scent especially for the wedding day so that you all match, and they'll have their own bottle to use later and remember the amazing day you shared. 

Those are just a few ideas to get your creative thoughts going. Your bridal party is made up of people that are very special to you, so you want to put some thought into the way that you thank them for being there for you and your new spouse on this very special day. Our South Florida bridal salon is a great place to find many of the items we have mentioned above. Angelus Bridal & Formals is also the perfect place to find all of your wedding day fashions, and we can't wait to dress you up! 

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