Thursday, December 7, 2017

Gift Ideas For Your Husband, Wife, or Fiance

This time of year, even if you are in the midst of planning a wedding, you have to make some time to think about what to buy for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Sometimes the person that's the most difficult to figure out is the one you are closest to! Today, Angelus Bridal & Formals has come up with some thoughtful gift ideas that your significant other will love, no matter whether you are already married are planning to be soon. 

A Basket of Their Favorite Things
Instead of racking your brain for that one perfect gift that they don't already have, instead get them more of the things you already know that they love. It could be a book by their favorite author, a piece of clothing or jewelry from that store that they love, movie tickets, favorite foods or drinks, silly socks or slippers, etc... Anything that you know puts a smile on their face and they simply can't get enough of can be included.   

Acts of Kindness
Instead of buying something for them, do a few somethings instead. Tackle their least favorite chore before they get the chance. Make dinner and clean up after, or get up early and surprise them with breakfast in bed. Plan a night out where all they have to do is show up because you've taken care of every last detail. If you don't think coupon books are too cheesy, put a few of these things in there and let your special someone pick when they want to cash them in. Another wonderful way to surprise them is by hiding special love notes in a variety of places for them to find. 

Hire Some Help
Rather than taking on a task that your spouse or fiance hates, hire someone to do it for the both of you instead. Find someone to clean the entire house, detail the car, come to your home and cook a meal for the two of you, or if you already have kids, call a babysitter and take the night off. In many cases, this is a gift that you get to enjoy along with the recipient!

Relive a Memory
Plan a special evening, a whole day, or even an entire weekend reliving a memory that means a lot to the two of you. It could be a visit to the place where you first met, a reenactment of your first date, or if you're already married, a return to the spot where you said, "I do." 

A brand new photo of you to carry with them or place on their desk is a gift that no one else will be giving them. You could also surprise them with a special photo from the wedding or engagement shoot that they haven't seen yet. Another wonderful photo gift is an album with pictures from your time together over the years. 

A Gift That Keeps Giving
There are lots of subscription services out there nowadays that let you sign someone up to receive packages at set intervals throughout the year. An online search for "gift subscriptions" will take you to a plethora of ideas. Some of the things they can bring right to your door are: cooking ingredients with recipes, books, movies, board games, craft supplies, wine, bourbon, clothing, makeup, grooming supplies, etc... Seriously, just about anything you could imagine! There are even some companies that will send scavenger hunt clues to your phone so you can explore your city together.  

A "Mixtape" 
The classic romantic gesture - a mixtape of all of your favorite songs or songs that express how you feel about your significant other! Today most people don't have a cassette tape handy to play an actual mixtape, but you can download a bunch of music and organize it into a playlist for your special someone. Maybe even make a few playlists for different situations: their workout time, commute to work, relaxation time, etc...

Hopefully that gets your creative juices flowing for a gift your husband, wife, or fiance will love. If you are in the fiance stage of your relationship, grooms can find some lovely fashion items for their future brides at our South Florida bridal store, such as jewelry for the wedding or a special occasion dress for a fancy night out on the town. Good luck shopping, and have a wonderful holiday season from all of us here at Angelus Bridal

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