Friday, April 8, 2016

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Day Hairstyle

It can be difficult to decide which wedding day hairstyle is the best one for you. There are so many different beautiful options, you may not know where to start. Angelus Bridal & Formals has a few tips to make sure that you end up with the look that is perfect for you. 

Choose your wedding dress first.

It's easiest to find a hairstyle that matches your dress rather than doing the search the other way around. Start out by finding your dream wedding dress, pick out the perfect accessories that will work the best with it, and then begin looking for hairstyles. The dress style that you wear is a great deciding factor on whether your hair should be up or down. It is very important that your hair and dress work together, complementing each other to enhance your natural beauty.

Start researching.

Once you have the perfect dress, it is now time to start scouring magazines and Pinterest for hairstyles. Focus on looking for pictures that feature dresses similar to the one you have chosen, and save the hairstyles that you think look the best. Pick a few different ones for your stylist to try.

Be flexible.

Remember that everyone's hair is not the same. The hairstyle that you end up using will need to be one that your hair can handle. At the end of the day, you want a hairstyle that will look as close to the way it started out as possible. Pick a style that will last all day. Lots of curls may not work well with thin, straight hair, and unless you want to pay for extensions, don't set your heart on flowing locks if you have short hair.  

Comfort is key.

You can leave your stylist's chair with the most exquisite hairstyle that has ever been designed in the history of hairstyles, but if you can barely move without it falling down, is it really worth the trouble? Beauty is important, but so is comfort. Weddings are an all-day event, so don't choose a hairstyle that isn't comfortable to move around in. Consider the time of year and the expected temperature and other weather elements, and whether you will be mostly indoors or out. 

Show off your personality. 

A special occasion calls for a special look, but don't go overboard so much that you are barely recognizable. Just like with your makeup, a wedding day hairstyle should reflect who you truly are on a daily basis, only with a little extra flair. 

Book a trial run. 

Schedule a time for you stylist to practice a few different looks on you. Go in with ideas of your own, but trust their expertise too. Let then try some of their own suggestions, and you could be happily surprised. Don't forget to check the hairstyles from every angle. They will all be captured at some point in photos. 

This trial run is also a great way to get a feel for exactly how long your hair will take on the wedding day and help with your getting-ready routine.  If you don't have a regular stylist in mind, audition a few. 

Our South Florida bridal store has the most exquisite tiaras, veils, and other hair accessories to beautifully complement your wedding dress and any hairstyle that you decide on. We have worked with many wonderful brides over the years and seen many different looks. The experienced consultants at Angelus Bridal & Formals are happy to answer any questions that you might have about your wedding day style and offer quality advice. Your wedding day is important to you, and you are important to us.  

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