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Your Wedding Fashion Checklist

Once you begin wedding planning, there are plenty of checklists available to make sure that you take care of the numerous tasks that go into creating a memorable wedding day. Often, "order your bridal gown" is as far as the basic lists go, but there are more steps involved in putting together your wedding day fashion than that. Angelus Bridal & Formals wants to make sure that you have everything you need to look your beautiful best on your very special day, and this checklist should help.

The Wedding Dress
You need to begin your bridal gown search as soon as possible after your engagement. It may take a while to find exactly what you are looking for, and to avoid rushing closer to the wedding day, you will want to have your dress ordered no later than 6 months before the wedding date, preferably 8 months prior. This allows for shipping time and necessary alterations after it arrives, plus it gives you the time needed to find the other fashion items listed in this blog. 

  • Research Styles
    • Start your bridal gown search by daydreaming a little bit. Browse magazines and look online to get an idea of what styles you are most drawn to. This will give you a good place to start when you begin trying on dresses.
  • Research Special Events 
    • Keep an eye on your favorite bridal salons and be aware of when they will be having trunk shows and sample sales. This is a wonderful way to find your dream dress at a great price. Be aware of other specials too. Our South Florida bridal salon offers every bride a chance to receive discounts on her bridal veil and headpiece, as well as discounts for her bridesmaids' dresses, with our "Love At First Sight" special. When you purchase your wedding dress on your first visit to our store, all of these discounts will be opened up to you.
  • Make Appointments 
    • Some stores accept walk-ins, but these can't promise you the one-on-one, personalized attention that you will get when you have a scheduled appointment to shop for bridal gowns. Angelus Bridal's consultants always give our brides their complete, uninterrupted attention so that together you can find the perfect dress for your special day. 

The items that you wear underneath that beautiful bridal gown are very important. These will assure that the dress looks the way it was meant to once you put it on. 
  • Bra
    • The style of your wedding dress will dictate what type of bra that you need to wear with it. The owner of Angelus Bridal, Coco Abadi, saw the need for a bra that not only flattered a woman's shape, but was also comfortable to wear. He solved this problem by creating the "Flattering me Bra." It offers real support, natural cleavage, and comfort. This may be the perfect bra to wear with the dress you choose, and you can try it on with your gown at our store. 
  • Underwear
    • This probably goes without saying, but when you have a lot of tasks on your mind, simple things can slip by unless they are on your checklist. It's generally best to have nude colored underwear to wear under your gown, or if it will not show through the fabric, pick out a pair especially for that day. It can be a cute place to secretly add your "something blue."
  • Garter
    • If you will be taking part in the tradition of the garter toss at your wedding reception, you will want to have a gorgeous garter for the groom to take off of you. If you don't want to part with it, buy a second for the groom to toss so that you can keep your original one.
  • Other Undergarments
    • For body-fitting gowns, you may want to purchase a bodyshaper to keep everything smooth and in place. On the other hand, if you have a big ball gown, you may need to purchase an extra petticoat to bring it to the fullness you desire. Pick a slip that adds to the dress's beauty. 

The accessories that you add to your wedding day ensemble are what shape the look into one that is truly yours. They are an excellent way to bring your personal style to a designer's gown. 
  • Veil & Headpiece
    • If you will be wearing a veil on your wedding day, you will first want to decide on length, then decide if you want to wear it during the reception or take it off. Any headpiece chosen will need to work with the veil you choose, and look beautiful alone if you will be removing that veil. 
  • Hair Accessories
    • For up-dos, think about if you will want to have special hair accessories that will show, or if you prefer more subtle things that will not compete with a headpiece you will be wearing. Make sure that you make this decision early enough so that you can take the hair accessories to your beautician for the trial run of your hairstyle.
  • Jewelry
    • Use your wedding dress details to help you decide on the jewelry. It is usually best to not mix metals, and strive to find pieces that work well with the beading, lace, or other details present on your gown.
  • Shoes
    • Style is important here, especially if your wedding dress allows the shoes to be seen easily, but comfort is even more important. Make sure you choose a heel that is not more than you are used to walking in, and try to find a pair that you can wear all day and night long. Just in case, have a pair of flats to step into if your feet do need a break. 
  • Handbag
    • While you most likely will not be carrying a purse with you the entire day, it is wise to have a small handbag to hold essentials (lipstick, cell phone, etc...) that you may need to have quick access to. 
  • Something Old, New, Borrowed, & Blue
    • Don't forget to think about these good luck items ahead of time if you choose to participate in this fun wedding tradition.

Other Bridal Fashions
Remember that you will be attending lots of pre-parties to celebrate your upcoming wedding, so you will want to have special clothing to wear to each of those. The following fashions will be needed for the wedding weekend. 
  • Rehearsal Attire
    • You are the star of the evening tonight (along with your soon-to-be-husband, of course.) The special clothing that you will wear to the rehearsal dinner is worth some detailed thought. 
  • Honeymoon Clothing
    • If you will be leaving for the honeymoon right away, remember to plan for the clothes you will need to have packed. Try to have it all gathered before the wedding weekend so that you don't have to rush to do it after the wedding. You are going to be worn out after that epic celebration, so the less work you leave for yourself after, the better. 
  • "Getaway" Outfit
    • This is for the bride that wants to make a quick-change before hopping into the car to leave the reception. It's not done as often as it used to be, but if you like making wardrobe changes or will be heading straight to the airport from the wedding, then this is for you.

There is a lot that goes into forming your wedding looks, but don't think of it as something to add to your planning stress. Have fun with it! The consultants at our bridal store in South Florida are thrilled to offer their expertise on this subject. It may sound like a lot to get together, but once you find that dream wedding dress, the rest of the pieces will begin to fall into place. Angelus Bridal & Formals is here to make sure that you look and feel like your beautiful self for your very special day. 

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