Friday, November 18, 2016

Keep Your Wedding Party & Guests Warm At A Winter Wedding

As temperatures begin to drop in most areas of the country, brides planning late fall and winter weddings need to think about keeping their guests warm and toasty. Angelus Bridal & Formals has a few ideas for them, as well as for you and your wedding party. 

It's time to move indoors.
If you are getting married in an area where it's much too cold to be outside, this one's a no-brainer. On the other hand, if the weather where you are isn't unbearable, consider a large tent for an outdoor wedding. There are many wonderful options that feature large windows, allowing your guests to enjoy a scenic view, and the sides can always be rolled up if you end up having an unseasonably warm day. 

If it is cold, a few space heaters will keep that tent comfortably warm for your guests. A venue that has a fire pit may allow everyone the chance to get outside and still stay toasty. A great option for weddings in a nice, heated building is to look for a venue with a gorgeous fireplace. It will help to bring about the cozy feeling of the season. 

Warm their taste buds.
This is where a creative caterer can really help you out. Start the meal with a nice, warm soup instead of salad. Rather than just serving food that is heated up, maybe throw in a few spicy flavor options. 

Hot drinks are an excellent addition to a cold-weather reception. Choose an Irish coffee or other hot beverage for one of your signature drinks. You can also set up a DIY bar for your guests to add fun mix-ins to apple cider, hot chocolate, or coffee. 

Choose cozy favors.
Favors are a wonderful place to pull seasonal items into your wedding decor. Adorable gloves or mittens will be a very useful favor for your guests in the coming months, and every time they wear them they will think of you! It can also be nice to have a basket of fleece throws or shawls available for anyone to use that gets a bit chilly. You could even make up some cute packages of coffee beans or cocoa for them to enjoy when they get home.  

Don't forget your wedding party.
While your guests can change their minds about what they will wear to your wedding depending on the weather that day, you and your wedding party will need to have your clothing picked out months before the day arrives. Choosing gowns made of a heavier fabric are good for keeping away the cold. You can also add accessories, like a matching bolero jacket, cape, or shawl. There are many elegant options available to you in our South Florida bridal salon. 

Late fall and winter are wonderful times to plan a wedding. Once you've picked a date, make an appointment at Angelus Bridal to begin the search for the perfect wedding day fashions. No matter what season that you choose to get married in, we will be able to find something that fits it beautifully for everyone in your wedding party. 

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