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7 Tips For Dressing The Gentlemen In Your Wedding

Our South Florida bridal salon mostly focuses on how to find the most fantastic fashions for all of the women in your wedding, especially the beautiful bride. The gentlemen will be standing up front with all of the gorgeous gals, so you will want to spend some time making sure that the groom and all of his groomsmen look amazing too. Angelus Bridal & Formals has a few tips to make sure the groom and his fellas look their wedding day best. 

Discuss the men's fashion as a couple
Even if you have a groom that is happy leaving all of the wedding decisions up to the bride, the clothing that he and his groomsmen will be wearing is one area that really needs his input. After all, he's the one that will have to spend the entire day and evening wearing whatever gets picked out. Just like you have strong opinions about your beautiful bridal gown, the groom will most likely want to have a say in how he will look on the wedding day. Talking it over together will help him to better match the style of the wedding that is being planned. 

Let the wedding style influence the clothing
There are a large variety of choices for men these days other than the classic tuxedo. Your overall wedding style and the women's fashions should play a part in guiding what the gentlemen will wear. The entire wedding party's looks should compliment each other. The formality and season will also dictate the choices. An evening ceremony in a fancy ballroom will require the guys to go all out with ties, jackets, cummerbunds, etc..., and a summer ceremony on the beach will allow for a more casual, laid back look.  

To rent or to buy?
If all of the men are wearing matching clothing, the groomsmen will most likely be renting their attire. It's the groom's big day though, so he may want to think about buying his clothing. Even though whatever he wears should look similar to the rest of the guys, he's the other star of the show that day, so the groom's suit can have a little extra pizzazz. 

No matter whether you end up renting or buying, it is extremely important to have all measurements taken by a professional. That way you know that everything will fit the way it is supposed to. The groom especially needs to make sure that whatever he wears fits as perfectly as possible.  

Remember comfort
The same thing that we always tell the brides is important for the groom to remember too: you will be wearing your wedding day clothing for a very long time. Above all else, make sure that you choose something you can be comfortable in for the entire celebration. The men will want to look great, but still be able to move around on the dance floor without restriction or discomfort. 

Be aware of the weather expected for the wedding day too, especially if any of the event is outdoors. A suit coat can get hot quickly on a sunny summer day. Another extremely important tip is to break in the shoes. Nothing is more uncomfortable than a stiff pair of shoes, and it can make a person look like they don't know how to walk.  

Don't procrastinate
Men don't have to get their shopping done as early as the ladies, but don't wait too late into the planning either. At least 3 months before the wedding date you should have something picked out and all of the men should be fitted. Taking care of that later could result in paying higher prices due to rush shipping, and your first choice of fashion may not be available any longer. Start watching the men's clothing stores early and you may end up stumbling upon a sale before the wedding. 

Be prepared
Don't assume that you can depend on the kindness of strangers, or even close friends, on your wedding day when it comes to tying a tie. If you don't already know how to do it, there's a chance that they don't either. Whether you wear a necktie or a bow tie, make sure that you learn how to tie it properly, and practice doing it more than once. 

A week before the wedding, make sure you have a plan for picking up rentals, and also for returning them. Angelus Bridal published a great blog about Quick Fix Tips for the Groom's Clothing that is filled with helpful ideas for handling wardrobe malfunctions on the big day. Take a look, because you never know when you may need to have that information stored away. 

Show off some personality
The groom should have some aspect of his clothing that sets him apart from the rest of the men. This can be a slightly different suit, a special boutonniere, or a different accent color than the groomsmen are wearing. It can also be fun to throw in some whimsical extras for all of the gentlemen in the wedding party. 

Crazy patterned socks peeking out from beneath their pants legs, goofy cuff links, or a themed undershirt to show off later at the reception can be fun, especially in the pictures. You can also get creative with the boutonnieres by using something pertaining to a hobby or like instead of flowers, such as fishing lures, action figures, or guitar picks.   

Hopefully the tips above will put you on the path for finding the best men's clothing for your wedding. Our bridal boutique in South Florida is a one-stop-shop when it comes to weddings. We can help you find the perfect tuxedos for the men, as well as introduce you to our in house photographer, cake designer, makeup artist, and florist. When you are ready to begin your wedding planning journey, start by paying us a visit at Angelus Bridal & Formals

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