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7 Creatively Romantic Ideas For Your Wedding Or A Regular Day

You may think of February as a romantic month because it contains Valentine's Day, but there is much more romance surrounding it than just on the 14th. February is both Creative Romance Month and National Weddings Month. It most likely got these titles because there are a lot of proposals this time of year, not to mention a high number of bridal shows taking place.  

Angelus Bridal & Formals has pulled together a few creatively romantic ideas for you to celebrate with. We've included suggestions that can be used for your upcoming wedding, or simply for any day in your life that you feel like being romantic.

Set A Mood
Plan to get home before your significant other and set a romantic mood for them to walk into. Dim the lights, light some candles, and sprinkle a few rose petals all around. No matter how stressful a day they've had, this gesture is sure to put them in an incredible mood. 

You can set the mood at your wedding in the same way, but on a much bigger scale. The two of you will already be feeling romantic, but if your guests feel it too when they walk in, mission accomplished. 

Have Breakfast In Bed
It's always a sweet surprise to wake up to someone bringing you a tray full of goodies before you get out of bed for the day. Often, it encourages a little extra time in bed, and you might even convince your sweetheart to stay there all day with you! 

On the morning of your wedding, there's a good chance that you won't be waking up together. In that case, surprise your future spouse with a big basket of muffins or donuts next to their bed, or arrange to have a hot breakfast delivered to them. 

Lock Lips
We've been told that it is impossible to not melt into romantic bliss when you kiss someone, uninterrupted, for a full 15 seconds. The only way to find out for yourself is to give it a try! 

One of the biggest moments of your wedding will be your first kiss as husband and wife. Why not practice a few different kisses leading up to the big day? You may choose to wing it at the ceremony, but all that research beforehand sure will be fun. 

Get Away From The World
Whether you go out of town or stay at home, get inside, lock the doors, and stay put for a full 24 hours. You can have breakfast in bed, a picnic on the floor for lunch, and cook dinner together or order in. No electronics (unless of course you want to have a movie marathon, but that's it!) Devote a whole day to that one person. You might just discover something new about each other. 

You won't be able to get completely away from everyone at your wedding, but you can steal a few moments here and there. Plan a quiet spot to sneak off to right after your vows and before the reception to savor the moment together. You can also sit at a sweetheart table for two instead of a large table with the entire wedding party. People will still be visiting with you occasionally, but setting yourselves apart from the crowd will give you a little extra time together.  

Take A Walk Down Memory Lane
Reliving nostalgic memories of the early days of your relationship are always a great way to bring those old feelings of "new love" back to the forefront. It can be as simple as looking back over a few photos from the past, or you can go all out and visit places where milestone events took place for the two of you; the location of your fist date or first kiss, where you first met, where he proposed... You get the idea. 

Incorporate some of that into a wedding by using photos of the two of you in the decorations, the program, or a slide show. We saw an excellent idea on Pinterest where a couple included a fun fact about their relationship on every table number card. Your guests can enjoy reliving your love blossoming through these pictures and words.  

Write Love Notes
In a world that's mostly emails, tweets, and snaps, it's rare that anyone writes down their feelings anymore. Take a few moments to write a letter confessing your love. Something that takes even less time but is extremely thoughtful is to write a quick reason that you love that person, or simply "I love you," on a few post-it notes and place these random places to be found later. 

Your wedding day is all about vowing your life to your future spouse. Write them a detailed love note about all the reasons that you can't wait to do this, and let them open it on the wedding day before you walk down the aisle. 

Save The Last Dance
You don't need a big band or a special occasion to cut loose. When those things to happen, make sure you hit the dance floor together, but an impromptu dance is incredibly romantic. It may feel a little silly, but it's so sweet to grab your love's hand when your favorite song comes on and dance together, wherever you may be. 

The first dance at a wedding gets a lot of thought, but picking out a special song for the last dance of the evening is a great idea too. End the night with whatever makes you happiest as a couple, either a wild party anthem or a romantic showstopping ballad.  

Don't save your romantic gestures for only Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and your wedding day. Strive to do something special for the person you love every day, or at least make an attempt to do something every day this month. Our special occasion dress store in South Florida has the perfect thing for you to wear if you are going out on the town for one of your romantic evenings. We'd love to help you find that perfect dress. All of us at Angelus Bridal & Formals wish you, not only a wonderful Valentine's Day, but also a romantic love story every day of your life. 

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