Friday, February 17, 2017

Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding

We see this a lot at our South Florida bridal salon; when you begin planning your wedding, it's fun to daydream about the way it will look, what you will serve, and how your celebration will be the most amazing wedding any of your family and friends have ever attended. Once you start matching up prices to all of those ideas, reality sets in. 

Many times, the budget you have set for the entire event can start disappearing quickly if you aren't careful. DO NOT extend your budget, but instead, find ways that you can have the most important parts of the wedding you really want by cutting back in areas that aren't as important to you. Angelus Bridal & Formals has a few simple tricks that can save you money without taking anything special away from your wedding. 

The Venue
Most weddings take place on Saturdays, so many wedding venues offer a discount to couples that use their facilities on other days of the week. Friday evenings and Sundays are still technically part of the weekend when most people are off work, and many guests have no problem with a weeknight wedding. They just may not be able to stay as late as they would on a weekend. 

It may be difficult, but keeping your guest list to a minimum can open up many more venue options, and the smaller venues probably come with a smaller price tag. Having fewer guests to provide food and space for will also cut your costs in many other areas. You can search for free places to hold your wedding, like a beautiful public park or beach, and you will only need to rent a space for fewer hours for the reception. If you do this, make sure that you have the proper permits to get married in that public area.   

The Stationery 
Save-the-Dates are only necessary if you are planning a destination wedding or one that will take place on a busy holiday weekend. If your guests don't need to make travel arrangements, a regular wedding invitation gives them plenty of notice. You can share a cute Save-the-Date with your guests online for free. RSVP cards are another thing that you can skip. It will save you from paying for all of that return postage, and you can collect RSVPs on your wedding website (which can be set up for free), by phone, or by email. 

You don't need to print out a menu and program for every single guest at your wedding. One big sign stating all of the information they will need to know can be placed prominently in one or two places for everyone to see. 

The Fashion
Angelus Bridal always offers the most affordable wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses in South Florida. Our talented consultants can guide you to a wide array of beautiful bridal gowns that fit within the budget you come in with. 

In addition to our affordable regularly priced wedding gowns, we also have a sizable selection of dresses for the bride in our clearance section. There are more than 300 to choose from, in all sizes from 4 up to size 30, and they are each marked at 50% off of the regular price! These are all sold from stock, as is, and they are every bit as beautiful as our regularly priced gowns. They have been moved to the clearance section only because we need to make room in our store for the next round of fabulous wedding fashions as they arrive.    

The Decorations
Florists can create arrangements for your ceremony that can perform double-duty and be used again at the reception. Using more greenery and less florals looks wonderful and is a little less pricey than full arrangements. You can use non-floral elements to fill up decor space. Candles add a lot to the look, plus they are great for creating a romantic ambiance in the room.  

If you can find a venue that is already gorgeous, like a garden in bloom or a space with a fantastic scenic view, you won't need to add a lot of your own decorations. For the things that you do need to buy, if you've given yourself at least a year to plan, keep an eye on after-holiday sales for big discounts on candles, twinkle lights, etc... Also, sign up for store email newsletters so that you are notified before any big sales happen. 

The Catering
You may assume that buffet dinners are your cheapest option because the guests serve themselves, but they are usually more expensive because extra food is made to insure that there is enough. Plated dinners and family style meals could save you money on the catering bill. You can also opt for a brunch, lunch, or cocktail hour reception, because menus for those meals usually cost less. 

As for dessert, a great trick to cutting down the price is to have a small cake made to display and cut for pictures, but have a sheet cake of the same flavor hidden in the kitchen, cut up and ready to serve to guests. The baker won't have to decorate the sheet cake as elaborately, meaning it will be less expensive. 

Good Luck With Your Planning! 
Those are just a few places where you can save a little money without sacrificing your entire wedding vision. Hopefully this blog has helped you with some of the planning, and when you are ready to start shopping for a wedding dress in South Florida, make an appointment with us and we'll make sure you get VIP treatment. 

We have many ways for you to save money at Angelus Bridal & Formals, one of which is our "Love at first sight" promotion. If you find the perfect bridal gown on your first trip to our store, we will give you 20% off of the purchase of your veil and headpiece, plus your bridesmaids can get $30 off of the purchase of their dresses too. You will all look absolutely gorgeous, and possibly even save a little money in the process. 

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