Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Helpful Tips For Finding Your Perfect Wedding Day Shoes

Once you've browsed through our wonderful selection of gorgeous wedding dresses in South Florida and found the bridal gown you always dreamed of, it's time to accessorize! Many things can be added to enhance your wedding day look, like bridal belts, jewelry, headpieces, and veils. One thing in particular that you should take special care in choosing is the pair of shoes you will wear on the big day. Angelus Bridal has a few tips to help you make that decision.  

Buy shoes early.
Your wedding shoes are an item that you will need to have before your first bridal gown fitting. They will affect the hem of your dress, so for a perfect gown length, you will need to have the exact shoes you will be walking down the aisle in at every fitting. Another advantage to having your shoes well before the wedding day is that you will have the chance to break them in for better comfort, plus the more you practice walking in them, the more graceful you will look walking down that aisle. 

Choose comfort!
First and foremost, go for comfort. You will be wearing these shoes for a very long time and doing a lot of walking, standing, and dancing in them. That means you will need shoes that don't hurt your feet after an hour or two. Even if you've dreamed of wearing fabulous stiletto heels, if you won't be able to walk without limping the next day, it's probably not worth it. 

Think hard about heel height.
This will not only affect your comfort, but also the length that your gown will need to be altered to. Try to stick to a heel height that you are used to wearing and already comfortable walking in. 

Also, consider how the heel you choose will work at the venue. If you are getting married on a beach, then sandals are a wise choice, or possibly go barefoot and have a pair of shoes put aside to wear at the reception. On the other hand, if you want a higher heel and your venue has nice, flat surfaces to walk on, you should be fine. 

Decide: Elaborate or Simple
This may depend on how much your shoe can be seen with the wedding dress you have chosen. For a floor-length gown, a simple shoe may be enough because it won't really show much. If the shoes will barely peek out below the hem, you might want to pamper yourself with a manicure and pretty shade of polish and go with a peep-toe shoe. 

For the bride that's a bit of a shoe fanatic, a shorter dress allows you to show off an elaborately designed shoe. Make sure that it complements your bridal gown rather than competes with it for attention. If you want to add an exciting pop of color to your wedding fashion, your shoes are a great place to do that.  

Pick a backup pair.
It's always good to be prepared for anything. That way you can avoid many mishaps on the wedding day. In case a heel breaks or a shoe gets left behind or misplaced, you should have a simple back-up pair of the same heel-height ready and waiting to "step" in. 

Having a back-up pair of wedding day shoes also allows you to change your shoes during the celebration. Sometimes simply putting on a new pair can make tired feet feel like new again. Keep in mind, though, that if you will be changing to a more comfortable pair of shoes for the reception and have a floor-length gown, they should be the same heel height as your original pair to avoid the dress dragging the ground. 

Finding the right pair of shoes not only completes your wedding day look, it can also be a lifesaver when you keep the comfort factor in mind. The helpful consultants at our South Florida bridal boutique will be happy to make some suggestions on the type of shoe that may work best with the wedding dress you decide on. Everyone at Angelus Bridal & Formals is here to help you achieve the look you are striving for to help you reach your beautiful best on the r wedding day. After all, a happy bride is our favorite kind, and happy ladies are always gorgeous! 

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