Friday, September 8, 2017

5 Questions To Ask To Find The Perfect Clothing For The Groom

Our South Florida bridal salon spends a lot of time talking about fabulous wedding fashions for the bride, but there is one other person that needs to look their very best on the wedding day - the groom. Angelus Bridal & Formals has a few questions here that you can ask to make finding the perfect clothing for him a little easier. 

How formal is the wedding?
This simple fact can greatly narrow down your choices. Daytime weddings on the beach are usually more casual, allowing the groom to skip the suit jacket and look for lighter fabrics. If you're planning a black-tie affair, then he will begin his search in the tuxedo section. Once you've decided how formal you expect everyone else to dress at your wedding, the groom can start thinking about his own look.

When is the wedding?
The time of day and time of year that you are getting married are facts that can help you determine the formality of your ceremony and reception. This will also affect the type of clothing that the groom will be most comfortable in. Daytime weddings are often more relaxed fashion-wise than evening celebrations. The season will also determine the type of fabrics that the groom will want to wear. 

What style is the bride wearing? 
You probably won't want to the groom to see you in your beautiful wedding dress before the big day, but you can give him a general idea of the style of your gown to help him know the overall look you should both be going for. Your fashions should compliment each other as much as possible. Guide him to find a style without actually seeing what you've picked out. Showing him the bridesmaid dresses, which should also compliment your bridal gown, may be helpful. 

What is he comfortable in? 
Once the formality and overall style are narrowed down, a very important factor in finding the perfect clothing for the groom is comfort. He'll be wearing this suit for a long time, moving around a lot, standing for long periods of time, and probably doing quite a bit of dancing. His clothing needs to be comfortable enough to allow all of that. A perfect fit lends to good comfort, so proper measurements and custom fitting is key. It's also okay for him to get used to the feel of the suit by wearing it around the house a little bit. It's especially important that he breaks in brand new shoes before the big day. 

How will the groom stand out? 
If there will be groomsmen in your wedding, they will be dressed in a similar fashion to the groom, sometimes wearing the exact same style of suit. The groom deserves to stand out from the crowd, and this can be done with a special boutonniere, having him wear a different color tie or jacket from the other men, or putting him in a vest and the groomsmen in cummerbunds, for example. Anything that makes him look a little different and stand out from the group of guys in a special way will work.

Answering the questions above will start you on the path to finding the perfect wedding day look for your soon-to-be-spouse. Angelus Bridal & Formals has an in-house tuxedo rental area, so you can bring your groom to our South Florida bridal boutique to see what we have to offer. If you have any questions at all, we'll be happy to give you the answers. 

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