Friday, September 22, 2017

Helpful Tips For Choosing Your Bridal Bouquet

One wedding dress accessory that you will need to decide on is a beautiful bouquet to complement that gorgeous gown you found at our South Florida bridal salon. It will need to look good with the dress you have chosen without taking attention away from your wedding day fashion. Here are a few tips from Angelus Bridal to help you pick out the perfect bridal bouquet. 

Show the florist your dress. 
You may not want the groom to see the bridal gown before the wedding day, but it's perfectly okay to show it to your florist. As a matter of fact, it's encouraged. Being able to see the wedding dress will help your florist to suggest bouquet designs that complement the overall look. If you are trying to match the dress color, either with blooms or accents on the bouquet, provide the florist with a swatch from the dress so that they can match the shade as closely as possible. 

Decide on size and shape. 
If the wedding dress that you fell in love with has a simple front and the train is the most impressive feature, then you may want to dress up the front with a more extravagant bouquet. On the other hand, a bridal gown that features a lot of exquisite details to focus on will work better with a small, simple bouquet. The key is for the two elements to work together, not against each other. As a rule of thumb, the bridal bouquet should be smaller than your waist so that it accentuates your natural shape.

Choose seasonal flowers.
Find out which flowers will be in season at the time of your wedding before getting your heart set on a particular bloom. There are lots of gorgeous flowers to pick from every season, so it's best to begin your search with the ones that are easiest to get for your wedding's time of year. Your florist may be able to order out-of-season flowers, but this option can get extremely pricey. 

Be comfortable. 
You won't have your bouquet in your hands all day long, but most likely for a good portion of it. Choose a design that is not awkward to hold. When you head down the aisle, hold the bouquet below your hip and slightly away from your dress. This allows your shoulders to remain relaxed and open, which improves your posture and allows for very natural looking photographs. Instruct your bridesmaids to hold their flowers the same way. 

Personalize it. 
The bridal bouquet is a perfect place to add your own personal touches. It may be in the flowers that you choose, picking ones that invoke happy memories from your past like the flowers that grew in your grandmother's yard when you were young, or the kind your groom brought to you on your first date. It's a wonderful place to add a pop of color to your wedding day look, either with the flowers or with ribbon accents added to it. Family heirloom brooches look beautiful incorporated into a bridal bouquet. If there are family members that are no longer with you, you can tie a small picture of them with a pretty ribbon into your flowers so they can walk down the aisle with you. 

The first step is to search through the most beautiful wedding dresses in South Florida at our store to find your dream bridal gown. Our talented consultants can help you with that, and once it's done, you can move on to picking out all of the other lovely accessories, including the bouquet, to complete your gorgeous wedding day look. Angelus Bridal & Formals can get you started on your wedding fashion journey, plus offer advice on all that goes with it to turn you into an amazing bride. 

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