Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Quick-Fix Tips For Last Minute Problems With the Groom's Wedding Clothing

Most people assume that it is easy for the groom and his groomsmen to get ready on the wedding day - they just "throw on a suit" and they're done. When they're lucky, it's that simple, but men can run into all kinds of obstacles when they are ready to get dressed for the wedding. Angelus Bridal & Formals has listed a few possible wardrobe problems for the groom in today's blog, along with tips for fixing them. 

Wrong Size
If you rent the tuxedoes or suit for the groom and groomsmen, it is very likely that you won't see them until right before the wedding day. If a measurement was written down wrong or there was a mistake in shipping, the clothing may not fit as well as you would like. In that case, if one of the groomsman's suits fits the groom better, they can make a trade. It is much more important for the groom to look his best, and that groomsman is sure to have his back on this.

If the shirt collar is too tight, you can loop a rubber band through the buttonhole and around the button. This can easily be hidden with a carefully placed necktie. Should you end up with pants that are a bit snug, safety pins can be looped together and used to fasten the pants. This unique rigging can then be covered up with the cummerbund or he can keep the coat buttoned to hide it. 

Ripped Seam
Hopefully the bride or wedding planner has a well-stocked wedding day emergency kit on hand and someone can quickly sew the seam back together. If not, or there's simply not enough time to sew it, you may be able to turn the garment inside-out, hold it together at the seam, and use safety pins to tightly fasten it back together. As a last resort, a stapler or duct tape will work too, but be extra careful when removing those after the wedding so as not to damage the fabric. 

Sweat Stains
Grooms, as well as brides, can easily get nervous before the wedding begins. It's a big deal, so nerves are perfectly normal! Nervous people tend to perspire, as well as anyone getting married on a hot day in a suit coat. Taking precautions ahead of time can avoid sweat stains from showing. 

An undershirt will absorb perspiration before it can reach the outer layer of clothing, and this can be replaced with a dry one between the ceremony and reception if necessary. You can also buy underarm garment shields to place under the armpits and soak up any extra perspiration. Your groom may also want to bring along an extra button-down shirt to change into before the reception begins, and of course, he shouldn't get completely dressed for the ceremony until the very last possible minute. 

No Boutonniere
If for some reason any of the men in your wedding party need a boutonniere but you find yourself short, pluck a few flowers from a centerpiece or your bridesmaids' bouquets. These can be gathered together with string or tape and creatively pinned so that the fastener doesn't show. It is very unlikely that anyone will notice that some of the boutonnieres are slightly different than the rest. 

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