Tuesday, May 8, 2018

5 Ways To Combine Your Mother's Wedding Day Look With Your Own

Mother's Day is this Sunday, which of course has moms on our mind. Mothers play a very special part in getting you to where you are today. She undoubtedly was a beautiful bride on her own wedding day, and incorporating her wedding day look into your own is a wonderful way to honor her. Angelus Bridal & Formals has come up with a few ways that you can do that and still let your own personal style shine through. 

Wear Her Wedding Dress
Most of the bridal gowns at our wedding dress store in Pompano Beach have a timeless look that can be worn fashionably, no matter what style is currently popular. If your mother has a bridal gown to pass down to you that you absolutely love, you may be able to wear it as is and come to Angelus Bridal for the elegant accessories to wear along with it, personalizing it in your own way.

Wear Her Bridal Accessories
On the other hand, you may prefer to find your very own brand new wedding dress. In that case, you can still wear some of the bridal accessories that your mother wore when she got married, like her jewelry, veil, or headpiece. Bring those heirloom items along with you to your shopping appointment and our talented bridal consultants can help you find a wedding dress that they complement beautifully.  

Carry a Piece of Her Gown
Another option, if your mother doesn't mind, is to take a swatch from the original wedding dress and have it made into something that you can carry with you down the aisle. For example, some fabric from Mom's bridal gown could make a wonderful handkerchief to carry with your bouquet. This is also an excellent idea that allows a groom to carry a piece of his own mother's wedding dress down the aisle too. 

There may be a particular detail or embellishment on the gown that your mother wore that you love. A talented seamstress may be able to incorporate that in some way onto the wedding dress you fell in love with at our South Florida bridal salon

Copy Her Hairstyle 
Instead of a piece of clothing, you can have your hair styled in a similar way to your mother's bridal hairstyle. That is a terrific way to show her some love during the ceremony. If you want to bring some of your own style in later, you can show up with a new hairdo for the reception that's all your own.  

Duplicate Her Bridal Bouquet
Your wedding day flowers are a piece of your overall look. If you take a good photograph to your florist of the bouquet that your mother carried down the aisle, they can very likely recreate that same floral masterpiece. 

When you come into our bridal boutique in South Florida, let us know if you are wanting to incorporate your mother's wedding day look into your own. The wonderful staff at Angelus Bridal & Formals can help you do that in an exquisite way that honors your mom and still shows off plenty of your own personal style. 

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