Thursday, October 22, 2015

5 Tips To Help You Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

We do everything in our power to make sure every bride finds her dream wedding dress here at the best bridal salon in South Florida.  We keep the most amazing wedding gowns in stock for you to try on, our bridal consultants are expertly trained with fashion and wedding knowledge, and we always listen intently to your hopes and desires for the perfect dress. Angelus Bridal & Formals wants to make sure that you are completely happy with your look on your very special day.  Here are a few tips to help insure that happens. 

1.  Make an appointment.

Our wedding dress store in Pompano Beach is able to give every single bride the loving care and attention that she deserves with an appointment.  Having an appointment means that the person helping you won't be running off between every fitting to assist someone else. Also, you know that as soon as you arrive, someone will be waiting for you to begin your shopping experience.  It's a terrible start when you have to stand around waiting for your turn.    

2.  Begin shopping ASAP. 

After you find the dress that you fall in love with, it will need to be ordered in your size. After that, you will want to have enough time for any alterations that are necessary.  The earlier you begin looking, the more time you can take to make sure that every detail is absolutely perfect.   

3.  Try on lots of different styles.  

You are going to start looking through magazines and online at lots of bridal gowns.  This is wonderful for getting a feel for the styles that you like the look of.  It can be very helpful to bring in a few photos of your favorites to your appointment rather than trying to explain what you saw.  This is a great place to start, but don't count out other styles.  

A dress that you don't necessarily like the look of in a picture may look breathtaking on you. Rather than focusing on the entire dress, shop for gowns with elements that highlight your favorite features.  You may end up finding your dream dress in a style that you never even realized was a possibility for you.       

4.  Be picky about who shops with you.

Bringing too many people to your appointment can result in way too many opinions, and they won't all be positive.  You want honesty, but you want to avoid negativity.  Think about which friends' and family members' opinions that you value highly and are the most helpful. Also, remember to trust the bridal consultant at your appointment.  Their experience will be extremely helpful in finding the dress that looks the best on you.  

5.  Think about the actual wedding day. 

The way your wedding dress looks is very important, but the amount of comfort it allows you is extremely important too.  The place where your wedding will take place and the things that you will be doing while wearing it are wise to think about.  If the ceremony is on a beach, a ball gown is probably not the best dress to pick out.  If you will be doing a lot of dancing, or there are a lot of stairs for you to maneuver, something form-fitting may not be the most comfortable choice.  You will want to look your very best on your wedding day, but also feeling good at the end of it makes for a happy bride.  

The bridal consultants at Angelus Bridal & Formals are trained to be experts in their field. They are not only trained to educate customers about wedding gowns, but also to understand each client's individual wants and needs.  A visit to our wedding dress store in South Florida is your first step in finding the perfect wedding dress for your special day. Follow the helpful tips above, then call us to make your own appointment.  

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