Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ways to Say Thank You to Your Wedding Party

Weddings are all about the bride and groom, but your wedding party is there to help you make it happen.  Standing up at the altar at the ceremony, going dress shopping with you, planning pre-wedding parties, decorating the reception the night before...  The entire planning process would be a lot harder without them in your corner.  You will want them to know how much you appreciate all of that help.  Angelus Bridal & Formals has a few ideas for showing them how grateful you are.  

Practical Items

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will probably be spending a lot of their own money to participate in your wedding; buying their attire, paying for a hotel room, throwing parties, etc...  A thank you gift of something practical that they will be using for the wedding will be appreciated.  Purchasing an item for them that they would have had to buy for themselves is a nice way to relieve some of their financial obligations. 

    • A makeup bag filled with the lipstick, nail polish, and other items needed for the wedding day. 
    • Jewelry to go with the bridesmaid dresses.
    • Matching robes to wear while you get ready.
    • Personalized tote bags to hold their "getting-ready gear."

      • Monogrammed or themed cuff links.
      • A Dopp kit.  
      • A watch (to make sure they show up on time!) 


    Fun Items

    It doesn't have to be something that they will use for the wedding day.  You may prefer to thank them with something fun that they might not buy for themselves.  Gifts full of memories are wonderful too, and sentimental.  The more personal the reason behind the item, the more special it will be.      
    • A nice bottle of their favorite libation. 
    • Painted toasting glasses.  
    • A monogrammed flask. 
    • A frame with a wedding pic of you and your girls/guys.
    • A photo album of your friendship.  

    Your wedding party agreed to join you on this very special day for the same reason that you asked them - you are very important to each other.  The way that you thank them should be special.  Thinking about how you met or your favorite things to do together will give you great inspiration.  

    Your favorite bridal salon in South Florida has seen a lot of wedding planning and met a lot of different people.  When you visit our Pompano Beach wedding dress store, tell us about your wedding party.  We may have a few more great thank you gift ideas specifically for your friends.    

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