Thursday, November 5, 2015

Choose the Perfect Bridal Headpiece

After a bride falls in love with her dream wedding dress, it's the moments after when we begin accessorizing it that really makes everything seem real to her.  The accessories that you choose to go along with your wedding gown bring out it's special style and your unique individuality.  Bridal headpieces are an important place to start.  

The best bridal salon in Pompano Beach has a lot of experience finding the perfect accessories to make a fiancee finally feel like a bride.  Here is a little more information from Angelus Bridal & Formals about the types of bridal headpieces that you may choose to complete your wedding look. 


This is the perfect headpiece for the woman that has always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding.  Nothing makes a girl feel more like a princess than a sparkly tiara.  


For keeping loose strands of hair away from you face, but with a glamorous flair, a shimmery headband is perfect.  

Combs, Barrettes, & Clips

A very subtle burst of bling can be added with one of these choices. They look wonderful accenting a long, flowing hairstyle, and also expertly tucked into a beautiful updo.  


This is a light, decorative headpiece that can be made up of feathers, flowers, fabric, beads, and the like.  Often, brides will choose to add a birdcage veil to their fascinator to finish the look.     


A large, beautiful flower is a simple and elegant way to accent any hairstyle.  You can also choose several smaller blooms, or even a crown of flowers if that fits well with your dress style and personality. Real flowers are lovely, but many nicer fabric versions appear real and won't wilt during a long day of wedding festivities.  

Choosing the headpiece

The first step is finding the right dress.  It's much easier to match the perfect bridal headpiece to your gown than trying to find the right gown to match a headpiece that you like.  Embellishments on the gown can guide you to a headpiece that seems to be made just for your dress. 

Keep in mind how you will want to wear your hair on the wedding day.  An updo may call for a much different headpiece than if you wear your hair down.  Most importantly, while style is a key factor in what you choose, comfort should be high on your priority list.  A wedding can be a very long day, and if you pick out something that isn't completely comfortable, you will regret it by the end of the evening.  

If you would like to add a veil to a headpiece, the talented consultants in our Pompano Beach bridal salon will be happy to guide you.  Pairing a veil to a headpiece adds an air of romance, and it can easily be removed for the reception if you believe it will get in your way.  

When you arrive for your appointment at Angelus Bridal & Formals, we will spend all of the time that you need helping you find the perfect accessories after you find your dream dress. You can trust us to make the entire process easy and enjoyable.  After your shopping trip, you will have a well-put-together bridal look that is completely yours.  

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