Thursday, June 2, 2016

An Enchanting Variety of Different Wedding Laces

Our South Florida wedding dress store houses a multitude of magnificent gowns made from many different luxurious fabrics. A very popular choice is lace. Sometimes it covers the entire dress, and other dresses use it for lovely decorative accents. 

Angelus Bridal & Formals deals with lots of materials on a daily basis, but we realize that many women are new to the terms involved with fashion. Today we would like to explain a few of the different types of lace that you may find on bridal gowns. 

One definition of lace is "a netlike ornamental fabric made of threads by hand or machine." This delicate fabric was once made with linen, silk, gold, or silver threads. Today, it is most often made with cotton thread.  


This type of lace originated in Chantilly, France. The dainty features will incorporate flowers and ribbons on a plain net background. It gives a dress a romantic look and feel, and is often used for sleeves and overlays.


Also a French style, it has a distinct floral pattern that will be outlined with corded details. The 3-dimensional effect that it gives is very popular this wedding season. You will often find it decorated with sequins or beaded embellishments.


This is a heavier lace that can look similar to embroidery or macrame. It is cotton-based and features interwoven patterns. You will often find it on structured silhouettes.


This is another type of Guipure lace which joins together round, floral, and leaf motifs. A dress made with this will most likely have an old-fashioned, regal look. 


The sweet feel that eyelet lends to a bridal gown is great for a summer wedding. It has a traditional, heirloom quality, incorporating scalloped edges and cotton fabric. 


Most often machine-made, this lace is actually a type of embroidery. It is lightweight with a very delicate look. It is beautiful as an overlay or for edging.

Lace is just one of the many enchanting fabrics that adorn the gowns in our Pompano Beach bridal salon. When you visit Angelus Bridal & Formals for your shopping appointment, tell us the types of materials that are your favorite and we will start from there. In addition, our talented consultants will be able to point you in a few directions toward similar fashions. Together, we will find the perfect wedding dress that was made especially for you. 

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