Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Most Important Wedding Dress Photographs to Capture

A picture is worth a thousand words, and on your wedding day, there's a lot to be "said." Your wedding dress is a big chapter in the story that those photos will tell. The bridal gown that you choose from our South Florida bridal boutique will feature many fabulous details that can be made even more amazing with the help of a talented photographer's eye. 

The pictures taken of your Angelus Bridal wedding dress can be magical, and it will help your photographer out a lot if you let them know the shots that you simply have to have. Here are a few ideas from some of our favorite wedding dress pictures. 

Back of the Dress

It's impossible for you to enjoy the fabulous back of your bridal gown while you are wearing it, so the memories captured by your photographer are the only way to truly admire your look from behind. The still shots are beautiful, but we especially love pictures of that walk down the aisle. Bring the groom in on some of these photos and have him peeking over your shoulder while the camera captures the back of your dress. 

Tiniest Details

What made you fall in love with your wedding dress in the first place? The long row of delicate buttons down the back, the elegant lace details around the hem, the intricate beading, or possibly those flowing layers of the skirt. Let the photographer know what your favorite parts of the gown are and let them highlight those.  

The Dress on its Own

There is both a sense of the calm before the storm and excited anticipation in the photographs that we have seen of a lone dress on a hanger before the bride steps into it. A great photographer can make this shot look like a work of art.


Document all of those lovely accessories that helped to bring your wedding day look to life. This includes headpieces, veils, shoes, jewelry, and maybe even your something old-new-borrowed-blue. The wedding dress can make a lovely backdrop to position all of these accessories on. Take precautions if you will be including your bridal bouquet in these pictures. Don't let the water from the stems or any loose petals stain your dress.

Skirt or Train

If you have chosen a ball gown with a gigantic skirt, or a dress with a long, cascading train, accentuate all of that extra, glorious fabric. Spread it out to as full as it can possibly get. Surround yourself with it.  

The Gown in Action

Many of our wedding dresses are designed to elegantly move along with you. Make sure that you get a few action shots of your gown on the dance floor, showing off a life of its own. If you have a very large veil, take a few shots of it flowing in the wind, or hiding a kiss behind that sheer fabric between you and your groom.


The shape of your bridal gown can be as breathtaking as the fabric and details. Take advantage of a beautiful sunset to outline the gorgeous silhouette of your wedding dress, or stand in front of a large window, putting you in shadow while highlighting the outline of your gown.

Those are just a few of the many exquisite photographs that can be taken to show off that beautiful bridal gown that you found in our South Florida wedding dress store. After the wedding, all of us at Angelus Bridal & Formals would love to see the pictures that you had taken! Share them with us on our social media pages.  

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