Wednesday, August 3, 2016

20 Ideas to Keep Romance Alive While Wedding Planning

If you are planning a wedding, most people would assume that you are in a romantic state of mind all of the time, but the stress of planning all of those details is anything but romantic. August happens to be Romance Awareness Month, which is a wonderful reminder to take time out to appreciate that person you are about to join in holy matrimony. Angelus Bridal has a few great ideas for you to make sure that happens. 

It's extremely important for the future bride and groom to carve out "couple's only time," where absolutely no wedding talk is allowed. You will want that stress-free time to remind yourself what it's all about - the fact that you love this person and want to spend the rest of your lives together. Find a way to work a few of the following ideas into your daily routine.

  1. Love Notes: Write short "I love you" notes and hide them around the house, in the car, in their jacket pocket, etc...
  2. Scavenger Hunt: Turn those love notes into clues with a special surprise waiting at the end.
  3. Follow the Trail: Instead of clues, make a trail to follow of candy kisses, rose petals, etc...
  4. Breakfast in Bed: Sneak out of bed early and surprise them with a tasty tray.
  5. Date Night: Get out your calendars and put a weekly date night on the schedule. Once it's written down, it's more likely to happen.
  6. Hold Hands: Whether out shopping, walking in the park, or simply walking down the hall at home, take their hand.
  7. 15-Second Kiss: It's impossible to not melt into romantic bliss with a full 15 seconds of smooching. An amazing stress reliever.
  8. Movie Marathon: Tune out the world and cuddle together on the couch for some binge-watching.
  9. Dinner by Candlelight: Even if it's just sandwiches, the meal will seem a little more special.
  10. Road Trip: No plans necessary, just get in the car and see where you end up.
  11. Amusement Park: Be kids again for a day and ride all the rides.
  12. Picnic in the Park: Pack up some food and a nice bottle of wine and go for a lovely outdoor meal.
  13. Watch a Sunset: Set your alarm to go outside and watch the sun go down together.
  14. Turn Back Time: Visit the place where the two of you met.
  15. Personal Masseuse: Surprise them after a rough day with a relaxing back rub. 
  16. Bath Time: Run a nice, hot, bubbly bath, light some candles, and tell them to take some time out to enjoy.
  17. Do Their Chores: Take on their most hated chore before they have a chance to do it.
  18. Dance: Turn on some music in the middle of the day and take a dance break together.
  19. Fresh Flowers: Ladies love a bright bouquet, and flowers can perk up a fella's day too. 
  20. Say I Love You: Don't let a day slip by without reminding them of these three simple yet extremely important words. 

Your wedding day will be full of romance and love, and there is absolutely no reason why you can't have that every day before, and after, the wedding too. Take if from us here at your favorite bridal salon in South Florida, as long as you always remember to remind each other of the love that you share, your marriage will be a happy and successful one. 

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