Thursday, August 25, 2016

Pick the Perfect Wedding Dress Neckline For You

There are many different aspects to think about when you are choosing from the best wedding dresses in South Florida. The dress silhouette, fabric, accents, and neckline all play a large part in the way the gown will look on you. Today we will be describing a few of the lovely necklines that you will find at Angelus Bridal & Formals. One of these will be perfect for you! 

Possibly the most popular style, it's exactly as the name states. There are no straps on this type of dress, as well as no sleeves. A wonderful look to pair a stunning necklace with. The neckline sits under the arms and across the chest. You will need enough of a bust area to keep this dress up comfortably, and if you are flat-chested, it will do nothing to add the illusion of curves to your shape.  

This type of gown highlights your shoulders and collarbone, and it generally looks wonderful on almost any figure. The neckline sits just below the shoulders, and sleeves cover part of the upper arm. If you have extremely broad shoulders or believe your upper arms are too full, you may want to avoid this type of neckline.

Very similar to an off-the-shoulder neckline, this one also sits below the shoulders and covers the upper arms, but more fabric is involved. There will be a scoop of fabric from one shoulder to the other in front, as if framing the bride like a "portrait." 

The U-shape of this neckline tends to be flattering to every woman's body shape. It can be just a slight scoop in the fabric or cut low, and often it will continue to scoop in the back also. 

This neckline also accentuates the collarbone and upper arm, but the single strap over one shoulder adds a stylish look. It works well for a larger bust, and there is less worry about it staying in place throughout your evening due to the strap. 

The neckline resembles the top of a heart and is an excellent frame if you would like to highlight your cleavage without showing too much. It is a very romantic look that also features the central part of your neck. Often found on sleeveless gowns, it can also be beautiful on dresses with sleeves too.   

A sexy, plunging neckline in the shape of a V. It takes a confident bride to pull this off. This neckline can also create the illusion of height, but it can make a small chest appear smaller. If you are a B or C cup, this style could work for you.  

This is a higher neckline that follows the natural curve of the collarbone. The top is wide and offers elegant coverage in front. It can be found in both sleeveless gowns and with sleeves.  

This neckline has a strap that comes over the shoulders to wrap around the back of the neck. It is wonderful for making a short bride appear taller, and is an excellent style for tall brides and those with broad shoulders. You can find it both with a plunging neckline or a high one that covers the chest area. 


High Neck
For the more modest bride, this lends to a bit of a classic, Victorian look. Material covers your chest area and most of the neck, yet you can leave your arms bare. A nice mix of coverage and skin. 

When you visit our South Florida bridal salon, we will have even more fantastic necklines to show you. Our Angelus Bridal consultants can help you to discover the one that highlights your best features in the most flattering way. 

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