Friday, June 2, 2017

Helpful Tips For Your Wedding Dress Fitting

Even when exact measurements are taken by an expert, it is very rare that your wedding dress will fit perfectly on every part of your body. Every woman is built differently, so most likely at least a few alterations will be needed once your bridal gown arrives. Angelus Bridal & Formals has put together a few tips to make sure your wedding dress fitting appointment goes smoothly. 

Buy the size your NEED...
not necessarily the size you hope to be by the wedding day. This tip pertains more to the wedding dress purchase rather than the fitting, but it's an important point to mention. Many brides think that if they order a bridal gown that is too small, it will encourage them to lose weight before the wedding. The problem is, if they don't, then they've got a dress that doesn't fit! A talented seamstress can work magic, but it's much simpler to make a dress smaller than to try to make it bigger. Adding too much fabric can drastically change the original look of the dress. 

It may help to remind you that no one will be seeing that size tag except for you, so it really doesn't matter what the number on it says. Ignore the number and pick a gown that looks and feels good. Also, if your body isn't necessarily the same size all over, buy to fit the larger part. Once again, it's easier to take part of the dress in than to let it out. 

Don't procrastinate. 
As soon as your wedding dress arrives at our South Florida bridal salon, get your first fitting scheduled, even if it's a few weeks away. The most convenient times always book up first, so the earlier you book, the better chance you have of getting a time that fits into your schedule. You want the seamstress to have plenty of time to make your alterations without having to rush through it. 

Always bring...
the shoes and undergarments that will be worn on the wedding day to every bridal gown fitting. The seamstress will be fashioning the adjustments to fit your body, and even the slightest change could make a huge difference. The size of the heel you have on affects where the hem will fall, and if you use a different bra than the one you had on at the fitting, the bodice of your wedding dress could end up too loose or too tight. 

Move around in the gown. 
Before any final alterations are made, move around in the gown to make sure it is comfortable. Walk, sit, even dance a little bit so that any problems with the fit can be addressed and you can be your most comfortable on the wedding day. 

Bring a helper to the final fitting. 
Wedding dresses often require a bit of assistance to get into, and your seamstress will know the best ways to get the gown on you and adjusted correctly. Bring someone with you to the final fitting so that they can be instructed on how to help you get ready on the wedding day. Also have someone show them how to properly bustle the dress for the wedding reception. Knowing how to do this will save a lot of time and unnecessary stress.

Use a seamstress you trust.
Angelus Bridal can connect you with one of our talented seamstresses that have been altering bridal gowns for many years and know exactly how to do it right. If you don't want to take our word for it, it may help you to look at reviews from past brides that they have worked with. Once you know that this is a person you can trust, you'll be much more comfortable leaving the alteration decisions to the experts. Our seamstresses know what works on each gown and what might not. You can give them your suggestions and know that they will be able to translate that into a wedding dress that fits as if it was designed specifically for your body. 

After you have purchased your dream bridal gown at our wedding dress store in Pompano Beach, we will be happy to point you in the direction of one of our talented seamstresses. Angelus Bridal is a one-stop bridal shop, so we'll not only help you find the perfect bridal gown, but we can also help you with many of the other decisions that need to be made for your wedding day. On-site you can talk with an alteration specialist, photographer, cake designer, makeup artist, florist, and even find tuxedos for the men in the wedding.  

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