Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Which Wedding Dress Train Length Is Right For You?

There are lots of different elements that come together to make up the gorgeous wedding dresses that are available in our South Florida bridal boutique. The neckline, skirt, fabric, silhouette, and many other details completely change the way a gown looks on you. Today, Angelus Bridal & Formals is focusing on some of the different train lengths that are popular on our wedding dresses. 

The train on a wedding dress is the long back portion of material that trails behind the bride. This particular feature is especially wonderful for making a stylish statement as you walk down the aisle to your future husband. Trains come in many different lengths, and the one that you choose will depend on the formality of the wedding, the venue, and your own personal style. Here are some of the most common train lengths. 

Sweep Train
This can also be referred to as a Brush Train. It is one of the shorter trains, sometimes only barely sweeping the floor but trailing no more than 12 inches behind the dress. This length is good for less formal weddings and outdoor weddings where the bride does not want too much fabric dragging along the ground.   

Court Train
Next in length we have the Court Train. It can trail anywhere between 1-3 feet behind the wedding dress.  

Panel Train
This train is made from a panel of fabric that is attached to the back of the bridal gown, usually at the waist. Generally it is detachable, making it easy to have a beautiful train for the wedding ceremony and go without one at the reception. Since it can be removed, you can often customize the length.  

Watteau Train
Offering a very elegant look, this type of wedding dress train is attached at the gown's shoulders and flows down the back. It usually falls loosely to the hem of the dress, but in some cases can be longer.  

Chapel Train
A Chapel Train trails behind the gown anywhere between 3.5-4.5 feet and falls from the waist. It is a very traditional train length.  

Cathedral Train
You can find both Semi-Cathedral, extending 4.5-5.5 feet behind the dress, and Cathedral, which trails 6.5-7.5 feet. This is generally worn for more formal weddings and makes a very dramatic statement. Once a train gets this long, you might consider having a train-bearer to help you down the aisle.  

Monarch Train 
This type of train can also be called a Royal Train, which makes sense, because this is the type of train you would expect to see at the wedding of a real live princess. It can be up to 12 feet long, and sometimes even longer!   

There are lots of choices when it comes to the length of your wedding dress train, and there are also many lovely shorter bridal gowns available if you don't want to bother with a train at all. If your train is not detachable, make sure that someone at our South Florida wedding dress store shows you how to properly bustle it so that you aren't tripping over your train at the wedding reception. When you are ready to begin your own bridal gown search, give us a call at Angelus Bridal and we will help you figure out which of these train types is the best one for your wedding. 

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