Wednesday, June 28, 2017

10 Wedding Tips You May Not Have Thought About

There are so many things to think of when you are planning a wedding, it can be tough to cover all of your bases. For many things in life, practice makes perfect, but a wedding is most often a once-in-a-lifetime event. In this case, using the experience of women that have already lived through their own wedding is a great way to discover tips to make it all easier. Here are ten great ones that we've come across from some of the brides we've met at Angelus Bridal & Formals

  • Ask your photographer to get a shot of you from behind as you begin your walk down the aisle that captures the look on all of your guests' faces as they see you in your bridal gown for the first time.
  • Ask your caterer to pack a to-go box of food to set aside for you and your groom. Couples often forget to eat at their own reception and end the night famished.
  • Giving the DJ a list of "Do NOT Play" songs is just as important as a list of songs you want to hear. If there are any tunes you absolutely hate, let them know ahead of time.
  • Ask someone you trust to take care of "post-wedding" tasks, like transporting wedding gifts, collecting decorations, and returning rentals. You'll be too preoccupied (and possibly exhausted) at the end of your wedding to think about those things.
  • Don't wear a bra or socks while getting ready for wedding day. They can leave marks on your back and shoulders and around your ankles that may not go away before it's time to walk down the aisle.
  • Have a button-up shirt or robe to wear for wedding day hair and makeup. You won't have to ruin the beautician's beautiful work by pulling a shirt over your head.
  • Bring straws to drink out of while you are getting ready for the wedding. This will help to keep your lipstick from smudging.
  • Put hand lotion on right before the ceremony begins. This will help the wedding ring to slip on more easily.
  • Make sure your entire wedding party has something to eat before the wedding begins. It may be a long day and it could be quite a while before you all have another chance to eat.
  • If you have lots of gorgeous flowers leftover at the end of your wedding, make arrangements to donate them to a nursing home or hospital. 

Those are a few of the best tips we have learned from the brides that have come through our South Florida bridal boutique. When it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress to wear on your special day, we've got quite a few tips of our own! 

The talented and knowledgeable consultants in our Pompano Beach wedding dress store have the experience and fashion sense that help put women into the best gowns for their style and shape. Give us a call at 954-943-7768 to make an appointment and let our bridal consultants work their fashion magic on you.

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