Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Bridal Beauty Tips To Get You Wedding-Ready

Everyone wants to look their absolute best at their wedding, so an upcoming marriage is an excellent motivation to get into great shape. Picking up a few new healthy habits in the months leading up to the big day will not only help you to look amazing in that gorgeous gown you found at our South Florida bridal salon, but it will also get you into a routine that will greatly benefit you after the wedding too. Here are the first 3 of 6 tips from us at Angelus Bridal & Formals to help you get started. 

Brighten That Smile
This is a joyous and exciting time in your life, so lots of smiling will be going on! Getting your teeth their whitest before all of those wedding photos are taken will make that beautiful smile shine even brighter. There are many kinds of toothpaste and whitening strips available that you can do on your own at home, or you can have a dentist take care of it professionally. Either process will take some time, so start as early as possible. 

Once your smile is once again bright and beaming, don't ruin all of that work it took to get your teeth there. At least until the wedding is over, try to avoid foods and drinks that will restain them, like coffee or red wine. If you must drink these, using a straw can help to keep dark drinks away from your teeth.   

Enhance Your Skincare Routine
This tip is not only for your face but also all of the other skin covering your entire body. Avoid using harsh soaps and instead choose cleansers that are made for specific areas of skin. Always pat your skin dry, never rub it with the towel, and always moisturize. You'll want to eliminate rough patches now, like on your heels and elbows, so that they are soft and smooth by the time the wedding day rolls around. Don't forget those lips too! Exfoliate them to remove any dry skin and keep them well moisturized. 

If you will be sugaring or waxing to remove hair, try a treatment long enough before the wedding that you can see how your body will react to it. That will let you know the best time to have it done before the wedding day so that your skin does not look irritated. You might want to start using a self-tanner too so that your skin will have a nice, light glow about it. 

Get Your Nails Into Shape
Everyone will want to get a look at your lovely engagement ring, so making sure that your hands and nails look their best is one of the first things that you should take care of. (Find additional tips in our blog "7 Bridal Beauty Tips for Fabulous Fingernails and Smooth Hands.") You'll want them to look great for the wedding ring photos too. Give yourself mini-manicures regularly to keep them in shape between trips to the salon. 

Those 3 bridal beauty tips are a great place to start, and next week Angelus Bridal will have 3 more Bridal Beauty Tips To Get You Wedding-Ready. One additional tip that we can offer you today is to use the buddy system to motivate yourself to start a healthy routine and keep it up. Your bridesmaids will most likely want to look their best in those fabulous bridesmaid dresses you found at our bridal boutique in Pompano Beach. Your future husband could benefit from many of these tips too. Healthy habits started now can help the two of you to live a long life together.  

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