Wednesday, January 24, 2018

3 MORE Bridal Beauty Tips To Get You Wedding-Ready

Last week's blog offered 3 Bridal Beauty Tips To Get You Wedding-Ready, and today our Pompano Beach wedding dress store is following up with 3 more healthy habits to begin before your special day. Not only will you look even better than your already beautiful self, but you'll feel better too! 

Watch What You Eat
Don't necessarily eat less, just make sure that you eat better. Change your eating habits to include healthier choices. It is completely possible to enjoy meals that are delicious and filling but not packed with calories, fats, and other things you should try to avoid having too much of. Try your best to stay away from sugars, processed foods, and anything that is high in sodium, which can cause puffiness, bloating, and a lack of energy.

Drink lots (and lots) of water, which is great for the inside of your body and also for the skin on the outside. Occasionally allow a "cheat meal" to reward yourself for taking on these new healthy eating habits.     

If you put off exercising until you run out of time for it each day, start doing it first thing in the morning. Get up early if you have to. Getting it out of the way early will motivate you and provide extra energy for the rest of the day. Having workout buddies, like your bridesmaids or your fiance, can make it easier to accomplish and a lot more fun. Aim to tackle both cardio and strength training, giving special focus to any areas that your wedding dress will show off like your upper arms or back. 

Get Stress Under Control

A healthy mind contributes to a healthy body. Wedding planning can be a stressful task, but keeping that stress under control will help you to stay on track with the planning and with the tips we have suggested above. Find out what works the best for you: yoga, meditation, running, a bike ride, reading, etc... and work that into your daily schedule. Pencil it into your calendar if you have to. Make sure that you have a regular sleep routine in place too. A good night's sleep reduces stress, gives you energy, improves memory, and can even aid in weight loss.   

If you are wishing to lose a significant amount of weight before the wedding day, we highly suggest that you buy a wedding dress that fits you right now. It is a lot easier and much less expensive for a seamstress to make a dress smaller than to try to add fabric to make it bigger if you do not lose all of the weight you were hoping to. 

The talented consultants at our bridal boutique in South Florida are experts at finding gowns for women of every size and shape that accentuate their best assets. Let Angelus Bridal put you in the perfect wedding dress that will bring out the natural beauty you already are. Adding the beauty tips above to the mix will only make your current gorgeous even more amazing!   

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