Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Items You Should Bring To Your Wedding Dress Shopping Appointment

Last week's blog was all about how you can prepare for a successful wedding dress shopping appointment, and today we have a list of items that you should bring to Angelus Bridal when you begin the search for your dream wedding dress. Our South Florida bridal boutique already has the experience and knowledge to help you pick out the perfect gown, as well as the affordable and fashionable wedding dresses to choose from. You can bring the following things along with you. 

Examples of What You Like
You've undoubtedly been eyeing tons of gorgeous bridal gowns online and in magazines ever since you became engaged (and possibly even before that!) Bring photos of some of your favorite designs when you come into Angelus Bridal & Formals for your shopping appointment. This will give our consultants an idea of what styles you are most fond of, helping them to find the dresses you most want to try on. 

If you have swatches of your wedding colors or even some of your wedding decorating plans, go ahead and bring those with you too. Your entire wedding vision just may give us the perfect idea of a gown that matches it beautifully. 

Special Wedding Day Items
Most of the time brides pick out the wedding dress first and then choose the accessories to go along with it. Sometimes, however, women already have a few specialty items that they want to wear on their wedding day, like an heirloom veil or piece of jewelry that has been passed down in the family, for example. Bring anything like this along with you to your shopping appointment so that you can find a bridal gown that looks as if it were made especially to wear with your special item.   

Proper Undergarments
Nude-colored undergarments work best for trying on wedding dresses. This will avoid any brightly colored undergarments from showing through a gown and distracting you from the look and how you feel about it. Also, remember that a consultant will probably be in the dressing room with you since many gowns are not easy to get into alone, so wear underwear that you are comfortable wearing in front of them. 

A strapless bra that offers good support is the ideal kind to wear to try on wedding dresses. Even if it's not the bra you will be wearing on the wedding day, it will give you a better idea of how the dress will fit. We carry the amazing Flattering Me Bra, designed by our very own Coco Abadi, owner of Angelus Bridal & Formals, in our bridal salon. It offers real support, natural cleavage, and amazing comfort under any special occasion dress, and it may be exactly what you need for the gown that you choose. 

The Flattering Me Bra, available in white, nude, ivory, and black.
An Open Mind
Even if you come in with your mind set on one particular wedding dress you fell in love with in a magazine, don't be afraid to try on something completely different to compare it to. Bridal gowns don't look the exactly the same on different body types. 

Even though you loved a specific dress in a photo, it may not be flattering on your body shape, and a dress that doesn't impress you on the hanger may look like it was made especially for you once you step into it. Our consultants have a lot of experience matching the perfect gown to our beautiful brides. She may have a suggestion that is worth trying out. 

Supportive Friends
Everyone has an opinion, but when it comes to your wedding dress, your opinion is the most important one. Choose the people that come with you to your shopping appointment at our Pompano Beach wedding dress store wisely. A small group of supportive friends that know your style well and have your best interests at heart can be very helpful. Avoid bringing anyone that loves to cause drama and never has anything nice to say. 

Happiness and Excitement!
This should be one of the most fun tasks on your wedding planning to-do list. Get excited about it and have fun trying on all of those fabulous dresses! We will help to bring that happiness and excitement to your wedding dress shopping appointment by treating you like the VIB (Very Important Bride!) that you are!

You will have our undivided attention during your scheduled shopping time, and we will do everything in our power to create a memorable experience and a successful bridal gown search. This is a very special moment of your wedding planning, and you deserve to enjoy every minute of it!   

Now that you know what you need for a successful wedding dress shopping appointment, gather those items and give Angelus Bridal & Formals a call at 954-943-7768 to schedule a time to come in and find your dream wedding dress. There are lots of gorgeous and affordable bridal gowns to choose from, and we will help you locate the perfect one for your very special day. 

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