Thursday, March 29, 2018

10 Elements That Make A Wedding Dress Stand Out

A wedding dress is technically a special occasion gown, but one that is designed exquisitely for one of the most special occasions in your life. When you visit our bridal salon in South Florida, you will see a multitude of beautiful bridal gowns, and each one will have a particular element that catches your eye. 

Actually, many have more than just one design feature that makes it stand apart from the rest. The elements that a bride gravitates toward is different for every woman depending on her own personal style. There are many more than 10 that we love here at Angelus Bridal & Formals, but this short list is a good place to start. 

Illusion Sleeves
This element gives you the elegance of a long sleeve in a very dreamy way. They give the illusion that you and the dress are one, like the fabric is a part of your skin.  

A skirt full of big, bouncy ruffles is a wonderful way to add a whimsical flair to your wedding day look. This element is especially fun once you get it out on the dance floor. 

Romantic, elegant, and timeless... lace is an accent that women will continue loving to wear until the end of time. Whether the lace is covering the entire dress or just a section of the skirt or bodice, it adds something special. 

Illusion Backs
Just like the illusion sleeves we mentioned earlier, this element brings the magical look to the back of your bridal gown. It seems as if the dress was created with you already inside it once you slip it on. 

Backless Dresses
Lots of fabric and details on the front of your wedding dress gives you the freedom to show more skin in the back for an exquisite contrast. A bit daring, but beautifully elegant. 

Corset Backs
This timeless look will never go out of style. There is something incredibly feminine and romantic about this element. It may take a while longer to get into the dress, but the final look will definitely be worth it. 

If you want to add some dramatic beauty to your walk down the aisle, a fabulous train on the back of your bridal gown can do just that. 

Another classic look that will never go out of style is a row of gorgeous buttons all the way down the back of the dress. The very best part about this style in modern-day fashion is that the buttons are most often decorative. You don't actually have to fasten each one getting in and out of the dress, but it will look like you did! 

Bridal Belts
A gorgeous gown can be elevated to another level of exquisiteness with the simple addition of a bridal belt or sash. Sometimes you can find a dress that already has one incorporated into the design, but if not, we have a wonderful selection for you to choose from. 

Mix & Match Separates 
This is for the bride that can't quite find the perfect gown that she loves both the top and the bottom of. Angelus Bridal carries a wide selection of mix & match wedding dress skirts and tops that come together to make a look that is unique to every pairing. 

These 10 fashion elements are only the beginning. Thanks to incredible designers, every single bridal gown in our Pompano Beach wedding dress store has something on it that makes it stand out to the bride it was meant for. Make an appointment soon at Angelus Bridal & Formals to come in and discover which elements capture your attention, and then try them on. You dream wedding dress is waiting for you to find it! 

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