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15 Ways To Cut Your Wedding Costs & Stay Under Budget

Weddings can get expensive very quickly. The smartest thing to do is to set a budget that you are comfortable with at the beginning of your wedding planning and stick to it. Angelus Bridal & Formals understands the importance of this, so today we have a few ideas for you that may help you to save money in certain areas. 

Our South Florida bridal salon offers many gorgeous gowns at very affordable prices. Of course, if the following tips work to cut your budget, you may end up with a little extra left over to spend on your wedding dress! The first thing you need to do is decide what the most important parts of the wedding are to you as a couple. Spend your money on those, and spend less, or nothing, on the things that don't really matter to you. Here are a few ways that you may be able to cut costs. 

1. Keep the guest list to a minimum.
It's tempting to invite everyone that you know, but the more guests, the higher the cost of just about everything at the reception. Keep the guest list small, only your closest friends and immediate family, if that is possible without hurting lots of feelings. Even when your mom begs you to invite your third cousin, once removed, that you only met once, stick to your guns. If you don't see them on a regular basis, you don't have to invite them.

2. Read contracts carefully.
Don't skip a single word, because you may end up paying for something that you thought was included. Just because a vendor asks "Would you like for me to..." don't assume they are doing it for free. There is probably a charge for it written someplace in the fine print.

3. Collect digital RSVPs.
A huge way to save on postage is to collect all of your RSVPs online. There are many places online that will allow you to build a wedding website absolutely free. You can add a page for your guests to RSVP and keep track of everything right there. No stamps to pay for and fewer inserts in the invitation. A wedding website is also an excellent, free way to get important information to your guests and avoid lots of phone calls with questions.

4. Get married on a weekday.
Many venues, and even many wedding vendors, offer lower pricing on days that weddings normally don't take place. The reason for this is that they almost always have the date open, and they aren't worried about another bride trying to book a weekday date. 

5. Have the ceremony early in the day.
A morning or early afternoon ceremony can help you to cut costs on your food bills. Hosting a breakfast buffet, post-wedding brunch, or cocktail hour reception will allow you to spend a lot less than a full dinner.

6. Limit the food options.
You don't have to offer your guests lots of expensive choices. Choose one main dish that you enjoy and have plenty of delicious side dishes along with it to fill everyone up. You might also opt for serving the food family style or as a plated dinner, because those are often a less expensive choice than having a buffet.

7. Cut the flowers.
We don't mean literally, although if you have a green thumb and a big garden, using your own flowers could save you a ton of money. You can also ask your florist to come up with arrangements that work double-duty and can be used at the ceremony and then moved to the reception. You can even use fewer flowers, or none at all, and fill in the centerpieces with beautiful glowing candles.

8. Skip the favors.
These are nice, but not necessary. Most guests end up leaving them on the table anyway. This is one area that probably won't be missed if you skip it altogether. Instead, thank your guests for coming with a heartfelt toast during dinner.

9. Get crafty.
If you have the artistic talent, you can make your own centerpieces, bouquets, invitations, etc... Be warned though, if you can't have everything completed at least one week before the wedding, you will stress yourself out and feel rushed. Also, be careful that the materials to DIY don't end up costing more than it would have cost to let someone else spend their time making it for you. Keep it simple and don't take on more than you can handle.

10. Limit the bar.
Stick to only serving beer and wine at your reception, or offer a signature drink to guests on your tab. You aren't obligated to offer them a full bar. You can arrange to have a cash bar available alongside the hosted beverages if guests don't want to drink what you have been kind enough to provide.

11. Serve smaller desserts.
Dessert bars are very popular at receptions because not everyone loves wedding cake. Unless you have always dreamed of having that giant, multi-tiered wedding cake, order only a small cake to cut as bride and groom. You can offer other inexpensive dessert choices like cupcakes, cookies, an ice cream bar, etc...

12. Use signs in place of paper.
Use a giant chalkboard to write the schedule of events on and place this at the ceremony entrance. Use another large sign to write out the reception menu for everyone to see. This is a much cheaper option than paying to have a printer make individual paper versions for each guest. 

13. Hire a student.
There are lots of future professionals studying their art form in college right now. You can find some that are extremely talented, but don't charge a lot because they need the work experience for their portfolio. Money can be saved on musicians, hair/makeup specialists, and even photographers by hiring a student. Just make sure that they have enough work to show you to prove that they will do a job you can be satisfied with.

14. Watch for sales.
Sign up for wedding vendor's newsletters and follow them on social media. That way you will be alerted when they offer special deals or discounts. If you don't want a lot of extra email from them after your wedding, set up a special email address to use specifically for wedding tasks. You can take it down when you are done with it. 

15. Buy off-season decorations. 
If you start planning at least a year in advance, you can pick up seasonal decorations when they go on sale. Just make sure that you can control your impulse-buying if you start collecting wedding items that early.

Choose the areas that are most important to you and spend your money on those. Use the tips above to cut costs in other areas so that you have plenty to spend on what's important. Our South Florida wedding dress store has a wide variety of inexpensive wedding dresses to choose from. We also feature a clearance section where you can find bridal gowns for up to 50% off of their regular price. Tell us your budget when you come in for your wedding dress shopping appointment at Angelus Bridal & Formals and our wonderful consultants will be able to find you something amazing within your price range. 

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