Friday, September 23, 2016

Pre-Wedding Day Beauty Tips for Brides

An upcoming wedding is great motivation to get your mind, skin, and body into the best shape of your life. Beginning a good health regimen to look your very best in that fashionable wedding dress is a wonderful way to begin good habits that you can continue long after the wedding day. Here are a few tips from Angelus Bridal & Formals to help you love the way you look. 

Healthier Eating Choices
The best way to diet is not by starving yourself, but by changing your eating habits to include healthier choices. It is possible to enjoy meals that are delicious and filling, yet still good for you. Preparing meals in advance will help you to stay on track and not grab something fattening because you are in a hurry. 

Lots of fruits and green vegetables are great to add to every meal, and make sure you are drinking lots of water. Do your best to avoid sugars, processed foods, and anything that is high in sodium, which can cause puffiness, bloating, and lack of energy. Occasionally allow yourself a "cheat meal" to reward yourself for these new healthy eating habits. 

Regular Exercise
If you put off exercising until you run out of time for it each day, start doing it first thing in the morning. Get up early if you have to. Getting it out of the way early will motivate you and provide extra energy for the rest of the day. Join up with a partner, like your bridesmaids or your fiance, so you can motivate each other. It's important to do both cardio and strength training. Focus on areas that your wedding dress shows off, like the upper arms or your back.  

Amp Up Your Skincare Routine
Get in the habit of taking special care of your skin on a daily basis well before the wedding day, and continue this long after that date too. Your older self will be very happy that you started now. Choosing cleansers that are made for specific areas of skin rather than harsh soaps is important, and always moisturize. Eliminate rough patches of skin now, like on your heels and elbows. Don't forget those lips!! You've got a very important first kiss coming up. Exfoliate them to remove dry skin and keep them moisturized. 

Plan for hair removal too. If you are new to sugaring or waxing, try a treatment long enough before the wedding that you know how your body will react to it. Have a professional shape up your eyebrows. Start using a self-tanner so that your skin will have a nice, light glow about it.

Clean Up Those Nails
Take good care of your hands and nails. Give yourself mini-manicures regularly to keep them in their best shape. The final manicure before the wedding will go perfectly when your hands and nails are already in excellent condition.

Brighten Your Smile
There are plenty of toothpastes and whitening strips available to do yourself, or you can make an appointment to have a dentist whiten your teeth professionally. You will want to begin early enough to get to the level of whiteness you desire. Once you are there, be careful about not ruining the work you already put into your teeth. Avoid foods that will re-stain them, like coffee and red wine. If you must drink these, using a straw can help to keep dark drinks away from your teeth. 

Get Stress Under Control
A healthy mind contributes to a healthy body. Keeping your stress under control during wedding planning will also help you to stay on track with everything we have suggested above. Find something that lets you relax: yoga, meditation, running, a bike ride, reading, etc... Make sure that you have a regular sleep routine in place too. A good night's sleep reduces stress, gives you energy, improves memory, and can even aid in weight loss.  

Taking care of yourself is something that you should do every day of your life, and a wedding is an excellent time to motivate yourself to begin some healthy, life-long habits. If you hope to lose a significant amount of weight before the wedding day, we still highly suggest that you buy a wedding dress that fits now. It is a lot easier, and less expensive, for a seamstress to make a dress smaller than to try to add fabric and make it bigger if you don't lose all of the weight you were hoping to. 

The consultants at our South Florida bridal boutique are skilled in finding gowns for women of every size and shape that accentuate their best traits and hide any they do not wish to share. Let Angelus Bridal & Formals put you into a bridal gown that brings out the natural beauty you already are, then add your new healthy routine to the mix and make your current gorgeous even more amazing!

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