Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Brilliant Support - the Flattering Me Bra

Over the years, our South Florida wedding dress store heard bride after bride complain about the longline strapless bras that were available to them.  Angelus Bridal & Formal's owner, Coco Abadi, strives to make each and every one of his customers happy, so he came up with a solution for this problem - the Flattering Me Bra.  

Our lovely brides-to-be would be thrilled about finding their dream dress, but the undergarments available to them were not what they needed.  It's difficult to stay excited about your gorgeous wedding gown when the only bra that you can find makes you miserable.  We heard complaints about other bras that did not offer enough support and were uncomfortable.  Many longline bras at the time could be seen through gowns and took away any cleavage.    

With that in mind, Coco came to the rescue!  He says, "I spent months developing a long line strapless bra that would satisfy my customers.  When I finally did it, it was so exciting to be able to offer it to everyone."

There is no other long line strapless bra on the market that offers women the comfort and support that they need, along with the cleavage that they desire.  It contours the bodice, and is excellent for gowns with low backs.  Push-up pads come along with the cups that can be removed, offering a customizable amount of cleavage.  

"I tried so many longline bras to wear under my wedding dress. I can be anywhere between a 48DD to a 52D. I tried bras from Carnival, Dominique, and Goddess but none matched the fit and control of the Flattering Me bra. I ended up getting a 50D. It came with clear straps that work well with my v-neck dress.There is some SERIOUS padding the comes with this bra which would be good to wear for a sexy date night out, but not for church, so I simply removed them to fit with my wedding dress. I will probably get the same bra in Black to wear for another occasion."
-Kapehe, Amazon review

The design is smooth and does not show through most gowns.  You can also get it in four different colors:  black, ivory, nude, and white.  It is also available in a variety of sizes to cater to every woman.  You can get a Flattering Me Bra in sizes from "32A" to "52F" in both "Standard" and "Petite."  The petite customer is often neglected, so offering the bra in this size took care of yet another fashion problem.  It is the first and only of its kind available for petite customers.    

"I needed a corset for my strapless wedding dress that I could use for future events (so an all white corset with frills was out of the question). I was surprised by the comfort and sleekness of the corset--and the firmness of the materials! I didn't want something flimsy and I was happy to find out that this is one of the best corsets I own now because of the quality of the product as well as the long-term wear investment. Great buy!"
-Alexandra Edgeworth, Amazon review

This isn't just limited for use by brides.  It is also perfect for bridesmaids and most other special occasion dresses.  The Flattering Me Bra is the world's best longline strapless bra offering real support, natural cleavage, and incredible comfort. 

Coco Abadi

Visit our South Florida Bridal Salon soon and see what we are talking about.  The Flattering Me Bra may be exactly what you have been looking for.  Angelus Bridal & Formals is very excited to be able to offer this to our customers, and we are very proud of our creative Coco.  He provided a dream come true in longline strapless bras.  Now women everywhere can truly feel as amazing as they look.         

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