Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Items You Should Bring To Your Wedding Dress Shopping Appointment

Last week's blog was all about how you can prepare for a successful wedding dress shopping appointment, and today we have a list of items that you should bring to Angelus Bridal when you begin the search for your dream wedding dress. Our South Florida bridal boutique already has the experience and knowledge to help you pick out the perfect gown, as well as the affordable and fashionable wedding dresses to choose from. You can bring the following things along with you. 

Examples of What You Like
You've undoubtedly been eyeing tons of gorgeous bridal gowns online and in magazines ever since you became engaged (and possibly even before that!) Bring photos of some of your favorite designs when you come into Angelus Bridal & Formals for your shopping appointment. This will give our consultants an idea of what styles you are most fond of, helping them to find the dresses you most want to try on. 

If you have swatches of your wedding colors or even some of your wedding decorating plans, go ahead and bring those with you too. Your entire wedding vision just may give us the perfect idea of a gown that matches it beautifully. 

Special Wedding Day Items
Most of the time brides pick out the wedding dress first and then choose the accessories to go along with it. Sometimes, however, women already have a few specialty items that they want to wear on their wedding day, like an heirloom veil or piece of jewelry that has been passed down in the family, for example. Bring anything like this along with you to your shopping appointment so that you can find a bridal gown that looks as if it were made especially to wear with your special item.   

Proper Undergarments
Nude-colored undergarments work best for trying on wedding dresses. This will avoid any brightly colored undergarments from showing through a gown and distracting you from the look and how you feel about it. Also, remember that a consultant will probably be in the dressing room with you since many gowns are not easy to get into alone, so wear underwear that you are comfortable wearing in front of them. 

A strapless bra that offers good support is the ideal kind to wear to try on wedding dresses. Even if it's not the bra you will be wearing on the wedding day, it will give you a better idea of how the dress will fit. We carry the amazing Flattering Me Bra, designed by our very own Coco Abadi, owner of Angelus Bridal & Formals, in our bridal salon. It offers real support, natural cleavage, and amazing comfort under any special occasion dress, and it may be exactly what you need for the gown that you choose. 

The Flattering Me Bra, available in white, nude, ivory, and black.
An Open Mind
Even if you come in with your mind set on one particular wedding dress you fell in love with in a magazine, don't be afraid to try on something completely different to compare it to. Bridal gowns don't look the exactly the same on different body types. 

Even though you loved a specific dress in a photo, it may not be flattering on your body shape, and a dress that doesn't impress you on the hanger may look like it was made especially for you once you step into it. Our consultants have a lot of experience matching the perfect gown to our beautiful brides. She may have a suggestion that is worth trying out. 

Supportive Friends
Everyone has an opinion, but when it comes to your wedding dress, your opinion is the most important one. Choose the people that come with you to your shopping appointment at our Pompano Beach wedding dress store wisely. A small group of supportive friends that know your style well and have your best interests at heart can be very helpful. Avoid bringing anyone that loves to cause drama and never has anything nice to say. 

Happiness and Excitement!
This should be one of the most fun tasks on your wedding planning to-do list. Get excited about it and have fun trying on all of those fabulous dresses! We will help to bring that happiness and excitement to your wedding dress shopping appointment by treating you like the VIB (Very Important Bride!) that you are!

You will have our undivided attention during your scheduled shopping time, and we will do everything in our power to create a memorable experience and a successful bridal gown search. This is a very special moment of your wedding planning, and you deserve to enjoy every minute of it!   

Now that you know what you need for a successful wedding dress shopping appointment, gather those items and give Angelus Bridal & Formals a call at 954-943-7768 to schedule a time to come in and find your dream wedding dress. There are lots of gorgeous and affordable bridal gowns to choose from, and we will help you locate the perfect one for your very special day. 

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Tips For A Successful Wedding Dress Shopping Appointment

When you make an appointment at our South Florida bridal boutique to find your dream wedding dress, that time will be set aside especially for you so that you receive the undivided attention and VIP treatment that you deserve. There are lots and lots of gorgeous gowns to choose from in a multitude of styles, so a little preparation before your appointment can help to make the entire search process go faster and a lot easier. Angelus Bridal & Formals has gathered a few tips for you in today's blog to help you be prepared. 

Know Your Style
We don't expect you to have a bridal gown already picked out before you come in. On the contrary, wedding dresses can look very different on different people, so something you fell in love with in a magazine may not be the right dress for your particular body type. 

What you can do is flip through bridal magazines or collect photos of dresses you find online that catch your eye. After you have a few collected, you will begin to notice elements that they all have in common. This information will help the consultants at Angelus Bridal narrow down the types of wedding dresses that best fit your personal style. 

Gather Your Entourage
You will want to be selective when choosing the people to bring along with you to your wedding dress shopping appointment. There may be a lot of family and friends that would love to come along, but too many differing opinions can make the final decision a lot more difficult for you. Invite people that know your personal style well, have your best interests at heart, and will help to make the trip a positive experience. This is a very special part of your wedding planning, so no bad attitudes allowed!  

Eat Before You Shop
Do not attempt the dress search on an empty stomach. We don't suggest that you eat a great big meal right before you come in to try on wedding dresses, but you should at least have a light snack that will give you the energy to try on all of those gorgeous gowns. 

Sometimes a bride falls in love with a wedding dress right away, but most of the time it's a lengthy search involving trying on lots and lots of different dresses to discover "the one." If you don't have time to grab something to eat beforehand, at least have a snack handy in your purse, just in case. 

Manage Time Wisely
You'll find a multitude of exquisite wedding fashions to try on in our Pompano Beach bridal salon. Show up for your scheduled appointment on time so that you can spend every single moment of it narrowing down your choices. You don't want to show up late and miss out on precious time we have set aside especially for you.  

Ask Lots of Questions
Unless you happen to be in the wedding planning business, shopping for a bridal gown is not something you do often. It is very likely that you will only be doing this once, so there's not a lot of time for a learning curve. 

The knowledgeable consultants at Angelus Bridal & Formals, however, deal with wedding fashion on a daily basis. They are experts in this field and have dealt with all kinds of different situations. There is a very good chance that they will know the answer to any questions you may have, and if not, they'll be more than happy to find out for you. Use their experience to find the dress that was made especially for you. 

We see each and every single woman that comes into our wedding dress store in South Florida as the very special individual that she is. Your time here is very valuable and the search for the perfect bridal gown is an important task that we do not take lightly. The tips above will help you prepare for a successful shopping experience at Angelus Bridal & Formals, and next week's blog will assist you even more by listing the important items you should bring to your shopping appointment.  

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

7 Tips for Handling Bridal Shows Like a Pro (Part 2)

Last week our first 3 of 7 Tips for Handling Bridal Shows Like a Pro offered advice for getting signed up and enlisting helpers to join you. Today, the final 4 tips from Angelus Bridal & Formals cover things you need to do the day of the bridal show. 

Power Up
Make sure that you eat something before you get to the bridal show. You will need energy for a day full of browsing. There will most likely be food samples, but probably not enough to fill you up. There will definitely be cake samples (lots of cake samples!) but too many of those on a fairly empty stomach will give you a horrible sugar rush. You might also want to bring along a water bottle so that you can stay hydrated throughout the event too.  

Wear Comfortable Shoes
A huge amount of walking is involved, especially with the really large bridal shows. Often there isn't a lot of seating, so even when you're not walking you may be standing. Wearing comfortable shoes is extremely important. You can still be adorable without having to add heels to your look for something like this. Also, have something on that tells everyone that you are the bride. A lot of shows will give you a "Bride" sticker to wear when you arrive. This lets vendors know who the VIP in your group is that they should be talking to. 

Take Notes
Bring something to take detailed notes on, and if the show allows it, take lots of pictures. You will be seeing and learning about a lot of new ideas, and you don't want to forget the best ones. An easy way to remember your favorite or most interesting wedding vendors is to take notes about them directly onto their brochures or the back of their business card. That way you are sure to not mix them up with someone else. 

Don't Forget to Bring...

  • Cash and a Checkbook - The cash is to buy food and drinks because many snack areas don't take cards. The checkbook is for any small vendors you may want to book that do not take credit cards. Some offer discounts for booking on the spot, so if you're sure they are the vendor you want, book them before someone else gets your date. 
  • Calendar - You will want to put any appointments you make with vendors in your calendar immediately. That way you don't forget to later or double-book yourself. 
  • Wedding Information - If you have a wedding binder, bring it with you. If you are trying to match colors or fabrics, bring along the pictures or swatches you need too. 
  • Sticker Labels - Having sticker labels with your information (name, groom's name, phone number, address, email, wedding date) will allow you to sign up for giveaways without having to write down all of that information over and over all day long.  
  • Extra Bag - More than likely the show itself or a vendor will be handing out bags to collect the goodies you'll get at different booths. Just in case they don't, bring one with you. If you end up with two, use one bag for important business cards and brochures and the other for vendors you're not as interested in. You can decide what to keep and what to throw away when you get home later.  
  • An Open Mind - You may go into the show with ideas about what you want for your wedding, but take a look at everything. You may see a great idea you never thought of. Also, just because a vendor has a bad website, they may be a perfect fit for you in person. 

Last but not least, remember to HAVE FUN! At a bridal show, you, the bride, are the star of the show for the day. Enjoy the attention, the freebies, a fun day out, and the great inspiration you will find all around you. Best of luck with your wedding planning from all of us at Angelus Bridal. When you're ready to tackle the fashion portion of your special day, remember to give us a call! 

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

7 Tips for Handling Bridal Shows Like a Pro (Part 1)

Bridal shows can be a very helpful tool for getting a lot of wedding tasks taken care of all in one place. They can be tons of fun too if you go into it prepared. Angelus Bridal & Formals has 7 helpful tips that will allow you get the most out of any bridal show. We'll share the first 3 pre-show tips today, and finish next week with 4 more for show day.  

Getting signed up early to attend a bridal show means that you will probably receive updates and reminders as the show gets closer. Some shows offer discounts, special gifts, or extra entries into prize drawings for anyone that pre-registers too. 

This also allows you to get inside much quicker on show day because you won't have to bother with registration once you get there. Sign up with a temporary email address that you have created especially for wedding correspondence. This way, once the wedding is over, you don't have a lot of vendors clogging up your regular email with unnecessary information you no longer need. 

Have a Plan
Do a little research on the vendors that will be attending the bridal show before it happens. It will give you a good idea of which wedding vendors you are most interested in so that you can visit their booths first. Know exactly which things you still need for your wedding and take care of those early. If there is time left over when you are done, visit some of the other booths that didn't make your list. They may surprise you.  

Have a list of questions prepared for each vendor so that you can get the answers you need right off the bat. There will most likely be a lot of people trying to talk to a vendor all at once, so your time with them may be very limited. If you decide that you want to know more about them, schedule an appointment to talk to them in greater detail at a later date. Check the bridal show's website to see if they have a map available so that you can plan a route, and time your visits so that you don't miss any interesting events the show has planned.

Don't Go Alone
You will be getting a lot of information all at once, so you will want to ask a few helpful people to go with you. Grooms are welcome and often encouraged to attend bridal shows of today. If he is into the wedding decision-making, it could be a fun and informative day to spend together. 

Bridesmaids are another option for your bridal show back up, and if you have parents that want to be involved, you might bring one or more of them too. Your "helpers" for the day can assist you by keeping track of brochures you pick up, signing you up for giveaways while you chat with vendors, and offering opinions when you need them. 

Those tips will help you prepare before going to the bridal show, and next week Angelus Bridal has a few more tips that will help you out greatly on the day of the bridal show. When you are ready for help finding your dream bridal gown, call our wedding dress store in South Florida and make an appointment. There won't be any fighting for attention from our consultants while you are here. You will have a talented team member's undivided attention and expert assistance in finding a bridal gown you will absolutely love! 

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Bridal Headpiece

The first thing you need to do to create your gorgeous wedding day look is to find your dream dress from the many choices we have for you in our South Florida bridal boutique. Once that's done, it's time to accessorize! Today, we are focusing on a few tips to help you find the perfect headpiece to add even more beauty to your wedding dress from Angelus Bridal & Formals.

Get Inspiration From Your Dress
All of the accessories that you choose to wear with your bridal gown should work well together to compliment each other. The fabrics used and embellishments, such as lace, beads, rhinestones, etc... on your bridal gown are wonderful sources of inspiration for picking out the best headpiece to wear. You'll want to make sure to match metals too. For example, a golden headpiece paired with a dress featuring lots of silver accents would not create a unified look between the two. 

If you will also be wearing a veil, you will need to decide on a headpiece that works well with it, but still looks great on its own if you will be removing the veil at any point during the wedding. The end goal is to find accessories for your gown that look as if they were designed to be worn together.  

Decide How You'll Wear Your Hair
While you may not have the exact hairstyle for your wedding day chosen at the time you are buying your dress and accessories, you should at least have an idea in mind. Simply knowing whether you want to wear your hair up, down, or to the side will narrow down the headpiece choices. Your stylist can help you decide on a final hairstyle using the chosen headpiece as their inspiration. 

Look At It From Every Angle
Once you find a headpiece that you like, take a closer look at it in the mirror from every possible angle. There will be lots of photos taken on your wedding day from a variety of different viewpoints, and you will want to know that you have picked out a headpiece that lends to the overall beauty of your wedding day look, no matter which side is facing your guests or the camera. 

Never Forget Comfort
The perfect headpiece is one that fits you so comfortably, you forget that it is even there. If you fall in love with one that may not be ideal to wear all day long, consider switching up your look from ceremony to reception. Your stylist should be able to find a hairstyle for you that easily allows the removal of your headpiece, and possibly the addition of a second one for a totally different look. 

Ask For Help
If you are having any trouble at all deciding on a headpiece that works well with your gown and also fits your personal style, ask one of the knowledgeable consultants at Angelus Bridal & Formals for some guidance. They are experts at matching the perfect accessories to any type of gown. Their advice will greatly narrow down your choices, making the final decision much easier for you.   

Our bridal salon in Pompano Beach loves helping women discover the wedding day look they have always dreamed of. When you come in for your wedding dress shopping appointment, you will have the undivided attention of one of our talented consultants. Simply tell them what you have in mind, and together the two of you will be able to find something to beautifully fit your vision. 

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Romantic Touches To Add To Your Wedding

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and love is in the air even more than usual. That could also be due to the fact that February is coined as both "National Weddings Month" and "Creative Romance Month." In honor of all of these things, as well as your upcoming wedding, Angelus Bridal & Formals has a few simple ways to add some extra romantic touches to your special day. 
Hidden Messages
Surprise your soon-to-be spouse by having a special message engraved inside their wedding ring. There's not a lot of room in there, but enough to get a personal message across. It can be a sweet saying such as, "Together Forever" or the initials of something longer like the title of "your song" or a phrase like "Love At First Sight." (LAFS) Even though you will rarely, if ever, have your wedding rings off of your fingers, the two of you will always know that those special words are there. 

Love Letters
A beautiful and sweet thing that you can do for each other is to put in writing how the other one makes you feel, along with your hopes, dreams, and promises for your future together. On the wedding morning while you are getting ready for the ceremony, have your maid of honor/ best man deliver that letter for your future spouse to read. We have even heard of some couples meeting on either side of a door (before they've seen each other for the first time) and reading these letters out loud to each other. Either way, have that waterproof mascara ready, or better yet, try to do this part before your makeup is done!  

Private Photo Session
If you don't feel like you express your feelings well in writing (although your future spouse would love and cherish anything you wrote down!) you might consider having some photos secretly taken to surprise your fiance with. It could be a few new photos for them to frame and show you off at work, or you could be a bit more risque and try a boudoir photo session. Of course, those would be for their eyes only!  

There's something extremely romantic about a room lit mainly by candles. Turn the lights down in the reception room and place lots of candles on all of the tables, each adding a beautiful, warm glow to the entire space. You could also choose to have a candlelight ceremony, either anytime indoors or outside at dusk or early evening. A few romantically scented candles lit in the room where you are getting ready is a great way to get you in the mood before the day begins too. 

Alone Time
The wedding day is all about the two of you, but there will be a lot of guests wanting to share your attention. Plan some alone time for just the two of you. Right after the ceremony or at some point during the reception, sneak away for a few minutes and take that time to celebrate together. You might even want to have a sweetheart table for just the bride and groom instead of sitting at a head table with the rest of your wedding party. 

Weddings are already romantic, but adding a few extra details here and there can make it even more memorable and special for the two of you. Just like the attention to detail that we offer every bride that shops at our wedding dress store in South Florida, it is often the smallest touches that will make your wedding day the best day ever! 

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Beyond the Wedding Dress - Your Bridal Fashion Checklist

There are a lot of different checklists involved in planning a wedding. "Order your wedding dress" will definitely be on one of them, but over the months before your wedding, you are going to need more fashion items than just the gorgeous gown you will find at our South Florida bridal boutique. We want to make sure that you have everything you need to look your beautiful best, so here is an extended fashion checklist, beyond the wedding dress, from Angelus Bridal & Formals.   

The items that you wear underneath your beautiful bridal gown are very important. They often make the dress fit better, exactly as it was meant to. 
  • Bra
    The style of your wedding dress will dictate what type of bra that you need to wear with it. We offer an amazing bra that works wonderfully with nearly every gown, and it was designed by our very own Coco Abadi, owner of Angelus Bridal & Formals. The "Flattering Me Bra" offers real support, natural cleavage, and comfort, which are all very important aspects for your bridal bra to have. 
  • Underwear
    Nude-colored underwear is the safest color to wear under your wedding dress to avoid it showing through the fabric. If there is no risk of that, pick out a really cute pair especially for that day. It could even be your "something blue." 
  • Garter
    If you will be taking part in the tradition of the garter toss at your reception, your guests will be seeing it, so you'll want it to be extra gorgeous. If it's so pretty that you don't want your groom to throw it away, have a spare with you to use for the garter toss.   
  • Other Undergarments
    For fitted gowns, you may want to purchase a body shaper to keep everything smooth and in place. On the other hand, if you have a ball gown, you may need to purchase an extra petticoat to bring it to the fullness you desire. Pick a slip that adds to the dress's beauty. 
The Flattering Me Bra
A wonderful way to add your own personal touch to your wedding day look is with the accessories that you choose. You may want to add a few or all of the following. 
  • Veil & Headpiece
    If you decide to wear a veil, the first step is to pick a length that looks good with your gown. Your headpiece will need to work well with the chosen veil, and if you plan to remove the veil for the reception, that headpiece should look amazing on its own too. 
  • Hair Accessories
    For up-dos, think about if you will want to have special hair accessories that will show, or if you prefer more subtle things that will not compete with a headpiece you will be wearing. 
  • Jewelry
    The easiest way to pick your jewelry is to use the details on your bridal gown for inspiration. It's usually best to not mix metals. If you have heirloom pieces already that you want to wear, take them to your wedding dress shopping appointment to make sure the two go well together. 
  • Shoes
    The style is important, especially if your gown allows the shoes to be seen easily, but comfort is even more important. If you find shoes that are too amazing to resist but not easy to wear for long periods of time, have a spare pair to slip into later in the evening. 
  • Handbag
    You probably won't be carrying a purse with you the entire day, but you will want to have a small handbag for essentials like your lipstick, cell phone, etc...

More Bridal Fashions
There are lots of events before the wedding day that you will want to have something special to wear. You may want some new outfits for a few things after the wedding too. 
  • Pre-Wedding Parties
    These include engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and the rehearsal dinner. You don't have to have a brand new outfit for each, but if you work it into the budget, it's a great excuse to go shopping! 
  • Honeymoon Clothing
    If you will be leaving for the honeymoon right away, plan to have these clothes packed and ready to go before the wedding. You'll be worn out after the big celebration and not want to rush to pack after. If you are waiting a few days before heading out, you might still want to have your shopping done early and to have it out of the way. 
  • "Getaway" Outfit
    This is for the bride that wants to make a quick-change before hopping into the car to leave the reception. It's not done as often as it used to be, but if you like making wardrobe changes or will be heading straight to the airport from the wedding, this is for you. 

Don't let these additional fashion items add stress to your wedding planning. This is an area that you can really have some fun with. The consultants at our wedding dress store in Pompano Beach are happy to offer their expertise on this subject. It may sound like a lot to get together, but once you find your dream bridal gown, everything else will fall into place. 

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