Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tips to Gracefully Handle Rain on Your Wedding Day

According to the old saying, "April showers bring May flowers," a spring bride shouldn't be too surprised if it happens to rain on her wedding day. No one wants that to happen, but in reality, that is always a possibility any time of the year. 

If you are prepared for it ahead of time, rain does not have to put a damper on your big day. Angelus Bridal & Formals has a few tips to help you make it through a rainy wedding day like a pro! 

Remain Calm
First and foremost, if a few drops of rain, or even a downpour, fall on your wedding day, don't let it cause you any stress. Nature happens. If it makes you feel better, rain is actually supposed to bring good luck to your special day. It symbolizes fertility for a fruitful marriage and cleansing, washing away your old single life so you can enter your new married life. Getting upset isn't going to make the rain stop, but the plans you've made ahead of time will get you through the situation beautifully. 

Stay Dry
Before the ceremony, take precautions to keep everyone's wedding fashions dry. Keep everything zipped up tightly in garment bags until you arrive at your destination to get ready. Ladies, you will want to take extra care to keep long gowns up off of the ground. Fellas, if you are not getting dressed at the ceremony venue, you may want to do a quick change in the bathroom at the wedding site to make sure you don't end up with any splash spots on your suit from outside puddles. 

If you need to go outside for photos after the rain has stopped, lay down a tarp or something similar to walk on. Your photographer should be creative enough to keep it out of the pictures. 

Have a Plan
Backup plans are made in the hopes that they never need to be used, but they are wonderful things to have "just in case." Should you need it, you'll be thrilled that you took the time to come up with it. This will allow you to keep the celebration going, rain or shine. 

For outdoor weddings, always have an indoor spot reserved in case of inclement weather, or possibly rent a tent to keep the party outside. Today you can rent tents that have elegant walls with windows, and they are more like a sheltered oasis than simply something to cover your head. Even if the rain stays away, a tent can still be a nice touch in case anyone wants to get out of the sun. 

Umbrella Shop
Find some adorable umbrellas that match your wedding colors or theme, and make sure that you have enough for everyone in your wedding party. If the weather forecast says that there is a very strong chance of rain on your wedding day, you may even want to have enough umbrellas for your guests to use too. They will make great favors and can be returned if you don't need to use them as long as the tags have not been removed. 

Have Fun With It! 
Remember that old saying, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain!" Take this unfortunate event and roll with it. Instead of getting mad and ruining this otherwise beautiful day, choose to make a few special memories that wouldn't be possible without the rain. 

If you don't mind getting wet after the ceremony, get out in it and have your photographer capture some amazing photos that not all couples get the chance to take. Those matching umbrellas will really come in handy for that!

Do remember to take special precautions to protect your wedding dress if you decide to get out in the rain. Find out what will happen if the material gets wet, and keep any areas that may be ruined out of the water.    

Don't let anything ruin your special day, especially a little bit of water. A little bit of pre-planning and a positive attitude will assure that you can handle anything that comes your way on the wedding day. Our South Florida bridal salon knows that the most important thing about any wedding day is the fact that you are a "Mr. & Mrs." at the end of it. As long as that happens, the entire event was a success! 

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Love at First Sight (For Your Wedding Dress) "Pays" at Angelus Bridal & Formals

"Love at first sight" between two people is a romantic notion that does happen, although it is a rare and very special occurrence. Getting that same feeling for the perfect wedding dress at Angelus Bridal & Formals happens often, and when it does during your first shopping appointment, you benefit with extra discounts for you and your bridesmaids! We carry a wonderful variety of exquisite bridal gowns at our South Florida Bridal Salon, and your dream dress is right here, waiting for you to discover it! 

How It Works
It is quite simple to take advantage of our very special "Love at First Sight" wedding dress promotion. All you need to do is give us a call at 954-943-7768 to make an appointment to shop for your bridal gown. Once you are here, let us know what the wedding dress you've always dreamed of wearing looks like. That information, combined with the styling talent of our knowledgeable consultants, will put you on the path toward the perfect gown for your wedding.

Just start trying dresses on, and as long as it's your first visit to our Pompano Beach wedding dress store, all you need to do is fall in love with "the one" and buy it that day. With the tremendous selection or fabulous gowns that we carry at Angelus Bridal, more than one visit to our store is rarely necessary! (Except, of course, for your trip back to search for bridesmaid dresses!)     

Discounts for the Bride
When you purchase that perfect wedding dress on your first visit, you will receive some incredible discounts on the accessories to go along with that gorgeous gown. We will give you 20% off the purchase of your veil and headpiece. That means you get to personalize your wedding day look and save money at the same time! 

The best time to find all of the accessories to compliment your wedding dress is while you are wearing it. Once you find the gown, we will also assist you in finding exactly what you need to create a look that is truly your own.   

Discounts for the Bridesmaids
As an added bonus, your bridal party will also benefit from you falling in love and purchasing your wedding dress on your first visit. They will automatically be eligible for $30 off of each bridesmaid gown purchased for your wedding. 

Bridesmaids do not have to purchase their dresses on the same date that you find your dream dress. You can all make an appointment to come in at a later date and shop together for the perfect look. This offer is valid on new purchases only, and the bridesmaid gowns must be priced at $159.95 or more. If the price is below that, each bridesmaid will receive a 10% discount instead.   

The first step is making that shopping appointment at our South Florida wedding dress store. Once you begin trying on our beautiful bridal gowns, it will be easy to fall in love once you step into the perfect one. Call Angelus Bridal & Formals at 954-943-7768 today to set up that appointment. We'll help you with your wedding dress search, and once that's taken care of, we'll get to work helping your bridesmaids get into some amazing gowns too. 

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

20 Ways to Keep Romance Alive During the Wedding Planning Stage

April is Couple Appreciation Month. This was started as a reminder to couples about how important it is to do special things together. Quality time together is a wonderful way to reinforce your loving bond with each other. 

When you are newly engaged, most people would assume that this is the most romantic time of your life. In some ways it is, but in many ways, it is also the most stressful time in your life as a couple. With everything involved in getting ready for a wedding, it's important to remember what the wedding is really all about. Angelus Bridal & Formals has a few simple ideas for you today of ways that you can keep the romance alive during the wedding planning stage.

  1. Love Notes: Write short "I love you" notes and hide them around the house, in the car, in their jacket pocket, etc...
  2. Scavenger Hunt: Turn those love notes into clues with a special surprise waiting at the end.
  3. Follow the Trail: Instead of clues, make a trail to follow of candy kisses, rose petals, etc...
  4. Breakfast in Bed: Sneak out of bed early and surprise them with a tasty tray.
  5. Date Night: Get out your calendars and put a weekly date night on the schedule. Once it's written down, it's more likely to happen.
  6. Hold Hands: Whether out shopping, walking in the park, or simply walking down the hall at home, take their hand.
  7. 15-Second Kiss: It's impossible to not melt into romantic bliss with a full 15 seconds of smooching. An amazing stress reliever.
  8. Movie Marathon: Tune out the world and cuddle together on the couch for some binge-watching.
  9. Dinner by Candlelight: Even if it's just sandwiches, the meal will seem a little more special.
  10. Road Trip: No plans necessary, just get in the car and see where you end up.
  11. Amusement Park: Be kids again for a day and ride all the rides.
  12. Picnic in the Park: Pack up some food and a nice bottle of wine and go for a lovely outdoor meal.
  13. Watch a Sunset: Set your alarm to go outside and watch the sun go down together.
  14. Turn Back Time: Visit the place where the two of you met.
  15. Personal Masseuse: Surprise them after a rough day with a relaxing back rub. 
  16. Bath Time: Run a nice, hot, bubble bath, light some candles, and tell them to take some time out to enjoy.
  17. Do Their Chores: Take on their most hated chore before they have a chance to do it.
  18. Dance: Turn on some music in the middle of the day and take a dance break together.
  19. Fresh Flowers: Ladies love a bright bouquet, and flowers can perk up a fella's day too. 
  20. Say I Love You: Don't let a day slip by without reminding them of these three simple yet extremely important words. 

Your wedding day will be full of romance, and there's absolutely no reason why the months leading up it, as well as the many years after, can't be dreamy and romantic too. Small, loving gestures can mean the world to someone you love and they'll be anxious to return the favor. Who knows, the more romantic you keep your day to day life, the more likely we'll be seeing you again soon at the best wedding dress store in South Florida for a gorgeous gown to wear at your wedding vow renewal! 

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

10 Elements That Make A Wedding Dress Stand Out

A wedding dress is technically a special occasion gown, but one that is designed exquisitely for one of the most special occasions in your life. When you visit our bridal salon in South Florida, you will see a multitude of beautiful bridal gowns, and each one will have a particular element that catches your eye. 

Actually, many have more than just one design feature that makes it stand apart from the rest. The elements that a bride gravitates toward is different for every woman depending on her own personal style. There are many more than 10 that we love here at Angelus Bridal & Formals, but this short list is a good place to start. 

Illusion Sleeves
This element gives you the elegance of a long sleeve in a very dreamy way. They give the illusion that you and the dress are one, like the fabric is a part of your skin.  

A skirt full of big, bouncy ruffles is a wonderful way to add a whimsical flair to your wedding day look. This element is especially fun once you get it out on the dance floor. 

Romantic, elegant, and timeless... lace is an accent that women will continue loving to wear until the end of time. Whether the lace is covering the entire dress or just a section of the skirt or bodice, it adds something special. 

Illusion Backs
Just like the illusion sleeves we mentioned earlier, this element brings the magical look to the back of your bridal gown. It seems as if the dress was created with you already inside it once you slip it on. 

Backless Dresses
Lots of fabric and details on the front of your wedding dress gives you the freedom to show more skin in the back for an exquisite contrast. A bit daring, but beautifully elegant. 

Corset Backs
This timeless look will never go out of style. There is something incredibly feminine and romantic about this element. It may take a while longer to get into the dress, but the final look will definitely be worth it. 

If you want to add some dramatic beauty to your walk down the aisle, a fabulous train on the back of your bridal gown can do just that. 

Another classic look that will never go out of style is a row of gorgeous buttons all the way down the back of the dress. The very best part about this style in modern-day fashion is that the buttons are most often decorative. You don't actually have to fasten each one getting in and out of the dress, but it will look like you did! 

Bridal Belts
A gorgeous gown can be elevated to another level of exquisiteness with the simple addition of a bridal belt or sash. Sometimes you can find a dress that already has one incorporated into the design, but if not, we have a wonderful selection for you to choose from. 

Mix & Match Separates 
This is for the bride that can't quite find the perfect gown that she loves both the top and the bottom of. Angelus Bridal carries a wide selection of mix & match wedding dress skirts and tops that come together to make a look that is unique to every pairing. 

These 10 fashion elements are only the beginning. Thanks to incredible designers, every single bridal gown in our Pompano Beach wedding dress store has something on it that makes it stand out to the bride it was meant for. Make an appointment soon at Angelus Bridal & Formals to come in and discover which elements capture your attention, and then try them on. You dream wedding dress is waiting for you to find it! 

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Helpful Tips For Finding Wedding Shoes You Can Wear All Day Long

Once you've had the chance to browse through our enormous selection of beautiful wedding dresses in South Florida and found the perfect gown for your special day, it's time to accessorize! The talented consultants at Angelus Bridal & Formals can help you find gorgeous bridal belts, jewelry, headpieces, veils, and more. Today's blog will assist you in finding the amazing shoes you will wear on your wedding day. 

Accessory or Fashion Statement?
If you will be wearing a long bridal gown that will cover your shoes, it really isn't necessary to get too elaborate with the style that you choose. If, on the other hand, you picked out a shorter style for your wedding dress, you will want to wear a pair of shoes that compliment the gown in a beautiful way. 

Also, if you just happen to be a shoe fanatic and are looking forward to picking out a fabulous pair to wear whether they show or not, then go ahead and get fancy! Decide how important the shoe style is to you and how much you plan to budget for them, them use those decisions to help you pick a pair.   

Comfort Over Style
You will be wearing these shoes for a very long time on the wedding day, and most likely you will be standing most of that time. Comfort should be a big deciding point when you begin shoe shopping. 

If you aren't used to wearing high heels on a daily basis, this may not be the day to start. With a little searching, you will be able to find footwear that won't cause you pain yet still looks beautiful. Of course, if you are used to wearing heels every day, that may be what is comfortable for you.  

Style Over Comfort
There is always the chance that you will fall madly in love with a pair of shoes that isn't necessarily the easiest to wear for long periods of time. You can make that work too. 

If they are too gorgeous to pass up yet too uncomfortable to wear for the entire wedding, find a second pair that you can change into when needed. Also, don't keep the stylish shoes on any more than you have to if they hurt your feet. Wait until right before you walk down the aisle to slip them on, and when you are out of the sight of guests, kick them off to give your feet a short break. 

Plan For a Backup Pair
The best way to have a successful wedding is to plan ahead for every possibility. It's wise to have an inexpensive pair of shoes for backup just in case something happens to the pair you planned to wear. More than likely you won't need them, so there's no reason to spend a lot unless you know you can wear them for other occasions. If you do end up needing this spare pair for any reason, a lot of stress will be avoided because you thought to plan ahead. 

Buy Shoes Early
Don't spend too long deciding on the perfect pair of shoes. You will need to have them with you at your first bridal gown fitting. The shoes you wear will affect the hem of your dress, and the seamstress can do her best work when there is no question of where the hem needs to fall. 

Also, buying your shoes early will give you a chance to break them in so they are more comfortable for the wedding. Occasionally spend a few minutes walking around the house in them. The more practice you get, the more graceful you will look walking down the aisle! 

Although it's not the norm, some brides do come into our South Florida bridal boutique with their shoes already picked out even before they begin dress shopping. If you happen to find the shoes before the dress, bring them along to your shopping appointment. They can be a wonderful tool for our consultants at Angelus Bridal to help you find a wedding dress that was made to go with those incredible shoes. 

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Items You Should Bring To Your Wedding Dress Shopping Appointment

Last week's blog was all about how you can prepare for a successful wedding dress shopping appointment, and today we have a list of items that you should bring to Angelus Bridal when you begin the search for your dream wedding dress. Our South Florida bridal boutique already has the experience and knowledge to help you pick out the perfect gown, as well as the affordable and fashionable wedding dresses to choose from. You can bring the following things along with you. 

Examples of What You Like
You've undoubtedly been eyeing tons of gorgeous bridal gowns online and in magazines ever since you became engaged (and possibly even before that!) Bring photos of some of your favorite designs when you come into Angelus Bridal & Formals for your shopping appointment. This will give our consultants an idea of what styles you are most fond of, helping them to find the dresses you most want to try on. 

If you have swatches of your wedding colors or even some of your wedding decorating plans, go ahead and bring those with you too. Your entire wedding vision just may give us the perfect idea of a gown that matches it beautifully. 

Special Wedding Day Items
Most of the time brides pick out the wedding dress first and then choose the accessories to go along with it. Sometimes, however, women already have a few specialty items that they want to wear on their wedding day, like an heirloom veil or piece of jewelry that has been passed down in the family, for example. Bring anything like this along with you to your shopping appointment so that you can find a bridal gown that looks as if it were made especially to wear with your special item.   

Proper Undergarments
Nude-colored undergarments work best for trying on wedding dresses. This will avoid any brightly colored undergarments from showing through a gown and distracting you from the look and how you feel about it. Also, remember that a consultant will probably be in the dressing room with you since many gowns are not easy to get into alone, so wear underwear that you are comfortable wearing in front of them. 

A strapless bra that offers good support is the ideal kind to wear to try on wedding dresses. Even if it's not the bra you will be wearing on the wedding day, it will give you a better idea of how the dress will fit. We carry the amazing Flattering Me Bra, designed by our very own Coco Abadi, owner of Angelus Bridal & Formals, in our bridal salon. It offers real support, natural cleavage, and amazing comfort under any special occasion dress, and it may be exactly what you need for the gown that you choose. 

The Flattering Me Bra, available in white, nude, ivory, and black.
An Open Mind
Even if you come in with your mind set on one particular wedding dress you fell in love with in a magazine, don't be afraid to try on something completely different to compare it to. Bridal gowns don't look the exactly the same on different body types. 

Even though you loved a specific dress in a photo, it may not be flattering on your body shape, and a dress that doesn't impress you on the hanger may look like it was made especially for you once you step into it. Our consultants have a lot of experience matching the perfect gown to our beautiful brides. She may have a suggestion that is worth trying out. 

Supportive Friends
Everyone has an opinion, but when it comes to your wedding dress, your opinion is the most important one. Choose the people that come with you to your shopping appointment at our Pompano Beach wedding dress store wisely. A small group of supportive friends that know your style well and have your best interests at heart can be very helpful. Avoid bringing anyone that loves to cause drama and never has anything nice to say. 

Happiness and Excitement!
This should be one of the most fun tasks on your wedding planning to-do list. Get excited about it and have fun trying on all of those fabulous dresses! We will help to bring that happiness and excitement to your wedding dress shopping appointment by treating you like the VIB (Very Important Bride!) that you are!

You will have our undivided attention during your scheduled shopping time, and we will do everything in our power to create a memorable experience and a successful bridal gown search. This is a very special moment of your wedding planning, and you deserve to enjoy every minute of it!   

Now that you know what you need for a successful wedding dress shopping appointment, gather those items and give Angelus Bridal & Formals a call at 954-943-7768 to schedule a time to come in and find your dream wedding dress. There are lots of gorgeous and affordable bridal gowns to choose from, and we will help you locate the perfect one for your very special day. 

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Tips For A Successful Wedding Dress Shopping Appointment

When you make an appointment at our South Florida bridal boutique to find your dream wedding dress, that time will be set aside especially for you so that you receive the undivided attention and VIP treatment that you deserve. There are lots and lots of gorgeous gowns to choose from in a multitude of styles, so a little preparation before your appointment can help to make the entire search process go faster and a lot easier. Angelus Bridal & Formals has gathered a few tips for you in today's blog to help you be prepared. 

Know Your Style
We don't expect you to have a bridal gown already picked out before you come in. On the contrary, wedding dresses can look very different on different people, so something you fell in love with in a magazine may not be the right dress for your particular body type. 

What you can do is flip through bridal magazines or collect photos of dresses you find online that catch your eye. After you have a few collected, you will begin to notice elements that they all have in common. This information will help the consultants at Angelus Bridal narrow down the types of wedding dresses that best fit your personal style. 

Gather Your Entourage
You will want to be selective when choosing the people to bring along with you to your wedding dress shopping appointment. There may be a lot of family and friends that would love to come along, but too many differing opinions can make the final decision a lot more difficult for you. Invite people that know your personal style well, have your best interests at heart, and will help to make the trip a positive experience. This is a very special part of your wedding planning, so no bad attitudes allowed!  

Eat Before You Shop
Do not attempt the dress search on an empty stomach. We don't suggest that you eat a great big meal right before you come in to try on wedding dresses, but you should at least have a light snack that will give you the energy to try on all of those gorgeous gowns. 

Sometimes a bride falls in love with a wedding dress right away, but most of the time it's a lengthy search involving trying on lots and lots of different dresses to discover "the one." If you don't have time to grab something to eat beforehand, at least have a snack handy in your purse, just in case. 

Manage Time Wisely
You'll find a multitude of exquisite wedding fashions to try on in our Pompano Beach bridal salon. Show up for your scheduled appointment on time so that you can spend every single moment of it narrowing down your choices. You don't want to show up late and miss out on precious time we have set aside especially for you.  

Ask Lots of Questions
Unless you happen to be in the wedding planning business, shopping for a bridal gown is not something you do often. It is very likely that you will only be doing this once, so there's not a lot of time for a learning curve. 

The knowledgeable consultants at Angelus Bridal & Formals, however, deal with wedding fashion on a daily basis. They are experts in this field and have dealt with all kinds of different situations. There is a very good chance that they will know the answer to any questions you may have, and if not, they'll be more than happy to find out for you. Use their experience to find the dress that was made especially for you. 

We see each and every single woman that comes into our wedding dress store in South Florida as the very special individual that she is. Your time here is very valuable and the search for the perfect bridal gown is an important task that we do not take lightly. The tips above will help you prepare for a successful shopping experience at Angelus Bridal & Formals, and next week's blog will assist you even more by listing the important items you should bring to your shopping appointment.  

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