Tuesday, November 21, 2017

5 Ways To Show Your Bridesmaids How Thankful You Are... With Fashion!

Since you're already thinking about all of the things in life you are thankful for with Thanksgiving coming up this week, Angelus Bridal & Formals has turned our attention toward ways you can show thanks to your wonderful wedding party. Since fashion is one of our very favorite things, our Pompano Beach bridal boutique has come up with a few fashionable ways for you to tell them "Thank you!"  

Your ladies are already picking up the tab for their beautiful bridesmaid dresses. If you have room in your wedding budget, offer to buy the shoes for them. Every woman loves a gorgeous new pair of shoes, and if you are wanting your bridesmaids to wear matching pairs, gifting them is an easy way to make that happen. 

Necessary Accessories
The jewelry that you want them to wear on your special day is another wonderful fashion gift that you can thank your bridesmaids with. It's also something that they will be able to cherish and wear again, thinking of your friendship every time that they do. You can buy entire sets or just one lovely piece, and if it can be personalized, that will make it even sweeter. Another idea is an exquisite matching hair accessory that each bridesmaid can incorporate into her wedding day hairstyle.  

Fun Accessories
Instead of gifting them with something they will wear at the ceremony, you could possibly pick out fun accessories that are meant more for the reception. Things that are a little more whimsical and fit for the party portion of the evening. For example, pocket shoes that they can dance in to rest their weary feet, then roll back up, throw in a purse, and use again at the next dance party. If your wedding will be taking place in a venue or during a time of year when the girls might get a little cold in their special occasion dresses, a nice shawl, sweater, or jacket that compliments her gown is a wonderful idea.  

There are lots of different types of bags that have lots of different types of uses. Large tote bags would be perfect for your bridal party to get everything that they need to the wedding, and then keep it together so that it gets back home with them again too. Small handbags that match the bridesmaid dresses is another nice gift that allows them to keep the things they'll need throughout the day close without having to carry something that clashes with their look. A makeup bag full of goodies is also a wonderful item to make up for your ladies.  

If you know each of your bridesmaids' favorite perfumes, you could get them bottles of those. On the other hand, you could also pick out a special signature scent especially for the wedding day so that you all match, and they'll have their own bottle to use later and remember the amazing day you shared. 

Those are just a few ideas to get your creative thoughts going. Your bridal party is made up of people that are very special to you, so you want to put some thought into the way that you thank them for being there for you and your new spouse on this very special day. Our South Florida bridal salon is a great place to find many of the items we have mentioned above. Angelus Bridal & Formals is also the perfect place to find all of your wedding day fashions, and we can't wait to dress you up! 

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

How to Stay Warm at a Wedding When the Weather Gets Cold

Whether you are getting married here in Florida where the temperatures usually only tend to get slightly chilly in the winter or you will be tying the knot someplace where it gets much colder, during the fall and winter you'll want to keep extra warmth in mind for you, your wedding party, and your guests. Today Angelus Bridal has a few fun ideas to help you do just that. 

For You and the Wedding Party
Guests have the luxury of matching their outfit to the weather on the morning of the wedding, but you and your wedding party will need to have your clothing picked out months before that actual day. Opt for heavier fabrics than you would wear mid-summer, and have a cover-up plan for the ladies. 

There are fashion accessories made especially to pair beautifully with fashionable wedding dresses and bridesmaid gowns, like bolero jackets, capes, and shawls that can be worn throughout the night. If you don't think you'll have the need to wear it for the entire reception, you can have a little fun with different types of looks. 

A knit shawl or cardigan in a bright shade can add a lovely pop of color to your bridal gown. For a rustic wedding, a few photos of you with a button-up flannel shirt over your dress can be adorable. If the two of you like to ride motorcycles, then you could throw on a cool leather jacket. Even if you won't be outdoors for any part of the wedding, you'll still want to take a few photos outside. Have a cute coat that flatters the shape of your wedding dress, like a faux fur or a peacoat, especially for this. 

For the Guests
As we mentioned, your wedding guests will be able to coordinate their outfits to whatever the weather turns out to be on the wedding day. Still, if you think that there is a chance that they may need a little extra warmth, let them know. Alert them to the fact that the room may be cool and they should bring along a sweater or light jacket, or tell them if you plan to host any outdoor activities like a fire pit. It is also a nice gesture in these instances to have large shawls or blankets available for guests to use, either piled up in large baskets "just in case" or as favors to take home. 

For Everyone
There are things that you can work into your wedding planning that also help to keep everyone cozy and warm. If you will be outside part of the time, heaters can be rented to place around the reception. You could also have a fire pit to warm up around and roast marshmallows for a s'more snack, or choose a venue with a fancy, roaring fireplace. 

Serving warm foods like soups instead of a salad or cold hors d'oeuvres can be helpful too. Maybe even offer a few snacks that have a spicy kick. A bar for mixing up varieties of coffee, hot chocolate, or apple cider can be fun and delicious, or have a whiskey-tasting station set up. 

The best plan is to plan ahead. Making sure that the wedding fashions that you choose are appropriate for the weather at the time you will be getting married is the first step. Our wedding dress store in South Florida is happy to help you with that. 

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Who Pays For What For A Wedding?

No matter what your budget, large or small, there are many costs to cover when it comes to planning a wedding. Traditionally, these costs were divided between the bride with her family and the groom with his family. Today, the "rules" have changed slightly, but often remain close to tradition. Angelus Bridal & Formals has created a list of what used to be expected as a guideline to help you come up with your own budgeting plan. 

Back when more couples were getting married straight out of high school, their parents were still heavily involved in their daily lives and in many cases still taking care of their financial expenses. It made perfect sense that they would be there to help with wedding costs. 

Now, however, most couples are getting married after they have already been out on their own for a while. Quite a few brides and grooms are already living together when they tie the knot and have already established a home together. This is a big reason why most couples now pay for the majority of the wedding expenses themselves. If your families would like to help with the financial aspect of your wedding, that's when you can look to tradition to help you decide who can pay for what. 

None of these suggestions are set in stone rules, but rather a list of what was commonly expected in the past. Use this list as a guideline, but feel free to move things around and make it your own. 


  • Wedding dress and accessories
  • Ceremony site, as well as all of the decorations and any music 
  • Ceremony flowers for decoration and for the flower girl, and bridesmaids' bouquets 
  • Reception site, decorations, and all reception services
  • Photographer
  • Invitations, announcements, and mailing cost
  • Transporation for the wedding party to the ceremony and reception sites.
  • Engagement party (The groom's family may also throw an engagement party, but the bride's family party should happen first.)
  • The bride alone pays for:
    • The groom's wedding ring
    • Wedding gift for the groom
    • Gifts for the bridesmaids
    • Her hair and makeup


  • Groom's suit rental or purchase
  • Marriage license
  • Officiant fee
  • Men's boutonnieres and corsages for mothers and grandmothers
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Honeymoon
  • The groom alone pays for:
    • The bride's engagement and wedding rings
    • Wedding gift for the bride
    • Gifts for the groomsmen


  • Maid of Honor & Bridesmaids
    • Bridal shower
    • Bridal shower gift (if attending more than one, only one gift is necessary)
    • Bachelorette party
    • Bridesmaid gown and accessories
    • Their own travel and hotel expenses
  • Best Man & Groomsmen
    • Bachelor party
    • Suit rental or purchase
    • Their own travel and hotel expenses

Splitting the Costs
Anyone that pitches in for the cost of your wedding may expect to have some say in what you spend that money on. This can be a touchy subject, so make it clear before accepting any financial help from family that the wedding decisions are yours to make. 

You can choose to follow tradition and use the list above, pay for the entire thing as a couple, split the cost 3 ways between you and each set of parents, or let family members offer to pay for specific things. For instance, a grandmother or aunt may want to give you a beautiful wedding dress from our South Florida bridal boutique as a gift, or a friend that owns a restaurant may want to offer catering services. 

This is one of those many instances where your personal reality is more important than what was expected in the past. Take it from us at Angelus Bridal & Formals, if you plan a wedding in a way that makes you happy instead of trying to make everyone else happy, it's going to be the best day ever! 

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

10 Helpful Bridal Tips For A Great Wedding Day

You will very likely be getting lots of advice from everyone you encounter when you begin planning a wedding. Some will be incredibly helpful, so it's worth listening when people chime in. You never know where, or from who, that magical piece of wisdom you've been waiting for will come from! Today Angelus Bridal in South Florida has 10 helpful tips to get you started that will definitely come in handy for a smooth, memorable, and successful wedding day.

#1 - Once you find your dream wedding dress at our South Florida bridal salon, take a picture of yourself in it to show both your florist and your beautician. (Just make sure to keep it somewhere that the groom won't see it!) The look of your bridal gown will give both of these wedding vendors inspiration for what they will be creating for you. Fabric swatches from the dress can also be very helpful to these vendors. 

#2 - When you have your wedding dress altered, make sure that you can sit down in the gown comfortably before the final alterations are made. Move around and maybe even dance a little too, just to make sure the fit is the best one possible. 

#3 - Investing in some ballroom dancing lessons before your first dance together as husband and wife is a wonderful idea. Not only will the two of you look incredibly impressive on the dance floor, but it's also a great way to spend some quality couple time together during all of the wedding planning hustle and bustle. Wear your wedding day shoes to practice in so that you are comfortable "busting a move" in them on the wedding day. 

#4 - Splurging for a new perfume will give you a signature scent for your wedding day. Every time that you smell it, you will be reminded of that amazing experience. You could save it to use again on special date nights and anniversaries too. 

#5 - Consider buying a special decorative hanger for your bridal gown. After all, something that exquisite deserves a little extra attention! It will look very nice for the "getting ready" wedding photos before you get dressed. You might even buy some personalized hangers for each of your bridesmaids' dresses too.

#6 - On the morning of your wedding, don't wear a bra with straps that could leave marks on your skin that will show once you put your bridal gown on. Also, be sure to wear a button-up shirt or robe while you are getting your hair and makeup done so that you won't have to pull a shirt up over all of that beauty once you're wedding to slip into your dress. 

#7 - This is always an awkward topic to bring up, but it's something that's bound to happen while you're in your wedding dress. Going to the bathroom in some bridal gowns can be difficult. As strange as it may sound, sometimes sitting backward facing the back of the toilet is the simplest way to get the job done. 

#8 - Ask the photographer to get a shot of the entire room when you are walking down the aisle to meet your groom. Not only will you have a beautiful view of the back of your gorgeous bridal gown, but the photographer will also be able to capture the faces of your guests' when they see for the first time. 

#9 - Setting up a photo area at your reception encourages all of your guests to take more pictures than they might normally. This is a great way to see all of the moments you may have missed while you were on the other side of the room, plus candid shots are always lots of fun to look at. Add a special wedding hashtag for the day so that everyone can share their photos with you. 

#10 - The things that people seem to remember the most after a wedding are the food and the music. If you want to make sure everyone leaves with tons of happy memories, focus on making these areas amazing.    

We truly hope that some of these pieces of advice will be helpful to you during your wedding planning journey. As a bonus tip, know that talking to women that have already been through their wedding day is always an excellent way to discover tips and tricks that you may not have thought of. 

When it comes to your wedding day fashion, the talented consultants at our wedding dress store in Pompano Beach are here to make sure all of your questions are answered. When you come in for your appointment at Angelus Bridal & Formals, you will have our undivided attention while we help you discover that dream dress you always imagined walking down the aisle in. We'll make the shopping process easier for you so that you can just focus on enjoying the moment. 

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

An Emergency Kit for the Wedding Day Helps to Keep Worries Away!

In last week's blog "Wedding Dress Stain Fixes (Just In Case)" we mentioned that you should have a wedding day emergency kit with you on your special day. This week Angelus Bridal has decided to go into a bit more detail about what that is and what you should pack inside it. The more prepared you are, the less you'll have to worry about, and the easier it will be to simply enjoy your wedding day! 

This wedding day emergency kit will be filled to the brim with all kinds of useful things, some of which will definitely come in handy, and others that you hopefully will not need at all. This is just piece of mind for you that no matter what crazy things the day may bring, you'll be ready for it all! You'll want to adjust this list to fit your personal needs, but here are some basics that should be included. 

  • White cotton towels or cloths:  great for dabbing spills on a white dress
  • Baby Powder:  can help remove some dress stains & keep them from spreading
  • White chalk:  can work like baby powder or occasionally cover a small stain
  • Stain Removal Pen or Wipes
  • Cotton balls & cotton swabs:  also great for dabbing stains on a white dress
  • Tape:  Double-sided, masking, or duct tape - these are a quick fix to a broken hem if there is no time left to sew it. 
  • Super glue: same reason as the tape and can hold a loose button on. 
  • Small sewing kit:  make sure you have thread in your dress color, the bridesmaids' dress colors, and the guys' suits.  
  • Safety Pins: for fashion emergencies and also good to have in case boutonniere pins are missing
  • Lighter:  both for candles and it can fix a fraying hem.
  • Lint brush
  • Extra earring backs
  • Nail clippers & file
  • Facial blotting paper
  • Mirror:  for makeup checks in case the room you are in right before walking down the aisle doesn't have a mirror

  • Kleenex
  • Moist towelettes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Bobby pins:  for every hair color in your wedding party
  • Clear nail polish:  perfect for stopping runs in hosiery, fixing chipped nails, and even buttons that are about to fall off.  
  • Nail polish that matches your manicure:  just in case a touch-up is needed.  
  • Hand lotion:  put this on before you walk down the aisle to help the ring slide on easily.
  • Sunblock & bug spray:  if the ceremony is outdoors
  • Feminine hygiene products:  in case you or one of the girls needs them.
  • First aid kit
  • Basic medicines:  pain reliever, allergy medicine, antacid...
  • Gum & mints
  • Bottled water
  • Snacks:  In all of the hustle, you may not have time for a real meal.  Have granola bars or something similar handy for a quick bite. 
  • Straws:  keeps your lipstick from smearing when you drink!
  • Chargers
  • Extra batteries
  • Pens and paper

More than likely, you already have a lot of the items for your wedding day emergency kit laying around the house, and the rest are inexpensive and easy to find. Even if they don't get used, it's all stuff that can be used later, so nothing will be wasted.

Take it from us at Angelus Bridal & Formals, it is always best to be prepared. Not only will it save you from possible disasters, but you'll also be a lot more relaxed knowing that you are ready for anything. A relaxed and happy bride is free to let her natural beauty shine. 

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Wedding Dress Stain Fixes (Just In Case)

As horrible as it is to think about, accidents do happen. If one of those accidents happens to be a stain on your wedding day involving your beautiful wedding dress (heaven forbid!) it's good to be prepared. Angelus Bridal & Formals has a few tips for you in case this does happen. That way, if this unfortunate incident does occur, you may be able to save the day (and the dress!) 

Before the Wedding
There are a few things you should do before the wedding day to help with the effort to keep your wedding dress stain-free. First of all, once you get it home from our South Florida bridal gown store, keep it in its bag, in the closet, and away from everyone and everything. It may be tempting to take it out and show it off, but keeping it put away assures that nothing can happen to it until you are ready to get dressed on your wedding day.

When you are choosing a menu for the reception, steer away from messy foods and dark-colored drinks. White wine will do a lot less damage to your gown than a red. Before the ceremony begins, get dressed at the last possible moment. Try not to eat after your gown is on, and if you need a drink, stick to water and use a straw.

Last but not least, prepare a wedding day emergency kit filled with every possible thing you may need that day, plus a lot of items you hope to not use but will be thrilled are there if you need them. It's always better to be safe than sorry, and most of the things in this kit can be found around your house already. 
Stain Fixes
Here are a few common stains that could possibly occur on your wedding day, along with items that can help to get rid of them, or at least make them less conspicuous. Make sure all of the items listed below make it into your emergency kit. 

Lipstick Stains - Dabbing a bit of petroleum jelly on the stain may dissolve it, and you can also try dabbing with a stain removal wipe. The key is to ALWAYS dab, NEVER rub! Cover up any remaining residue with chalk or baby powder. 

Makeup Stains - Rubbing chalk on foundation stains can sometimes absorb the makeup. Let is sit for a few moments afterwards, then whisk away the chalk dust. Baby powder or baking powder could work too, but chalk is more absorbent. 

Red Wine Stains - Absorb as much of the wine as you can with a white towel. Then, gently dab the stain from underneath the gown with another white towel soaked in cold water. Start at the stain edges and work your way inward. For very tough stains, you can use a small drop of dishwashing soap. 

Tea, Coffee, & Dirt Stains - A dot of clear liquid soap on a white cloth can help to remove these types of stains. Once again, gently dab from underneath the fabric. Use as little water as possible. Club soda sometimes works well too. 

Water Stains - Rain or drinking water can easily find its way onto your wedding dress, and this liquid can be damaging to some delicate materials. Air-dry the spot if possible, but a hair dryer set on low can be used if you are in a hurry. Keep the dryer at least 6 inches away from the dress, and keep it moving so that the heat is not concentrated on one are for too long. 

It is very unlikely that you will need any of this information from our Pompano Beach bridal boutique, but just in case you do, it's always better to be prepared. Having this knowledge could even come in handy some day at a wedding you are attending, and that bride will be very happy you read this blog! 

If a stain does sneak its way in on your wedding day, take it from us at Angelus Bridal, it's not the end of the world. Simply grin and bear it, and remember that the important part about the day is that you are getting married to your true love. That great big happy smile on your face will keep everyone from even noticing a little stain! 

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

5 Sentimental Touches To Add To Your Wedding

Lots of beautiful memories will be made on your wedding day, and any extra sentimental touches that you add to the ceremony and reception will make those memories that much sweeter. Angelus Bridal & Formals has pulled together a few great ideas that you may want to use, and these should get your own creative ideas flowing. 

Begin a Tradition
Many brides like to add something to their beautiful wedding dress that will never go out of style and can be passed down from generation to generation. If your family already has an heirloom for this, then you're all set. If not, start the tradition yourself! A brooch is a wonderful idea, because even if there's not a spot for it on a future bride's dress, it can be pinned to her bouquet. An elegant handkerchief can be embroidered with your name, and then every bride after you can add their name too. 

First Looks
The "first look" photo of that moment when the bride and groom first see each other all dressed up for the wedding has become a tradition. Your parents are excited to see their child on this special day too, so consider doing a "first look" moment with them also. While you're at it, if your bridesmaids didn't help you get dressed, do another "first look" photo session with them too. 

Photo With Past Brides
It can be very interesting to see how much wedding fashions change over the years, yet somehow still remain timeless. On your wedding day, have the photographer take a photo of you holding a photo of your mother on her wedding day. If possible, you could even have your mom in the picture holding a photo of your grandmother on her wedding day! 

Old Photos For Table Numbers
Gather pictures of both you and the groom at different ages, and then use those pictures on the reception tables with corresponding table numbers. For example, baby pictures when you were each a year old would go on table #1, and photos from when graduated high school at age 18 would go on table #18. 

Write Love Letters
Put down in writing all of those sweet, romantic things that you want to say to your future spouse. There are a couple of different ways that you can deliver these. The first is to read each other's letters on the wedding morning. You can have your maid of honor and best man deliver them while you are getting ready. Another option is to seal those letters in a box with a nice bottle of wine or champagne, and then on your first anniversary open it up, toast a successful year of marriage, and relive how you felt about each other on your wedding day. 

Those are just a few sentimental touches you can add to your wedding, but we're sure that you can come up with lots and lots more. Before you get to that point in your wedding planning, make an appointment to come in to our bridal salon in Pompano Beach to find that dream dress you'll be proud to wear while you're making all of those memories! When you wear a wedding dress from Angelus Bridal & Formals, you will definitely be a memorable sight to everyone that sees you on your special day. 

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