Friday, February 17, 2017

Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding

We see this a lot at our South Florida bridal salon; when you begin planning your wedding, it's fun to daydream about the way it will look, what you will serve, and how your celebration will be the most amazing wedding any of your family and friends have ever attended. Once you start matching up prices to all of those ideas, reality sets in. 

Many times, the budget you have set for the entire event can start disappearing quickly if you aren't careful. DO NOT extend your budget, but instead, find ways that you can have the most important parts of the wedding you really want by cutting back in areas that aren't as important to you. Angelus Bridal & Formals has a few simple tricks that can save you money without taking anything special away from your wedding. 

The Venue
Most weddings take place on Saturdays, so many wedding venues offer a discount to couples that use their facilities on other days of the week. Friday evenings and Sundays are still technically part of the weekend when most people are off work, and many guests have no problem with a weeknight wedding. They just may not be able to stay as late as they would on a weekend. 

It may be difficult, but keeping your guest list to a minimum can open up many more venue options, and the smaller venues probably come with a smaller price tag. Having fewer guests to provide food and space for will also cut your costs in many other areas. You can search for free places to hold your wedding, like a beautiful public park or beach, and you will only need to rent a space for fewer hours for the reception. If you do this, make sure that you have the proper permits to get married in that public area.   

The Stationery 
Save-the-Dates are only necessary if you are planning a destination wedding or one that will take place on a busy holiday weekend. If your guests don't need to make travel arrangements, a regular wedding invitation gives them plenty of notice. You can share a cute Save-the-Date with your guests online for free. RSVP cards are another thing that you can skip. It will save you from paying for all of that return postage, and you can collect RSVPs on your wedding website (which can be set up for free), by phone, or by email. 

You don't need to print out a menu and program for every single guest at your wedding. One big sign stating all of the information they will need to know can be placed prominently in one or two places for everyone to see. 

The Fashion
Angelus Bridal always offers the most affordable wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses in South Florida. Our talented consultants can guide you to a wide array of beautiful bridal gowns that fit within the budget you come in with. 

In addition to our affordable regularly priced wedding gowns, we also have a sizable selection of dresses for the bride in our clearance section. There are more than 300 to choose from, in all sizes from 4 up to size 30, and they are each marked at 50% off of the regular price! These are all sold from stock, as is, and they are every bit as beautiful as our regularly priced gowns. They have been moved to the clearance section only because we need to make room in our store for the next round of fabulous wedding fashions as they arrive.    

The Decorations
Florists can create arrangements for your ceremony that can perform double-duty and be used again at the reception. Using more greenery and less florals looks wonderful and is a little less pricey than full arrangements. You can use non-floral elements to fill up decor space. Candles add a lot to the look, plus they are great for creating a romantic ambiance in the room.  

If you can find a venue that is already gorgeous, like a garden in bloom or a space with a fantastic scenic view, you won't need to add a lot of your own decorations. For the things that you do need to buy, if you've given yourself at least a year to plan, keep an eye on after-holiday sales for big discounts on candles, twinkle lights, etc... Also, sign up for store email newsletters so that you are notified before any big sales happen. 

The Catering
You may assume that buffet dinners are your cheapest option because the guests serve themselves, but they are usually more expensive because extra food is made to insure that there is enough. Plated dinners and family style meals could save you money on the catering bill. You can also opt for a brunch, lunch, or cocktail hour reception, because menus for those meals usually cost less. 

As for dessert, a great trick to cutting down the price is to have a small cake made to display and cut for pictures, but have a sheet cake of the same flavor hidden in the kitchen, cut up and ready to serve to guests. The baker won't have to decorate the sheet cake as elaborately, meaning it will be less expensive. 

Good Luck With Your Planning! 
Those are just a few places where you can save a little money without sacrificing your entire wedding vision. Hopefully this blog has helped you with some of the planning, and when you are ready to start shopping for a wedding dress in South Florida, make an appointment with us and we'll make sure you get VIP treatment. 

We have many ways for you to save money at Angelus Bridal & Formals, one of which is our "Love at first sight" promotion. If you find the perfect bridal gown on your first trip to our store, we will give you 20% off of the purchase of your veil and headpiece, plus your bridesmaids can get $30 off of the purchase of their dresses too. You will all look absolutely gorgeous, and possibly even save a little money in the process. 

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Friday, February 10, 2017

The Advantage of Visiting a Bridal Show

As you prepare for your upcoming wedding, your wedding dress is one of the biggest choices you make - and most anticipated by the guests. Whether you have the exact dress you want in mind, or you have no idea where to start, visiting a bridal show can give you a good place to start. At Angelus Bridal and Formals, we specialize in helping you the perfect wedding gown, but sometimes it can be beneficial to visit a bridal show's fashion show - here is why.

You Can See How the Dress Moves
Every dress is made from a different material, and with a different cut. As these dresses move across the runway, you may find that they fit differently than you though when you saw it online or in a catalog. It may seem strange, but many brides can have their mind set on one particular dress, but after seeing it in person can change their minds immediately.

How Does It Look On a Person in Real Life
There are many different wedding dress styles, and these styles can look very different on different body types. Every woman is beautiful, and every dress can look completely different depending on the woman who wears it. There is something important about seeing your dream dress on a person in real life rather than online. Because of this, visiting a fashion show at a bridal show can help show you a different side.

Examine the Dress In Person
Satin, lace, and tulle - wedding dresses are made of many different fabrics. These fabrics can all look different in person, rather than online, and seeing them in person can make a big impact in your choice.

Fun Experience With Your Bridesmaids
Picking out your wedding dress can be a very social experience for many brides. Gather your friends together and head to the nearest bridal show to see your favorite dresses on the runway. Sometimes it can be a good way to get advice from the people who are closest to you.

You Can See Many Different Styles
Finally, a great reason to visit the fashion show at a bridal show is to admire the different styles. While you may have had a strapless, sweetheart neckline dress with a ballgown skirt - you may find that a mermaid gown in a shiny satin is the perfect dress for you. By going to a bridal show, you can experience many different styles, and you may even be surprised at what you could love.

At Angelus Bridal and Formals we can help you find the wedding dress of your dreams. If you are searching for your wedding dress in South Florida, we invite you to come to our shop and admire a variety of styles and find the dress of your dreams. You can visit our website to get a head start or give us a call at 954-943-7768 today.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

7 Creatively Romantic Ideas For Your Wedding Or A Regular Day

You may think of February as a romantic month because it contains Valentine's Day, but there is much more romance surrounding it than just on the 14th. February is both Creative Romance Month and National Weddings Month. It most likely got these titles because there are a lot of proposals this time of year, not to mention a high number of bridal shows taking place.  

Angelus Bridal & Formals has pulled together a few creatively romantic ideas for you to celebrate with. We've included suggestions that can be used for your upcoming wedding, or simply for any day in your life that you feel like being romantic.

Set A Mood
Plan to get home before your significant other and set a romantic mood for them to walk into. Dim the lights, light some candles, and sprinkle a few rose petals all around. No matter how stressful a day they've had, this gesture is sure to put them in an incredible mood. 

You can set the mood at your wedding in the same way, but on a much bigger scale. The two of you will already be feeling romantic, but if your guests feel it too when they walk in, mission accomplished. 

Have Breakfast In Bed
It's always a sweet surprise to wake up to someone bringing you a tray full of goodies before you get out of bed for the day. Often, it encourages a little extra time in bed, and you might even convince your sweetheart to stay there all day with you! 

On the morning of your wedding, there's a good chance that you won't be waking up together. In that case, surprise your future spouse with a big basket of muffins or donuts next to their bed, or arrange to have a hot breakfast delivered to them. 

Lock Lips
We've been told that it is impossible to not melt into romantic bliss when you kiss someone, uninterrupted, for a full 15 seconds. The only way to find out for yourself is to give it a try! 

One of the biggest moments of your wedding will be your first kiss as husband and wife. Why not practice a few different kisses leading up to the big day? You may choose to wing it at the ceremony, but all that research beforehand sure will be fun. 

Get Away From The World
Whether you go out of town or stay at home, get inside, lock the doors, and stay put for a full 24 hours. You can have breakfast in bed, a picnic on the floor for lunch, and cook dinner together or order in. No electronics (unless of course you want to have a movie marathon, but that's it!) Devote a whole day to that one person. You might just discover something new about each other. 

You won't be able to get completely away from everyone at your wedding, but you can steal a few moments here and there. Plan a quiet spot to sneak off to right after your vows and before the reception to savor the moment together. You can also sit at a sweetheart table for two instead of a large table with the entire wedding party. People will still be visiting with you occasionally, but setting yourselves apart from the crowd will give you a little extra time together.  

Take A Walk Down Memory Lane
Reliving nostalgic memories of the early days of your relationship are always a great way to bring those old feelings of "new love" back to the forefront. It can be as simple as looking back over a few photos from the past, or you can go all out and visit places where milestone events took place for the two of you; the location of your fist date or first kiss, where you first met, where he proposed... You get the idea. 

Incorporate some of that into a wedding by using photos of the two of you in the decorations, the program, or a slide show. We saw an excellent idea on Pinterest where a couple included a fun fact about their relationship on every table number card. Your guests can enjoy reliving your love blossoming through these pictures and words.  

Write Love Notes
In a world that's mostly emails, tweets, and snaps, it's rare that anyone writes down their feelings anymore. Take a few moments to write a letter confessing your love. Something that takes even less time but is extremely thoughtful is to write a quick reason that you love that person, or simply "I love you," on a few post-it notes and place these random places to be found later. 

Your wedding day is all about vowing your life to your future spouse. Write them a detailed love note about all the reasons that you can't wait to do this, and let them open it on the wedding day before you walk down the aisle. 

Save The Last Dance
You don't need a big band or a special occasion to cut loose. When those things to happen, make sure you hit the dance floor together, but an impromptu dance is incredibly romantic. It may feel a little silly, but it's so sweet to grab your love's hand when your favorite song comes on and dance together, wherever you may be. 

The first dance at a wedding gets a lot of thought, but picking out a special song for the last dance of the evening is a great idea too. End the night with whatever makes you happiest as a couple, either a wild party anthem or a romantic showstopping ballad.  

Don't save your romantic gestures for only Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and your wedding day. Strive to do something special for the person you love every day, or at least make an attempt to do something every day this month. Our special occasion dress store in South Florida has the perfect thing for you to wear if you are going out on the town for one of your romantic evenings. We'd love to help you find that perfect dress. All of us at Angelus Bridal & Formals wish you, not only a wonderful Valentine's Day, but also a romantic love story every day of your life. 

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Pantone's Popular Colors For 2017 Spring Weddings

Pantone, Inc. is known as the authority on color. Every year they scan the runways of New York Fashion Week to discover the most popular shades being used, and then they share the top ten most popular colors to expect a lot of in the Spring. Angelus Bridal & Formals carries beautiful bridesmaid dresses in all of these colors, as well as many more. Here's a look at this year's top picks. 

Angelus Bridal & Formals, bridesmaid dresses, Allure

Primrose Yellow

This rich shade of yellow is lovely like a sunny spring day. It brings with it a warmth, happy feelings, and good cheer. 

A fiery color that is a red-based orange, Flame is full of fun and energy. Your bridesmaids will have a vivacious bounce in their step when they slip into this shade. 

Pink Yarrow
Bright and fun, this bold pink will add a whimsical feeling to your wedding. It can also be described as tropical, festive, and attention-getting. Perfect for partying at the reception.    

Pale Dogwood
Much like the flower it is named after, this subtle pink has an aura of innocence and purity surrounding it. A very tranquil shade infused with a healthy glow. 

Lapis Blue
This gorgeous blue gets its name form the prized semi-precious stone, Blue Lapis. The intense, rich color is strong and confident. This intense shade has an inner radiance and is perfect for a formal wedding.  

One of the most prominent colors seen on this year's runways, this denim-like blue evokes feelings of comfort and relaxation. It brings to mind a beautiful blue lake you might picnic next to in the spring. 

Island Paradise
A refreshing aqua color similar to the waters you imagine when you dream of escaping to an island paradise, thus the name. It is relaxing, refreshing, and wonderful for conveying an air of spring. 

Angelus Bridal & Formals, bridesmaid dresses, Bill Levkoff

This color personifies flourishing foliage that you would find on a walk through a forest filled with greenery and newly budding flowers. It makes one imagine fresh, new beginnings and natural beauty.

Angelus Bridal & Formals, bridesmaid dresses, Bill Levkoff

Named after the healthy foliage-based green, this color brings in the beauty of the great outdoors. It is perfect for a nature-based wedding theme, and complements other colors used with it nicely. 

This color is a wonderful neutral for the season. It has a natural earthiness and inherent warmth. It pairs perfectly with every other color, just as it effortlessly connects the seasons. 

Even though Pantone predicts that these will be the fashion color favorites for spring 2017, when it comes to choosing your wedding colors, if you love it, then it's the perfect color for you. You will find the best bridesmaid dresses in South Florida in our shop, and they come in a rainbow of color choices that are bound to contain exactly what you are searching for. When you have picked your colors and are ready to outfit those bridesmaids, make an appointment at Angelus Bridal & Formals and let us help you and your girls find the most amazing wedding fashions for your special day.  

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Gorgeous Quinceanera Dresses For Beautiful Young Women

The wedding dress of your dreams awaits you at Angelus Bridal & Formals, but if you're not quite old enough for that memorable event in your life, we've got some beautiful fashions for young ladies too. You can find the best quinceanera dresses in South Florida at our salon. If you know a lovely young girl that is about to celebrate her journey into womanhood, we've go the perfect thing for her to wear! 

Quinceanera History
Today, just as in the past, a quinceanera is the celebration of a young girl's transition into womanhood at the age of 15. It has cultural roots in Latin America, but is now commonly celebrated throughout the Americas. As far back as 500 B.C., Aztec culture marked the age of 15 as the time that boys became warriors and young ladies were ready to be mothers of future warriors. 

Times have changed, and instead of considering a girl an adult at 15, it is viewed as her no longer being a child, but but entering young adulthood. She is ready for certain privileges associated with womanhood that she is now considered mature enough to handle. 

Colorful Gowns
Quinceanera gowns were at one time commonly white, similar to a wedding dress, without the train or veil. Today, they are available in a rainbow of gorgeous colors. The style is formal with a very full skirt, but our South Florida quinceanera dress shop also carries convertible gowns that the skirt can be removed from for a less formal look. 

When your 14-year-old begins searching for the perfect quinceanera dress, let the color be influenced by her personality and personal style. After all, this celebration is all about her reaching an age where she is old enough to make more grown-up decisions. With the wide variety of choices available, there are sure to be many colors that you can both agree on.    

Quinceanera Dress Shopping Tips
To make finding the most beautiful quinceanera dress in South Florida easier to do, we've got a few helpful tips for you to keep in mind. 

  • Make an appointment - Having an appointment to shop for a quinceanera dress guarantees that you will have the consultant's undivided attention. The scheduled time is all yours, with no other customers interrupting, and the consultant there to answer any questions you may have. 
  • Ask questions - If you aren't sure about something, it never hurts to ask. As a matter of fact, it usually is the best thing that you can do to make sure you get exactly what you want. Angelus Bridal & Formals has years worth of experience when it comes to special occasion dresses, and we are here to help in every way that we can.
  • Be adventurous - Don't feel like you have to stick to one particular type of gown. Try on a wide variety of different styles, fabrics, and colors to discover which one looks the best on your body. Dresses look much different on a person than they do on a hanger or in a picture, so you'll never know until you try it on. 
Once you find that perfect quinceanera gown in our Pompano Beach special occasion dress store, we can also help you find all of the stunning accessories to go along with it, like tiaras, gloves, jewelry, and more. This is a very special time in a young woman's life. Let Angelus Bridal & Formals help to make it a memorable occasion she will never forget.  

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Friday, January 13, 2017

5 Things To Look For In Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding dress once she becomes engaged (and some start dreaming long before that!) Our bridal salon in South Florida helps women find amazing bridal gowns every day. What makes a specific dress the right one for you? Angelus Bridal has come up with a few ways for you to know when you find "The One." 

It looks good on you.
More than likely, you will go ga-ga over many different wedding dresses that you see in magazines or while browsing online. Know going into your shopping appointment that just because a gown looks amazing on paper, it may not look so flattering once you put it on. Try on a variety of styles and silhouettes until you find the one that looks best on your body, then continue your search within that flattering style. 

It makes you feel good.

If you've seen any romantic movies or watched wedding dress shows on TV, you know that the majority of the women in them tear up and get sentimental when they look in the mirror wearing the perfect dress. While that can be exaggerated a little bit for the camera in some cases, when you slip into the bridal gown that was meant for you, you really will just know it. Don't convince yourself to love a dress that you aren't excited about. Listen to your heart and wait for that feeling. Just like the perfect man to marry, your dress is out there, so wait for it. You'll find each other!  

It's comfortable.

After listening to your heart, let your head chime in too. If you are getting married on a beach, then a great big bouncy ball gown may not be the easiest thing to wear on the sand. Also, even if you look amazing in a strapless gown, if you will constantly be worried about it falling down, then you won't be comfortable wearing it for the hours involved in a wedding. Find the right fit and a wedding dress that makes you feel like the VIP that you are, but make sure you can dance the night away in it and still be comfortable enough to have an amazing time. 

It fits in your budget. 

Nothing is worse than falling in love with something that you can't have. Wedding budgets are important so that your spending does not get out of hand and cause unnecessary stress on your new marriage. Angelus Bridal & Formals has a great big store filled with lots and lots of gorgeous bridal gowns in every price range. You will be able to find an affordable wedding dress that looks fantastic, feels incredible, and you'll be thrilled to walk down the aisle in. You may even be lucky enough to find your dream dress within our clearance section, which features over 300 exquisite wedding dresses in all sizes, from size 4 up to size 30, and each of them are marked at 50% off the regular price!    

It will be ready on time.
Bridal gown shopping should begin early in your wedding planning. Your wedding dress will need to be ordered, which can take months to come in, and there may be alterations necessary once it does arrive. Even if you find your dream dress at a sample sale or in the clearance section of our South Florida bridal boutique and can take it home right away, you will want to leave enough time before the wedding for alterations and finding bridal accessories. If you wait until the last minute, you may end up having to settle for whatever is available and already fits. 

Find the Perfect Wedding Dress at Angelus Bridal
It's not hard to find the perfect wedding dress, it just takes a little bit of time and patience. If you happen to fall in love with the perfect one on your first visit to Angelus Bridal & Formals, we have an added special just for you. (We've seen it happen many times!) 

Love at first sight "pays" when you purchase a bridal gown on your first shopping trip to our Pompano Beach bridal store, because we will give you 20% off of the purchase of a bridal veil and headpiece. As an added bonus, we will offer a discount for all bridesmaid dresses purchased at Angelus Bridal too. Make an appointment soon to shop with us, and our talented consultants will help guide your search for the perfect dress to wear at your wedding. 

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

5 Resolutions To Make Wedding Planning Easier

The beginning of a new year often causes people to want to make New Year's resolutions in an effort to better their life. If you are planning an upcoming wedding, our South Florida bridal salon has come up with a few wedding planning resolutions that you may want to try out. Incorporating these ideas will hopefully make the entire process a little easier for you, and Angelus Bridal & Formals wants you to enjoy this time with as little stress as possible. 

Get Organized
One of the most important things that you can do for yourself during the wedding planning is to keep all of your wedding information in one, easily accessible place. A binder can hold all of your signed contracts, notes, magazine clippings, contact lists, appointments, etc... With every bit of information in one place, you should always be able to find answers quickly. 

The only down side is that a binder can be misplaced, and papers may make their way out of it. We highly suggest keeping a digital copy of everything too. That way, in the unfortunate instance that the binder disappears, all of your information is still retrievable. Make sure that your soon-to-be-spouse, and maybe even your maid of honor, have access to the files too. 

Don't Procrastinate
A wedding planning checklist is not there to add to your stress-level, but rather to keep everything on track and moving forward. Once you have your tasks prioritized, get them done! The key is to be aware of the timeline on each one, then tackle each step in order, one-at-a-time. There is a very wonderful feeling that comes with being able to cross a finished item off the list, giving you the confidence needed to move on to the next one.

You don't always have to find extra time for these things. There are lots of things that can be multi-tasked, like packing and addressing invitations while you watch television. Large list items don't have to be done all at once either. If something can be broken up into smaller, quickly handled tasks, every little bit helps. An example would be to fill out thank you cards as gifts are received instead of waiting until after the wedding to do them all at once. 

Work Together
A husband and wife are a team, but that teamwork shouldn't wait to begin after you say "I do." Take on the wedding planning together. This will help to get things done twice as fast, and you will both be there to give your personal input the entire time, assuring that the wedding reflects the both of you. 

Things will get done even faster if you both ask for additional help from others that you trust. Family members often want to help out in some way, and your wedding party will be happy to lend a hand if needed. There are plenty of things needing to be done that these people can handle, so let them. 

Stick To Your Budget
It's easy to get excited about adding a few things here and there while you are out and about shopping for wedding items, especially the closer the date gets. That adorable $5 centerpiece addition may not seem like much money to spend, until you multiply it by the number of tables at the wedding. If the decorations that you already planned and paid for don't really need the extra stuff, skip it. 

The whole reason for picking a budget in the first place is so that you don't end up with huge bills rolling in after the wedding is over. With proper planning, you can have an amazing celebration with the money you have set aside for it, and sticking to your budget means you won't look back with any regrets, ruining some of the happy memories.

Remember To Have Fun!
Possibly the most important piece of advice that we can offer you is this: Always remember to enjoy this moment! Throwing the wedding of your dreams can seem overwhelming at some points during the planning, but you have to keep in mind the reason for all of it - you get to marry the person you love and spend the rest of your lives together! If you find yourself stressing out, take a break. Make a date for the two of you where no wedding talk is allowed. As a matter of fact, it wouldn't hurt to make that a weekly date.

Don't sweat the small stuff either. The wedding won't fall apart if the napkins are ivory instead of white. It may not be exactly what you had in mind, but everyone will still have a napkin and most likely won't even notice the color. Save your worrying for the important stuff that really matters. 

When you get to the portion of your planning involving wedding fashion, begin your search at our bridal boutique in South Florida. Our knowledgeable staff is here to make that part easy for you. Each bride has our undivided attention while she is here for a shopping appointment, as well as the benefit of our fashionable and affordable gowns, immense experience in this field, and superior customer service. 

The fact that Angelus Bridal & Formals is also considered a "one-stop-shop" is extremely helpful too. After we help you find gorgeous gowns for everyone in your bridal party to wear, you will be able to visit with the other vendors at our Pompano Beach wedding store to take care of tuxedo rentals, makeup, photography, cake design, and more. Happy New Year, and happy wedding planning! 

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