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Pantone's Popular Colors For 2017 Spring Weddings

Pantone, Inc. is known as the authority on color. Every year they scan the runways of New York Fashion Week to discover the most popular shades being used, and then they share the top ten most popular colors to expect a lot of in the Spring. Angelus Bridal & Formals carries beautiful bridesmaid dresses in all of these colors, as well as many more. Here's a look at this year's top picks. 

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Primrose Yellow

This rich shade of yellow is lovely like a sunny spring day. It brings with it a warmth, happy feelings, and good cheer. 

A fiery color that is a red-based orange, Flame is full of fun and energy. Your bridesmaids will have a vivacious bounce in their step when they slip into this shade. 

Pink Yarrow
Bright and fun, this bold pink will add a whimsical feeling to your wedding. It can also be described as tropical, festive, and attention-getting. Perfect for partying at the reception.    

Pale Dogwood
Much like the flower it is named after, this subtle pink has an aura of innocence and purity surrounding it. A very tranquil shade infused with a healthy glow. 

Lapis Blue
This gorgeous blue gets its name form the prized semi-precious stone, Blue Lapis. The intense, rich color is strong and confident. This intense shade has an inner radiance and is perfect for a formal wedding.  

One of the most prominent colors seen on this year's runways, this denim-like blue evokes feelings of comfort and relaxation. It brings to mind a beautiful blue lake you might picnic next to in the spring. 

Island Paradise
A refreshing aqua color similar to the waters you imagine when you dream of escaping to an island paradise, thus the name. It is relaxing, refreshing, and wonderful for conveying an air of spring. 

Angelus Bridal & Formals, bridesmaid dresses, Bill Levkoff

This color personifies flourishing foliage that you would find on a walk through a forest filled with greenery and newly budding flowers. It makes one imagine fresh, new beginnings and natural beauty.

Angelus Bridal & Formals, bridesmaid dresses, Bill Levkoff

Named after the healthy foliage-based green, this color brings in the beauty of the great outdoors. It is perfect for a nature-based wedding theme, and complements other colors used with it nicely. 

This color is a wonderful neutral for the season. It has a natural earthiness and inherent warmth. It pairs perfectly with every other color, just as it effortlessly connects the seasons. 

Even though Pantone predicts that these will be the fashion color favorites for spring 2017, when it comes to choosing your wedding colors, if you love it, then it's the perfect color for you. You will find the best bridesmaid dresses in South Florida in our shop, and they come in a rainbow of color choices that are bound to contain exactly what you are searching for. When you have picked your colors and are ready to outfit those bridesmaids, make an appointment at Angelus Bridal & Formals and let us help you and your girls find the most amazing wedding fashions for your special day.  

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