Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Great Green Wedding Ideas

Since St. Patrick's Day will be here soon, today we've decided to focus on the lovely color green and a few ways that you can incorporate it into your wedding. You can literally add the color in places, like with the best bridesmaid dresses in South Florida, or figuratively by taking an Eco-friendly "green" approach. Angelus Bridal & Formals has some fun ideas for both of those instances.

Fashionable Accents
The bride can wear a classic white (or ivory, champagne, etc...) wedding dress and still add a touch of green here or there. Add a whimsical pop of color to your wedding day look with colored shoes, or possibly even a a colorful petticoat under a ball gown in varying shades of green that peek out from under the skirt. Jewelry is another excellent place to play with additional color, and you could even look for a bridal belt with some sparkly green gems within it. Get the guys involved too and put the groomsmen in colorful green socks.  

Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses
If you have chosen green as a major color in the scheme of your wedding design, you can find lots of gorgeous bridesmaid dresses in various shades at our South Florida bridal boutique. Pantone chose "Greenery" as their color of the year for 2017, so that makes green a trendy choice this year. The styles from Allure Bridals and Bill Levkoff pictured below are just a small sampling of what you will find. 

Fancy Florals
There are a few green flowers to be found, but the easiest way to add natural green beauty to your wedding decor is to use actual greenery. Lots of lush green garlands with a few colorful blooms peeking out looks absolutely amazing. Using leafy florals for the men's boutonnieres is a great idea for gentleman that prefer not to wear a flower. Another wonderful place for additional floral accents are the bride's and bridesmaids' hair.      

Dazzling Decor
Wedding decorations are an obvious area to incorporate color, but there are lots of fun places to add it beyond the linens and centerpieces. The cake is an excellent place to let your baker get creative, and they are sure to have some wonderful ideas for interesting icing. Weddings don't often use balloons (although we have seen this done in very tasteful ways,) but a photo backdrop full of green balloons and shiny streamers would make for some memorable and festive pictures. Once the reception dancing is in full swing, you can also change all of the lighting so that the dance floor has a cool green glow.   

Eco-Friendly Options 
If you prefer to have a "green" wedding, meaning you want to take an approach that is environmentally friendly, here are a few simple ideas to incorporate. 

  • Instead of cutting flowers for centerpieces, use pretty potted plants.
  • Get married at a venue that doesn't need a lot of extra decorating, like a beautiful garden or elaborate stained-glass-filled church.
  • Skip the favors, and if you do give them away, pick something useful that can be donated if your guests choose to leave them behind. 
  • Collect RSVP's by phone, email, or a website instead of taking paper ones by mail.
  • Write wedding program information, menus, and other day-of details on reusable chalkboards instead of printing paper ones for every guest.  

Color is a great way to add a lot of personality to a wedding, and there are lots of creative ways to do it. When it comes to your wedding day fashion, Angelus Bridal & Formals can always offer excellent advice in that area. When you visit our bridal salon in South Florida, tell us all about your color choices and we'll help you find some wonderful ways to work them in. 

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