Friday, May 12, 2017

5 Beautiful Ways To Incorporate Your Mother's Wedding Day Look Into Yours

Luckily, when it comes to wedding fashion, the best wedding dresses in South Florida have a timeless look that fits into any era. Wearing your mother's bridal gown is a lovely gesture, but many bride's prefer to find a special dress that they can call their own. You can easily incorporate your mom's wedding day look into yours without having to wear her entire dress. Angelus Bridal has listed a few of these creative ideas for you below. 

Wear Mom's Wedding Accessories
You can wear the jewelry or bridal veil that your mother wore in her wedding with your brand new wedding dress from our South Florida bridal salon. To make sure that those accessories work beautifully with the gown you choose, bring them along to your shopping appointment. One of our talented consultants can help you find a dress in your style that has elements to complement Mom's accessories. 

Carry A Piece Of Her Gown With You
You could also take a swatch of your mother's wedding dress to carry in your bouquet or as a handkerchief to catch all those happy tears. This can be taken from an inconspicuous area so that it doesn't damage the overall look of her gown. If there is a particular detail or embellishment that you love about the dress, our seamstress may be able to incorporate it onto your bridal gown in some way. 

Duplicate Her Bridal Bouquet
The flowers that you carry down the aisle are also a piece of your overall wedding day look. A talented florist will be able to make a bridal bouquet for you that matches, or at least resembles, the one that your mother carried down the aisle for her own wedding. You could add a sentimental moment into the ceremony by giving her a flower from it as you walk down the aisle, before you join your future husband at the altar. 

Copy Her Hairstyle
Bring Mom's wedding day look to yours by wearing your hair the way she wore hers. If it's an up-do, there may be a way to wear it like that for the ceremony, then "let your hair down" for the party at the reception. 

Recreate A Photo From Her Wedding
A very special memento for both you and your parents is to recreate a photo from their wedding day with your new groom. These will look amazing displayed next to each other. Go the extra step and have your photographer take a similar photo of Mom & Dad in the same pose all these years later. 

If you're the type of bride that wants her very own, brand new, fabulous wedding dress, that's perfectly understandable. This is your special day, and you deserve to show off your own personal style. The above ideas are both a wonderful way to honor your mother, and also a great way to keep from hurting her feelings if she wants you to wear her gown, but you don't want to. 

When you come in to our wedding dress store in Pompano Beach, let us know that you want to incorporate your mother's wedding day look into your own somehow. The wonderful staff here at Angelus Bridal & Formals can help you find something that both pays homage to your mom's dream dress while giving you the gown of your own dreams. 

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