Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tips to Gracefully Handle Rain on Your Wedding Day

According to the old saying, "April showers bring May flowers," a spring bride shouldn't be too surprised if it happens to rain on her wedding day. No one wants that to happen, but in reality, that is always a possibility any time of the year. 

If you are prepared for it ahead of time, rain does not have to put a damper on your big day. Angelus Bridal & Formals has a few tips to help you make it through a rainy wedding day like a pro! 

Remain Calm
First and foremost, if a few drops of rain, or even a downpour, fall on your wedding day, don't let it cause you any stress. Nature happens. If it makes you feel better, rain is actually supposed to bring good luck to your special day. It symbolizes fertility for a fruitful marriage and cleansing, washing away your old single life so you can enter your new married life. Getting upset isn't going to make the rain stop, but the plans you've made ahead of time will get you through the situation beautifully. 

Stay Dry
Before the ceremony, take precautions to keep everyone's wedding fashions dry. Keep everything zipped up tightly in garment bags until you arrive at your destination to get ready. Ladies, you will want to take extra care to keep long gowns up off of the ground. Fellas, if you are not getting dressed at the ceremony venue, you may want to do a quick change in the bathroom at the wedding site to make sure you don't end up with any splash spots on your suit from outside puddles. 

If you need to go outside for photos after the rain has stopped, lay down a tarp or something similar to walk on. Your photographer should be creative enough to keep it out of the pictures. 

Have a Plan
Backup plans are made in the hopes that they never need to be used, but they are wonderful things to have "just in case." Should you need it, you'll be thrilled that you took the time to come up with it. This will allow you to keep the celebration going, rain or shine. 

For outdoor weddings, always have an indoor spot reserved in case of inclement weather, or possibly rent a tent to keep the party outside. Today you can rent tents that have elegant walls with windows, and they are more like a sheltered oasis than simply something to cover your head. Even if the rain stays away, a tent can still be a nice touch in case anyone wants to get out of the sun. 

Umbrella Shop
Find some adorable umbrellas that match your wedding colors or theme, and make sure that you have enough for everyone in your wedding party. If the weather forecast says that there is a very strong chance of rain on your wedding day, you may even want to have enough umbrellas for your guests to use too. They will make great favors and can be returned if you don't need to use them as long as the tags have not been removed. 

Have Fun With It! 
Remember that old saying, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain!" Take this unfortunate event and roll with it. Instead of getting mad and ruining this otherwise beautiful day, choose to make a few special memories that wouldn't be possible without the rain. 

If you don't mind getting wet after the ceremony, get out in it and have your photographer capture some amazing photos that not all couples get the chance to take. Those matching umbrellas will really come in handy for that!

Do remember to take special precautions to protect your wedding dress if you decide to get out in the rain. Find out what will happen if the material gets wet, and keep any areas that may be ruined out of the water.    

Don't let anything ruin your special day, especially a little bit of water. A little bit of pre-planning and a positive attitude will assure that you can handle anything that comes your way on the wedding day. Our South Florida bridal salon knows that the most important thing about any wedding day is the fact that you are a "Mr. & Mrs." at the end of it. As long as that happens, the entire event was a success! 

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