Friday, March 25, 2016

5 Helpful Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Rings

Buying a wedding dress in South Florida will not be the only fashion purchase that you will need to make for your wedding. There is one very important piece of jewelry that you and your future husband will need to buy. Angelus Bridal & Formals has a few helpful tips to make the search a little bit easier.

Decide on a ring budget.

You will wear your wedding band "til death do us part," so this is one area that you shouldn't skimp. When you are planning your wedding budget, make a place in it to include your wedding bands. Some suggest that you should set aside 2-month's salary for an engagement ring, and 1-month's salary for the bands. If this simply isn't possible for you right now, decide on a simpler ring that you love the look of and plan to upgrade on a special anniversary in the future. 

Shop early.

Much like wedding dresses, many wedding bands must be special ordered once you choose your favorite. If you want to have something personal engraved inside the band, that will take some time too. This is one item that you know you absolutely have to have, so you can begin looking for rings right away, but don't wait much later than 6 months before the wedding day to take care of this task.

Shop together.

It is always nice when a bride and groom have rings that complement each other. Make your search for the perfect wedding bands a special activity that you can do together. Start your shopping at the store where the engagement ring was purchased. They may offer you a discount.     

Choose a ring material.

You will want to pick out a metal that matches, or at least works with, your engagement ring. Different metals wear differently over time also. The following metals are popular choices for wedding jewelry and can be re-sized should the need arise. 

  • Gold: Available in white, yellow, or rose, gold is a popular metal for wedding jewelry. Buffing your ring will keep it shiny and smooth.  
  • Sterling Silver: This is the most affordable of the precious metals. It is actually pure silver mixed with copper to make it more durable, but it can still get scratched easily.
  • Platinum: While extremely durable, it will wear and scratch over time. A polishing by a jeweler will remove blemishes. 
  • Silver & Gold: If you cannot decide, or if you wear a lot of different colors of jewelry on a regular basis, a ring with the combination of these two is the perfect solution.

Consider comfort and lifestyle.

As we already mentioned, you will be wearing these rings on a daily basis for many years to come. If you are an extremely active person and worried about a bulky ring getting knocked around a lot, a simpler band may be the best choice for you. Try on lots of different styles so that you get an idea of how comfortable it will be on your hand. 

Angelus Bridal & Formals wants every bit of your wedding planning process to be an enjoyable and memorable occasion. When you visit our South Florida bridal boutique, we will pamper and spoil you while you search for your dream wedding dress. Follow the tips above for finding your wedding bands and that task should go wonderfully too. 

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