Thursday, March 3, 2016

Find the Perfect Bridal Bouquet for your Wedding Dress

The bridal bouquet that you carry on your wedding day will be influenced greatly by the type of bridal gown that you have chosen. Angelus Bridal & Formals can offer a little advice on your beautiful blooms once you have found your dream dress. 

Show the florist your dress.

Your bridal bouquet should complement your gown, not overshadow it. Letting your florist see a photograph of the wedding dress will help them to design something that flatters your wedding day look. If you can provide them with a swatch of your gown, as well as your bridesmaid's dresses, even better. The more a florist knows about your style, the easier it is for them to create the perfect bouquet. 

Consider the dress's details.

If your wedding dress has a simple front and the train is the feature, then you may want to dress up the front with a more extravagant bouquet. On the other hand, if the front of your dress hosts the exquisite details that you would like for everyone to notice, you will want a small, simple bouquet that does not distract from it. Your florist should be able to take elements from your dress and match them with your flowers.  

Incorporate special touches.

Use your bouquet as a place to add a sentimental touch. Flowers that invoke happy memories from your past are wondreful, such as a bloom that your grandmother grew in her garden or the first flower that your future husband gave to you. Family heirloom brooches also look lovely incorporated within the flowers or pinned to the handle of your bouquet. 

Find out what is in season.

A very important question to ask your florist is what flowers will be in season on the day of your wedding. It would be a shame to get your heart set on a particular bloom only to find out that it is not available. If it is out of season in your area but can be ordered from elsewhere, it may cost more than you want to pay. Every season features its own gorgeous flowers, so you should have no trouble finding something that you love any time of the year. 

Be comfortable. 

Choose a design that is not awkward to hold. You will be carrying it with you for much of the day, so you don't want it to be too bulky or awkward. When you head down the aisle, grip your bouquet with one hand and hold it below your hip, slightly away from your dress. This will allow your shoulders to remain relaxed and open, improving your posture and allowing for very natural-looking photographs.  

Angelus Bridal & Formals is a one-stop bridal shop. We have an in-house florist that is an expert at finding the perfect bouquet for any wedding dress. Make an appointment to shop in our South Florida bridal salon and let us help to make your wedding day as beautiful as the love the two of you share. 

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