Friday, December 2, 2016

7 Helpful Tips For Beautiful Bridal Nails

Your first impression as a bride walking down the aisle is the beautiful wedding dress that you will be wearing. Everyone can see that from a distance. It's after the ceremony, when you are hugging all of your guests and accepting their heartfelt congratulations, that they begin noticing the details of your wedding day fashion. One thing in particular that they will all be asking to see is that fabulous new wedding ring. Angelus Bridal has a few tips to make sure your hands are in perfect shape for showing off that incredible ring.

Start Now!
If your hands and nails aren't in their best possible shape, find a routine that you can stick with as soon as possible to get them where you want them to be. It can take a couple of months to reach the desired nail shape, and once you do, you'll want them to be strong and healthy enough to hold that shape. Even if you don't have the time or the budget to visit a nail salon regularly, there are plenty of things that you can do on your own to help the process. 

Use hand lotion with SPF daily and exfoliate regularly to keep the skin soft and smooth. Take extra special care of those cuticles. It can take months to get them where they need to be, and this is where your nails grow from. The healthier you keep the cuticles, the better it is for a healthy nail. 

Gently push them back with a towel after your shower while they are still soft. Use a cuticle conditioner on them every night before you go to bed. Never cut your cuticles unless there is the risk of a hangnail. It's best to use a cuticle remover or let a professional take care of it rather then trimming. 

File Carefully
When you trim your nails, always cut them slightly longer than you want them to be. Next, file, but only in one direction straight across the nail rather than back and forth. Then lightly file around the edges to clean up any snags or rough spots. Once a month you can gently buff the nails to give them a smooth, shiny finish, but more than that could cause weakening.  

Polish Wisely 
Never apply nail polish without first using a base coat. This will keep your nails from staining. When you are ready to remove that nail polish, only use removers that are non-acetone or soy-based. Acetone removers are meant to be used to take off acrylic nails and gels. If you need to have that type of nail taken off, let a pro take care of it, but not too close to the wedding day. 

Take Your Vitamins
Making sure that you get your daily dose of healthy vitamins and minerals is important to your general health. Vitamin B and biotin capsules are especially great for your nails because they allow your body to better metabolize fats, proteins, and amino acids. These boost your nail's hardness, elasticity, and sheen.

Wear Gloves
If you need to handle household cleaners or other chemicals, wear gloves so that they don't ruin the progress you've made on your hands and nails. Better yet, talk that future hubby into helping you out with the chores until after the wedding! (Hopefully after the wedding too!) 

Schedule Your Bridal Manicure
You will want to have your manicure for the wedding done a few days before the event. Make sure that you have a bottle of the correct shade of polish for any last minute touch-ups needed.

Following a regular, healthy routine a few months before your wedding day should result in breathtaking hands and nails for showing off your new ring. Your husband's hands will be highlighted in a few of the wedding photos too, so it's not a bad idea to try to get him on board with the routine for himself. Then you will both have the most fantastic hands and nails to compliment that gorgeous Angelus Bridal wedding dress that you are wearing. Now that you look so great, keep the routine going after your wedding day too. 

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