Thursday, February 22, 2018

7 Tips for Handling Bridal Shows Like a Pro (Part 1)

Bridal shows can be a very helpful tool for getting a lot of wedding tasks taken care of all in one place. They can be tons of fun too if you go into it prepared. Angelus Bridal & Formals has 7 helpful tips that will allow you get the most out of any bridal show. We'll share the first 3 pre-show tips today, and finish next week with 4 more for show day.  

Getting signed up early to attend a bridal show means that you will probably receive updates and reminders as the show gets closer. Some shows offer discounts, special gifts, or extra entries into prize drawings for anyone that pre-registers too. 

This also allows you to get inside much quicker on show day because you won't have to bother with registration once you get there. Sign up with a temporary email address that you have created especially for wedding correspondence. This way, once the wedding is over, you don't have a lot of vendors clogging up your regular email with unnecessary information you no longer need. 

Have a Plan
Do a little research on the vendors that will be attending the bridal show before it happens. It will give you a good idea of which wedding vendors you are most interested in so that you can visit their booths first. Know exactly which things you still need for your wedding and take care of those early. If there is time left over when you are done, visit some of the other booths that didn't make your list. They may surprise you.  

Have a list of questions prepared for each vendor so that you can get the answers you need right off the bat. There will most likely be a lot of people trying to talk to a vendor all at once, so your time with them may be very limited. If you decide that you want to know more about them, schedule an appointment to talk to them in greater detail at a later date. Check the bridal show's website to see if they have a map available so that you can plan a route, and time your visits so that you don't miss any interesting events the show has planned.

Don't Go Alone
You will be getting a lot of information all at once, so you will want to ask a few helpful people to go with you. Grooms are welcome and often encouraged to attend bridal shows of today. If he is into the wedding decision-making, it could be a fun and informative day to spend together. 

Bridesmaids are another option for your bridal show back up, and if you have parents that want to be involved, you might bring one or more of them too. Your "helpers" for the day can assist you by keeping track of brochures you pick up, signing you up for giveaways while you chat with vendors, and offering opinions when you need them. 

Those tips will help you prepare before going to the bridal show, and next week Angelus Bridal has a few more tips that will help you out greatly on the day of the bridal show. When you are ready for help finding your dream bridal gown, call our wedding dress store in South Florida and make an appointment. There won't be any fighting for attention from our consultants while you are here. You will have a talented team member's undivided attention and expert assistance in finding a bridal gown you will absolutely love! 

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