Tuesday, February 27, 2018

7 Tips for Handling Bridal Shows Like a Pro (Part 2)

Last week our first 3 of 7 Tips for Handling Bridal Shows Like a Pro offered advice for getting signed up and enlisting helpers to join you. Today, the final 4 tips from Angelus Bridal & Formals cover things you need to do the day of the bridal show. 

Power Up
Make sure that you eat something before you get to the bridal show. You will need energy for a day full of browsing. There will most likely be food samples, but probably not enough to fill you up. There will definitely be cake samples (lots of cake samples!) but too many of those on a fairly empty stomach will give you a horrible sugar rush. You might also want to bring along a water bottle so that you can stay hydrated throughout the event too.  

Wear Comfortable Shoes
A huge amount of walking is involved, especially with the really large bridal shows. Often there isn't a lot of seating, so even when you're not walking you may be standing. Wearing comfortable shoes is extremely important. You can still be adorable without having to add heels to your look for something like this. Also, have something on that tells everyone that you are the bride. A lot of shows will give you a "Bride" sticker to wear when you arrive. This lets vendors know who the VIP in your group is that they should be talking to. 

Take Notes
Bring something to take detailed notes on, and if the show allows it, take lots of pictures. You will be seeing and learning about a lot of new ideas, and you don't want to forget the best ones. An easy way to remember your favorite or most interesting wedding vendors is to take notes about them directly onto their brochures or the back of their business card. That way you are sure to not mix them up with someone else. 

Don't Forget to Bring...

  • Cash and a Checkbook - The cash is to buy food and drinks because many snack areas don't take cards. The checkbook is for any small vendors you may want to book that do not take credit cards. Some offer discounts for booking on the spot, so if you're sure they are the vendor you want, book them before someone else gets your date. 
  • Calendar - You will want to put any appointments you make with vendors in your calendar immediately. That way you don't forget to later or double-book yourself. 
  • Wedding Information - If you have a wedding binder, bring it with you. If you are trying to match colors or fabrics, bring along the pictures or swatches you need too. 
  • Sticker Labels - Having sticker labels with your information (name, groom's name, phone number, address, email, wedding date) will allow you to sign up for giveaways without having to write down all of that information over and over all day long.  
  • Extra Bag - More than likely the show itself or a vendor will be handing out bags to collect the goodies you'll get at different booths. Just in case they don't, bring one with you. If you end up with two, use one bag for important business cards and brochures and the other for vendors you're not as interested in. You can decide what to keep and what to throw away when you get home later.  
  • An Open Mind - You may go into the show with ideas about what you want for your wedding, but take a look at everything. You may see a great idea you never thought of. Also, just because a vendor has a bad website, they may be a perfect fit for you in person. 

Last but not least, remember to HAVE FUN! At a bridal show, you, the bride, are the star of the show for the day. Enjoy the attention, the freebies, a fun day out, and the great inspiration you will find all around you. Best of luck with your wedding planning from all of us at Angelus Bridal. When you're ready to tackle the fashion portion of your special day, remember to give us a call! 

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