Friday, January 15, 2016

7 Tips to Find the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

Finding the perfect bridesmaid dress in South Florida is a very important task on your wedding to-do list.  After all, those dresses will be standing up front with you while you are saying I do, and they will be prominent in most of your wedding photos.  Plus, they will be worn by some of the most special people in your life.  Angelus Bridal & Formals has a few tips to help you find bridesmaid dresses for your girls that all of you will love.  

1. Determine the style.

You will want your bridesmaid's dresses to fit into the general style and feel of your wedding, whether it be romantic, eclectic, rustic, etc...  Use your own wedding dress as inspiration.  Styles that are similar to what you have chosen to wear always look nice standing alongside you at the altar.     

2. Be mindful of the season.

If you are having on outdoor wedding in the middle of July, don't put your bridesmaids in a heavy material.  Same idea, don't pick short, thin dresses for a winter wedding unless you are getting married in a tropical climate.  The time of year that you are getting married in should be a major factor in the styles that you choose from.  The time of day is important too.  Afternoon weddings are generally less formal than evening weddings.  

3. Remember comfort.

Your wedding day is going to be a long one.  Everyone will want to be in something that isn't painful or annoying an hour into the festivities.  There are numerous bridesmaid gowns available that are both stunning and easy to wear.

4 Don't break the bank.

Keep in mind that the cost of the bridesmaid dress is not the only expense that your girls will have.  There will also be shoes, jewelry, wedding gifts, and possibly alterations and hotel stays, just to name a few.  These women are a part of your special day because they care deeply for you, just as you do for them.  Be mindful of the price for them so that no one has to be put in an uncomfortable situation because of finances.    

5. Start shopping early.

The dresses will have to be ordered once you decide on them, and it is very likely that they will need an alteration here or there.  The earlier you begin shopping, the less chance you'll have of the dresses not being ready in time for the wedding.  

6. Trust your girls' opinions.

These are some of the most important people in your life, otherwise, you wouldn't have asked them to be in your wedding.  Most likely, they are all different sizes and shapes, and bridesmaid dresses are not "one size fits all."  Work together to find gowns that are flattering on everyone.  If you are having a difficult time doing that, consider different dresses for each girl in a matching color or complimentary shades.  Choose a few options that you love before your girls go shopping with you and narrow down their choices with your picks.   

7. Ask yourself one important question... 

Would you want to wear that dress?  If it's not something that you would want to put on, then don't make your bridesmaids do it.  Put yourself in their shoes, literally.  If they have problems with a dress that you like, try it on yourself.  You may see their point of view a little better.  

Bottom line, be a good friend.  Work together as a team with your bridesmaids to find a look that you all can love.  Begin your search at the best bridesmaid dress store in South Florida where we will take special care with each and every one of you.  

As a bonus, if you buy your wedding dress at Angelus Bridal & Formals on your first visit to our store, each of your bridesmaids will get $30 off of her dress when she is ready to buy it. With the amazing bridal fashions that we have for you, everyone will look their very best in all of those wedding photos that you will be enjoying for years to come.         

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